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New Music Monday Live Music Spin with Luis Alas

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Join host Jacqueline Jax as she speaks with talented sax musician Luis Alas. Discussing the music business, being true to your self and shooting for the life you love. With a live music spin from artists all over the world.

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1) What are three things that would surprise us to know about you?
Luis Alas: I worked for most of my professional career as a law enforcement officer, including as a Federal Air Marshal after 9/11.
2) How do you feel about the music business today?
Luis Alas: I this is a very interesting time for music. Between social media, online radio and download technology, when was it possible for an unsigned artist to get recognized and listened to in Asia, Europe and beyond? Because people no longer have to buy a complete album, now artists need to make every song count. It is exciting time indeed.
3) Name three words that best describe you and why?
Luis Alas: Tenacious: If I believe in something, I will not quit till I get the outcome I want or need. I will work as hard as it takes and do what ever it takes to make it happen.
 Passionate: I don’t think anyone in this industry can do what they do without being passionate about music.
 Romantic: Though I love funk and soul, I absolutely love romantic music. It is music that allows me to express feelings in the most profound ways.
4) Who was the single most influential person in your music journey so far?
Luis Alas: Wow, this is a tough one. There have been so many that have had a deep impact but I will boil it down to two. My wife and friend Johnny Holliday, both believed in me that I could be a solo artist. To my wife I have always been the greatest sax player, she will listen to Koz or Marienthal and say your style is different than theirs but just as good.
My buddy Johnniw Holliday a fellow musician which I have worked with for over 20 years. After playing for him at the Jazz In The Gardens Festival in Miami, he told me; “I’m sorry, but I won’t be hiring you any more as my sax player.” when I asked why, he replied; “You need to be on stage on your own as a solo artist.. With you I will never play sax on stage cause you out play me. Even as an artist, you out perform me. You need to go solo so hopefully I can open for you some day.” and that is the day I started working on becoming a solo artist.
5) What are your music plans for the future? Where would you like to be in 2 years?
Luis Alas: I hope to have my album out this fall at the latest, and hope that the rest of the album is received like the single. If it is, I hope to tour. Within two years, I hope to have a better organized management team, be touring and working on album #2.

Also With Music From: Johnny Juarez, Joshua Stedman, Jesse Potter, Shauna Sweeney, Lani Nash, Monte Rosa, Underground Junction and Ryan Stone.

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MUSIC BY: Ryan Stone (Go Higher)
Go visit this artist, he’s fantastic

A.V.A Live Radio Music Spin

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Join host Jacqueline Jax for a Live Music Spin featuring songs from new artists all over the world.

I Like You
I think So
Your Mind

Orange Avenue
As You Fall
Just Refrain

Ryan Stone
Go Higher

Chris Louvieris & Mike Cherry
Silver Moonlight
Can’t Deny My Love

Glenn Goss
Double G and the Cool Beans
Tell Me What You Will
Vetruvian Penny

Carla Jo Carr
Pinch Me
More Sunshine Than Rain
Will You Survive

Eric Muniz
Hurricane I Say Jump
The Game
She Was Beautiful

Sabrina Carpenter
Fall Apart

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New Music Monday 10.8

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Hot Topic: Direct To Fan Marketing Tips

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You won’t want to miss this show. Building a fan base is important to any business owner especially a musician. I’m giving you pointers on what you should be doing. Join me for a live music spin featuring Tips to developing a direct to fan music marketing strategy. With songs: “Go Higher” Ryan Stone, “Second Wind” Naomi Psalm (The Blue Cinema), “Upside Down” Why Not, “Connect The Dots” Chris Michaud..

Live Music Countdown

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Miss a countdown? Join host Jacqueline Jax as she plays

Top 5

#1 Sabrina Carpenter

#2: Insignia “Here With You”

#3: Steve Minotti “Lighting Struck”

#4: Ryan Stone “Go Higher”

#5: Orange Avenue “Just Refrain”


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A.V.A Live Radio Features Singer/Songwriter Ryan Stone

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A.V.A Live Radio Features Singer/Songwriter Ryan Stone

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she talks Music with Singer/ Songwriter Ryan Stone.
Featuring tracks from his latest album:: Ryan Sone Music- Where lyrical magic meets its musical equivelence! …. Fusing energy with melody, RyanStoneMusic’s distinct sound has certainly found a comfortable place for those who crave something new! All *RSM songs are pure energetic blasts of positive vibrations~ Real and straight from the heart …or pretty damn close!

“YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF” Ryan Stone Music out of Miami, hit the music scene with a sound that is unmistakably unique and the potential to crossover a multitude of genres ranging from alternative and rock to mainstream to pop. Fusing energy with melody, Ryan Stone Music creates songs that are highly addictive. Even Billboard Magazine and Song of Year recognized Ryan Stone Music as an influential powerhouse when not one but three of the his songs, “Fallen”, “Breakaway” and “1 and 1 Makes 3”, were honorably mentioned! Ryan Stone Music was established by the talented and multifaceted lyricist, songwriter, singer and musician Ryan Stone who after many years as a popular front man in Miami for various bands, decided to go solo. With practically a lifetime of experience in music to construct upon, Stone released his solo debut album entitled “Me and My Big Mouth” in January of 2007. The title, Stone says, was a play on words as he himself wrote and orchestrated all of the compositions, played all the instruments and performed all the vocals. Building success upon success, Stone released his second album in 2008 “Life Needs A Soundtrack” where again he exhibits his true talents and takes out of the box concepts molding them into accessible tunes that both mainstream listeners and those with a taste for diversity will embrace. “I write a song a day, and will continue to write and record new music, ideas never stop.” – Ryan Stone In June of 2009, Ryan Stone laid the cornerstone of the perfect masterpiece by combining forces with percussionist Ozzie Jimenez and Lead guitarist Robert Torra. Along with rhythm guitarst Eddie G and bassist Eppy, they hit the studio in early 2010 and tracked 5 new songs for a compilation called ‘The Buzz’ that is now out in stores with the other 2 CD’s. RyanStoneMusic with its catchy hooks and melodic harmonies has attained a fan base of some 5,000 enthusiast.. Currently you can buy all the songs under Ryan Stone Music available through various digital outlets such as Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, Lala, Didiom, LastFM, GreatIndieMusic, Tradebit, Tune Core, Snowcap, Facebook and Myspace. Rest assured, RyanStoneMusic will continue to bring you the best in musical entertainment and reach new plateaus along the way. Certainly a band you want to stay connected with. (Zack Westerfield, New York)

Artist info: www.facebook.com/RyanStoneMusic

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