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Live Music Countdown

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Miss a countdown? Join host Jacqueline Jax as she plays

Top 5

#1 Sabrina Carpenter

#2: Insignia “Here With You”

#3: Steve Minotti “Lighting Struck”

#4: Ryan Stone “Go Higher”

#5: Orange Avenue “Just Refrain”


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Live Music Spin with Jacqueline Jax

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Join host Jacqueline Jax for a Live Music Spin of her favorite picks from this weeks new artist lineup. Find out the latest happenings with the A.V.A and hear how you can get your music played.

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Sincerest Thank you to Dr Shino Bay Aguilera

Message from Show Host : Jacqueline Jax

Dear Friends,

I can’t tell you enough how your overwhelming support has helped me get through my illness. I have loved all the letters and sweet wishes that you guys have sent to me over the past few month. I wanted to give you a little update on my recovery. Yesterday, I was visiting Dr Shino Bay Aguilera’s office in Fort Lauderdale for an examination on my leg. From the minute I went in Jake and Alex were so sweet and concerned about my health. It’s always a pleasure to see them with their brilliant smiles and open arms. Dawn (Cosmetic consultant) listened carefully to my story and personally walked me through all my options from skin care treatments for balancing and cleansing after the heavy doses of antibiotics to things that can be done to speed the leg wound healing and then erase the scar. You will adore Dawn, she’s always so charming. I also spoke with Amy (P.A.) extensively about skin peals for my face and what I can expect as the wound heals.

When I saw Dr Shino Bay Aguilera, I was greeted with a big warm hug and smile. After examining my leg, he said the wound is healing well and I am very lucky to have recovered so quickly. Even better news is that he has a procedure that will speed the repair and hopefully make my scar disappear. I’m going to be mapping out the weekly progress for you so you can see just how wonderful Dr Shino Bay Aguilera and his team are. They are the most kind and compassionate people I have ever been involved with and I am so happy that he and his staff are helping me to heal.

Love you guys,

Step 1: Dr Aguilera used a red light therapy on my leg for 15 minutes that will speed the healing. I had to wear metal glasses that protect my eyes from the rays in the room but the treatment was totally painless and relaxing. I’ll be back in about 1 week for another treatment and will be reporting back as my therapy continues every step of the way.. At the end of the journey, I’ll post a before and after picture of my leg.

Read about the procedures: http://www.shinobayderm.com/laser_scar_prevention.html

Dr Shino Bay Aguilera: http://www.shinobayderm.com/doctor.html

My last video interview with Dr Shino Bay Aguilera

A.V.A Live Radio Features Singer Songwriter Zara Phillips

Join the Show June 19 @ 10 A.M.


Join host Jacqueline Jax and songwriter Glenn Goss with featured musical guest Singer Songwriter Zara Phillips. From her auspicious debut, Zara has led a charmed musical life. Her engaging and confident style combines strong lyrical themes with powerful melodies to create music that is both thought provoking and entertaining. Zara Phillips began her professional career working as a backing vocalist for Bob Geldof. Live-Aid creator Geldof recruited Phillips for his first solo projects after he departed the chart-topping UK band The Boomtown Rats. She worked on Geldof’s album “Deep in the Heart of Nowhere,” toured extensively, was in music videos and television appearances on some of the U.K.’s most highly rated shows. Zara’s musical career quickly blossomed from that point. She continued her work on tour, in television and videos with U.K. artists such as Matt Bianco, Nick Kamen, David Essex, and the solo project from Dire Straits’ John Illsley. Additionally, she toured in support of Bananarama, with a ‘Perfect Day’.

Born and raised in London, Zara loved to sing and dance from a young age and enjoyed spending hours in her room writing all the lyrics to musicals and performing each part. She auditioned for school shows but was told her voice was too deep and never got the leads. A boyfriend persuaded her to join a band and soon started playing gigs around London. She also started tinkering with the guitar, asking any musician she knew (including Geldof and Illsley) to teach her a chord. Zara moved to Los Angeles where she continued writing new songs and performing solo. In 2005 Zara finished work on a new CD entitled “When the Rain Stops” produced by Ted Perlman, winner of 2006 Grammy Award for Burt Bacharach’s CD “At This Time”. Zara’s work with Ted features 14 original tracks written by her (one track is a co-write with Ted). Zara’s deeply personal song “Secrets” was used on the Emmy Award winning Daytime Soap, NBC’s “PASSIONS.” Two other songs, “My Time” and “Naked Loving You” both are heard on the soundtrack for upcoming films from Organic Digital Productions.

Zara has finished directing and producing an adoption documentary entitled “ROOTS: UNKNOWN” This educational and informative film will focus on the emotional influence adoption has on the adoptee and their families. Interviews and sound bites with adult adoptees, their families and children are mixed with artistic images of their art and creative expression. In addition, Zara is also an author. Her book, ‘Mother Me’ is about Zara’s personal journey to motherhood from an adoptee’s point of view. ‘Mother Me’ was published by BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering) in the UK and was released on March 3rd 2008. This is an intensely personal and compelling memoir in which Zara describes her feelings as an adopted person and explores her relationships with her adoptive and birthmothers, and invites the reader to join her in her own journey to becoming a Mother. “It seems that birthing my children was also a birth for my whole self.” “Mother me’ has now been picked up by Gemma media and an updated version was released on February 14th 2011 in the U.S.A Zara and Ted Perlman got back together to record a new album that will feature ‘I’m Legit’ a song Zara wrote with another adopted person Darryl Macdaniels of DMC. This album is a collection of thought provoking songs with an acoustic and raw feel. The album ‘you, me and us is available now. www.everythingzara.com

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A.V.A Live Radio Features Singer/Songwriter Ryan Stone

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A.V.A Live Radio Features Singer/Songwriter Ryan Stone

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she talks Music with Singer/ Songwriter Ryan Stone.
Featuring tracks from his latest album:: Ryan Sone Music- Where lyrical magic meets its musical equivelence! …. Fusing energy with melody, RyanStoneMusic’s distinct sound has certainly found a comfortable place for those who crave something new! All *RSM songs are pure energetic blasts of positive vibrations~ Real and straight from the heart …or pretty damn close!

“YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF” Ryan Stone Music out of Miami, hit the music scene with a sound that is unmistakably unique and the potential to crossover a multitude of genres ranging from alternative and rock to mainstream to pop. Fusing energy with melody, Ryan Stone Music creates songs that are highly addictive. Even Billboard Magazine and Song of Year recognized Ryan Stone Music as an influential powerhouse when not one but three of the his songs, “Fallen”, “Breakaway” and “1 and 1 Makes 3”, were honorably mentioned! Ryan Stone Music was established by the talented and multifaceted lyricist, songwriter, singer and musician Ryan Stone who after many years as a popular front man in Miami for various bands, decided to go solo. With practically a lifetime of experience in music to construct upon, Stone released his solo debut album entitled “Me and My Big Mouth” in January of 2007. The title, Stone says, was a play on words as he himself wrote and orchestrated all of the compositions, played all the instruments and performed all the vocals. Building success upon success, Stone released his second album in 2008 “Life Needs A Soundtrack” where again he exhibits his true talents and takes out of the box concepts molding them into accessible tunes that both mainstream listeners and those with a taste for diversity will embrace. “I write a song a day, and will continue to write and record new music, ideas never stop.” – Ryan Stone In June of 2009, Ryan Stone laid the cornerstone of the perfect masterpiece by combining forces with percussionist Ozzie Jimenez and Lead guitarist Robert Torra. Along with rhythm guitarst Eddie G and bassist Eppy, they hit the studio in early 2010 and tracked 5 new songs for a compilation called ‘The Buzz’ that is now out in stores with the other 2 CD’s. RyanStoneMusic with its catchy hooks and melodic harmonies has attained a fan base of some 5,000 enthusiast.. Currently you can buy all the songs under Ryan Stone Music available through various digital outlets such as Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, Lala, Didiom, LastFM, GreatIndieMusic, Tradebit, Tune Core, Snowcap, Facebook and Myspace. Rest assured, RyanStoneMusic will continue to bring you the best in musical entertainment and reach new plateaus along the way. Certainly a band you want to stay connected with. (Zack Westerfield, New York)

Artist info: www.facebook.com/RyanStoneMusic

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A.V.A Live Radio Interviews Singer Songwriter Connie-Kim

Listen to the show: Sun, June 10, 2012 10:00AM


Join host Jacqueline Jax as she interviews Singer Songwriter Connie-Kim.. Get a look inside the inspiration, life and dreams of this talented and unique song writer. Featuring Music by Connie-Kim.

Connie-Kim was born in the middle of Hollywood. Even there she felt odd. As a child she would walk around the house on her hands, so she could see what the world looked like upside-down. At six years of age she joined the Bluebirds, but quit soon after, deeply disappointed that they never traveled to even slightly exotic lands. She began teaching herself to play the guitar and piano, writing her first song in the third grade. She loved music, but she also loved dance. The year that followed was tumultuous. She began to question her initial plans of becoming a nun, a flight attendant, a spelling bee champion.
Soon she was off to art school to study ballet and modern dance at the revered North Carolina School of the Arts. There, between classes, she would sneak into the piano room and write songs that she would perform with her band at night. Before long she was living in New York city, warming up on stage with a dozen dancers and Mikhail Baryshnikov, and travelling to all those strange and faraway lands she had always dreamed of. She brought her guitar with her everywhere, but she still missed music too much; and in a sudden moment, she decided to hang up her dance shoes.

Cheered on by musical greats Van Dyke Parks, Scott Litt, and Grant Showbiz, Connie-Kim’s first release arrived, with songs described by one reviewer as “jagged daggers dipped in honey”. Raised on opera and classical, and in love with electronic and ambient music, her influences are wide ranging: Serge Gainsbourg, Ennio Morricone, Aaron Copland, Laurie Anderson, desperation, Tom Waits, Jiri Kylian, Diane Arbus, Francis Bacon, New York city, Mark Rothko, Italo Calvino, wonder, and the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Her upcoming CD, ponderosa, co-produced with Mike Schmid, unwraps in a series of unsettled and sparkling moments, drifting through recollections of western spaces better left to memory. What started off with the $22 she had in her pocket is now a collection of panoramic jewel boxes combining string bass, violin and other acoustic instruments, electronics, and things found in the kitchen. Connie-Kim is in Los Angeles now. You might see her perform at the Hotel Cafe, the Harold Williams Auditorium at the Getty Center, or a hidden coffeehouse. Whether accompanied by Daphne Chen of the Section Quartet or George Schwindt of Flogging Molly, she might sing you a song about an eastern city or a trapeze artist who’s afraid of heights. Someone once said if Mary Poppins and Leonard Cohen were lost at sea on Federico Fellini’s dinghy, they’d be singing songs by Connie-Kim.


A.V.A Live Music Spin Jacqueline Jax Featuring Ryan Stone and Why Not


Here the show:
A.V.A Live Music Spin Jacqueline Jax- Ryan Stone Why Not 10/13 by AVA LIVE RADIO | Blog Talk Radio.

Join host Jacqueline Jax for an A.V.A Live Radio Music Spin featuring original music by Ryan Stone & Why Not.

Be sure to check out the main web site for photo’s, information of the artists and more amazing shows. Leave Jacqueline a “Shout out” while your there and she may just read it out on the next show.

Ryan Stone: www.reverbnation.com/ryanstonemusic

Why Not: www.whynot-rockband.com