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Live Music Spin Summer Favorites

Summer favorites avaliveradioListen in now: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio

Guest D.J Cassie plays our Summer favorites as picked by the fans.

Music by

Gareth Barker
Luis Alas
Johnny Juarez
Unsung Lilly
2nd Chance Kid
Laurie Cairns
Naomi Psalm
Alan Vine
Robb Hill
Ed Conception.


New Music Monday Rocks America with Ed Concepcion

Ed Reverb background
Listen in Live 8pm est: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2013/07/23/new-music-monday-rocks-america-with-ed-concepcionJacqueline_jax_Video_live

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she rocks America with singer songwriter metal rocker Ed Concepcion. Listen to his amazing journey through music working with different artists to signing his new deal to make his solo album. Also featuring music by Robb Hill, Iridesense, and Fabrockators.

Songs: Tear Down The Wall (Warfare), It’s an Illusion (Warfare), To Much is never enough, Shattered Reality

Artists links:

Up Close and Personal with Ed Concepcion

Jacqueline:: What are three things that would surprise us to know about you?
  1.  I originally moved to South Florida to be an airplane mechanic but quit school to play music.
  2. I used to be a worship leader for a program in the Salvation Army and turned worship into metal.
  3. I didn’t start singing until I moved to Florida at 25 years old.
Jacqueline:: How do you feel about the music business today?
Ed:: I feel it is in much need of passion. The music industry has become dulled down and bubble gum. It needs the passionate artists that wrote epic songs that live on forever! Who will write the songs that will be charting 20 years later?
Jacqueline:: Name three words that best describe you and why?
Ed:: High-energy,crazy,passionate. High energy because I am at 100 miles an hour as soon as I wake until I sleep. People half my age can’t keep up with me. Crazy because I will say almost anything at anytime to crack someone up and put a smile on their face. Passionate because of the feeling I put into EVERYTHING I do. If it’s not worth putting my whole heart into it, I won’t attempt it at all.
Jacqueline:: Who was the single most influential person in your music journey so far?
Ed:: My mother for starting it.
Jacqueline:: What has been the most successful thing you have done to publicize your music thus far?
Ed:: Hands down, it would have to be Reverbnation along with facebook and youtube. All 3 cross promote very well.

Personal note from Artist:

It all started for me when I was 14 and I asked my dad for a saxophone. Now there is a sexy instrument. My dad was too cheap so he bought me a clarinet. Nothing sexy about that! Me? On a woodwind? Never!  So I did what any manipulative 14 year old boy with divorced parents would do. I asked my mom for a guitar and this started a life-long passion for writing and playing music. I was always into the heavier side of everything listening to bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, and OverKill. My admiration for bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd came much later in life. I grew up on the Jersey shore playing in various projects as a rhythm guitarist. I moved to South Florida in 1993 and met guitarist Eric Wright. That’s when things started really taking off and I realized my potential as a lead singer and song writer. Eric had a lot of music written and needed lyrics and vocal melodies. They flowed out of me like wine and Shattered Reality was formed. The first time we hit the stage was 1 year later at a battle of the bands at the Plus Five in Fort Lauderdale. We chose to go all original. We slaughtered the competition! When we got off stage, strangers asked us to sign their tickets because they thought we were going to be famous quickly. Sadly that was not the case. We dominated the local metal scene and broke up 2 years later. I played in various projects over the next 3 years writing music the whole time but never sharing it with the bands I was in because there was nothing serious. Then I met guitarist Steve Mirable who had amazing abilities but could not write. With my song writing and his shredding we formed Warfare but when auditioning bass players, we could not find a committed one. So, after much frustration, I became a bass player. Then we found Roman Vohsalik, who was exactly the drummer we were looking for, and we were now Warfare the power trio, sounding like a cross between Iron Maiden, Metalica, Rush, and Kiss. Once again, we hit the stage a year later with all originals, and blew the crowd away with our originality, stage presence, and tightness. I believe that music should be done right. A true depiction of the artist/songwriter’s heart conveyed through the instruments of others. That’s why I took a year from the formation to the unveiling of each serious project, especially when I’m writing the music. Warfare recorded a 9 song LP in 2001 and broke up at the end of 2002. I continued to play the local South Florida scene in various bands and projects until 2009 when I decided to go completely solo due to lack of dedication of others and the heartbreak associated with the breakup of a band. I concentrated my solo career in Broward County playing places like, Kahunas, American Rock, Cheers,  Crabby Jack’s, and numerous gigs in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami/Dade area. I moved from Deerfield Beach to Delray Beach in 2012 were I continue to write and play cutting edge, original music.

Regards, Ed Concepcion

A.V.A Live Radio New Music Monday

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New Music Monday: Rock My Morning


Enjoy the show live 10 A.M Est: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2013/04/08/new-music-monday-rock-my-morning

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she features new music from indie artists all around the world. Get the latest news from Tara Eberle (Iridesense), Fernando Tarango and S.J. , shout outs from our online music community and tons of amazing music.


Fernando TarangoFernando Tarango


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MUSIC BY: Ryan Stone (Go Higher)
Go visit this artist, he’s fantastic

Featured Artist: Dance Pop Artist Irene B

Jacqueline Jax: What are three things that would surprise us to know about you?
Irene B.: Well, first thing for your audience that listens to my music and don’t know about me. I’m from Barcelona, Spain and I sing R&B in English. Everybody seems to be surprised for both my choice of genre and language. I grew up listening to R&B music in English, so it’s like natural to me. You can barely notice my accent singing (but you can talking). Second, I’m a pretty introverted person, even being a singer, I hate phones… weird uh? Third: I am not only a singer, but I love the music business, I spend most of my days reading about the state of the industry today. So much I have a Youtube show called “Diary Of An Indie Artist” where I show artists the “business” part of the music business.

Jacqueline: How do you feel about the music business today?
Irene B: Even though it’s a hard time for everybody (specially with the economic crisis we’re all going through) I think it’s a great opportunity for new artists, due to the growing of new ways to promote music like social networking, online radio stations, podcasts, etc. The problem is how to monetize music and make a living out of being an artist, but I have faith in the future of the industry.

Jacqueline: Name three words that best describe you and why?
Irene B: Stubborn: Although I’m open to new ideas, I do have some things very clear and I don’t mind telling people in their faces I don’t like something, lol!
Hard worker: I work 24/7 on my music, both literally (songwritting, singing, etc) and as far as my business.
Dreamer: Although I always like to be realistic, I still have a very fantasy-driven part of me that allows me to take flight every now and then!

Jacqueline: Who was the single most influential person in your music journey so far?
Irene B: If we’re talking about singers I’ve never met, I would say Mariah Carey inspired me the most, I probably wouldn’t be singing if it wasn’t for her. As far as people around me, my husband and producer Frankie Biggz has shown me pretty much everything I know about the music business, he’s so talented and giving, I thank God everyday I have him in my life!

Irene B pop music

Irene B. dance music



Management: Frankie Biggz Contact : management@ireneb.com

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Featured Artist: Shamiah Trenae

Shamiah music artist
Shamiah is a singer/writer/performer that is going to fit in among the music industries elite artist with no problem. She is fun, looks good, and is actually talented (no pun intended). If compared, she is a mixture of Lisa Left Eye, Pink, and Rihanna. She can have you rocking in the club with records like her single “Nothing Like This”and “You Can’t Tell Me Nothing” to having you laid back with a sweet serenade such as “Love” another one of her hit songs. She is the total package, eye and ear candy wrapped in one!
Shamiah music artist

Shamiah Trenae- ” I currently attend Middle Tennessee State University. I was born in Beloit, Wisconsin and later moved to Jackson, Tennessee at the age of 6. Music and dance have always been my inspiration. I started off singing and dancing at the age of 8 in the church choir. As I got older, music started to mean more to me. As my whole family started singing, it began to grow on me. I decided that I wanted to become an entertainer while in college. Music is sort of a get-away for me. To me, music is a form of expression.”

Shamiah music artist

Jacqueline Jax: Tell me 3 interesting facts about yourself.
Shamiah Trenae: I love sports! My favorite teams are the LA Lakers and the Greenbay Packers!
I am originally from Beloit, WI. And I’ve played college rugby for 2 years!

Jacqueline: How do you feel about the music business today?
Shamiah: I feel it is very wide ranged and a hard profession to break into. It could either make or break an artist so you better be prepared. I feel like if you get where you want, it would be well worth the experience in the end.

Jacqueline: What 3 words best define your music and why?
Shamiah: Positive, fun and inspiring.
I am trying to bring something back to music by keeping it positive and fun. Music that does what it was made for, makes you want to sing along and dance with the beat. I also can slow it down with an inspiring ballad that hopefully can help some people get through the very same problems I have been through.

Songs: “Nothing Like This” and “Love”
Owner(s):Written by Maurice Carmon Mlyrics
Produced by The Iron Mavericks

Song: You Can’t Tell Me Nothin

Owner(s):Written by Maurice Carmon “Mlyrics”
Produced by KodeezieProductions