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A.V.A Live Radio Music Spin

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Join host Jacqueline Jax for a Live Music Spin featuring songs from new artists all over the world.


Don’t Say
Next To You

Dream Aria
Gypsy Heart
Pandora’s Box
11th Hour

Why Not
Over The Night
With a Girl
It’s ok Now

Brian J Cline
Stuck On You
Lying at the Speed of Sound
Something New

Glenn Goss
I Hate
Bitter Pill
There To Remind Me
I Can Speak To You

Underground Junction
My Time in Hell
Crumble & Fall

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New Music Monday 10.8

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New Music Monday’s Live featuring new music from artists all around the world. If you would like to get your music played on our New Music Monday show, submit your song now: (avaliveradio.wordpress.com/submit-my-music/)

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Hot Topic: Direct To Fan Marketing Tips

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internet radio with AVA LIVE RADIO on Blog Talk Radio

You won’t want to miss this show. Building a fan base is important to any business owner especially a musician. I’m giving you pointers on what you should be doing. Join me for a live music spin featuring Tips to developing a direct to fan music marketing strategy. With songs: “Go Higher” Ryan Stone, “Second Wind” Naomi Psalm (The Blue Cinema), “Upside Down” Why Not, “Connect The Dots” Chris Michaud..

A.V.A Live Music Spin Jacqueline Jax Featuring Ryan Stone and Why Not


Here the show:
A.V.A Live Music Spin Jacqueline Jax- Ryan Stone Why Not 10/13 by AVA LIVE RADIO | Blog Talk Radio.

Join host Jacqueline Jax for an A.V.A Live Radio Music Spin featuring original music by Ryan Stone & Why Not.

Be sure to check out the main web site for photo’s, information of the artists and more amazing shows. Leave Jacqueline a “Shout out” while your there and she may just read it out on the next show.

Ryan Stone: www.reverbnation.com/ryanstonemusic

Why Not: www.whynot-rockband.com