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{Podcast} Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

Next Topic: Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

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With so many demands on your time to run your business and so little time, it’s very important that you make the best use of those hours you could be loosing on social media. Social media is fun but if your using it to market a product and drive traffic to your blog or web site then the big question is- Which one do I use and how much time should I be giving it before I see results?

Spend 15 minutes of your morning with me to think about how your spending your social media time and discover where you could be getting better results. I’ll also be including information on how to use stats to see where your traffic is coming from, which social media profiles I get the most traffic from and why, and what types of posts work best for social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google and Instagram.

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Marketing Tip of The Day: Don’t Give Up, Just Follow Through

Marketing Tip of The Day: Don’t Give Up, Just Follow Through

Its so easy to get discouraged with online marketing. You may have set a goal in January to start a daily blog or made plans to update your website weekly and as February rolled around, you found yourself less than motivated. Perhaps, it was your lack of traffic or to few responses. But I’m here to encourage you with two helpful tips to get you back on track before the first quarter of our year has passed us by.
1. Set a writing schedule today. Get a calendar and set aside 1-2 hours per week to update your blog/web site. That’s not alot of time if your looking at the big picture. Use a note pad during the week to jot down reminders of what you should talk about or get done during your update. That will help you save time, focus and stay motivated when it’s time to update.
2. Next make a point to share your updates somehow on your social media pages every time your there. This way people will remember to go check it out and if you do it regularly, you’ll build a following.

Always remember, it’s discouraging to readers when you don’t post updates, plus it makes your company or brand look lazy and uninteresting. Instead, treat your web site or blog like a professional means of communication and be consistent. Even if it’s just once a week, maintaining frequency will keep readers engaged and create lots of searchable content to get you found.

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