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Marketing Tip of The Day: 4 Snappy Post Title Ideas


Post and email titles really do determine response rates. Since its so important to your success, I thought you may enjoy these ideas for writing snappy post titles.

1) Ask a question:
Asking questions is a great way to pique someone’s curiosity. It also opens up your post for discussion and engagement is the key to a successful blog, website or post.

2) Solve a problem:
Say you have the answer everyone is looking for… where to find the best deals, how to find the perfect…., if your posts solves a problem, reflect that in the post title so you put your most important foot forward.

3) Stir a controversy:
Drama, drama, drama. Controversy will either be great for your web site or blow up in your face, but either way, if you have a controversial point of view it will get people talking and hopefully sharing.

4) Includet a number:
Numbers work and so do percentages. Would you be more interested in reading a post that says ,”My Top 10 Twitter Tips for 100% Successful Tweets” or “My Twitter Tips for Successful Tweets”. Close but really no contest….right? LoL…

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