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Changing the Game of Music with Preston Sullivan of Royalty Exchange

AVA_Live_radio_Preston_Sullivan_Game_Changer_Royalty_ExchangeListen in Now: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2014/04/22/changing-the-game-of-music-with-preston-sullivan-from-royalty-exchange

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she talks with VP East Coast Sales Royalty Exchange, Preston Sullivan, about the future of music royalty’s and how he’s changing the game. Royalty Exchange is the world’s first market place for buying and selling royalties on a safe and efficient platform. Many thanks to @Preston Sullivan for coming on our show to talk about the company and the future of new artists royalties. Including the importance of registering your songs correctly to build up your royalty values from air play and sales performance over time.

A serial entrepreneur, Preston Sullivan has amassed over 35 years in the business of music and technology. Since graduating from Vanderbilt University in 1977 (Preston was a member of the 1974 Peach Bowl team), he started and ran successful ventures from LA to Nashville. Though a popular entertainer, singer and sax player on the west coast, Sullivan decided to move back to his beloved city of Nashville from Los Angeles and made the transition from artist to music executive in the years that followed. He built and launched companies such as college rock label Carlyle Records with offices in Nashville and Amsterdam, Preston Sullivan Music, ASCAP and Surespin Songs BMI with current copyrights associated with Universal Music Publishing and Cal IV Music. He was in-house producer and studio manager for Sixteenth Avenue Sound whose world renowned clients recorded over 80 platinum and gold records. In 1997 Sullivan jumped into the technology sector and co-founded the successful dotcom Tappedinto.com later called Streamlogics, a pioneer in webcasting and the streaming video business. Sullivan helped lead the company in global sales that resulted in a profitable sale in 2009 to Thomson Reuters.

Sales-Brochure-FrontNow VP of East Coast Sales with Royalty Exchange: Founded in 2011, Royalty Exchange started after identifying the need for a centralized marketplace where royalty owners could monetize their royalties and investors seeking to purchase alternative assets could invest in them. Our mission is simply to provide a platform where all types of royalty assets, such as music, television and film or patents, intellectual property, and mineral rights, can be bought or sold in an effort to bring value to both the investor and seller.

 Royalty Exchange

New Music Monday Features Stephanie Lewis and Johnny Juarez

stephanie_lewis_johnny_juarez_ava_live_radioJoin us live 8pm est: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2013/08/06/new-music-monday-features-stephanie-lewis-and-johnny-juarez

New-Music-Monday-JacquelineJoin host Jacqueline Jax for New Music Monday featuring a mix of indie artists from around the world with special music guests, Stephanie Lewis and Johnny Juarez. You will fall in love with this pair of indie artists reaching for their dreams as they release their first single together, “Slip Away”. You will really enjoy our discussion on dealing with negative energy in the music business and how these artists have supported each other and maintained a positive path against all odds.

Also featuring music from Gareth Barker, Naomi Psalm, Carla Jo Carr, Lani Nash and Sherri Austin.

Stephanie’s page www.reverbnation.com/stephanielewis4

Johnny Juarez page: www.johnnyjuarez.com

Hot Topic Tuesday- Selling Your Music Online Success Tips

Hot Topic Tuesday Music Success
Here it now: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio
I am often asked how much money a person can really make selling music online. I hear both extremes, some new artists are making a killing pocketing as much as $6,000 per month and others are lucky if they sell 5 albums all year.  So how do you become one of those artists making the big bucks? Well I’m here to get you started with some helpful facts and tips to get you moving in the right direction.

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Music by:
Eric Muniz- She Was Beautiful
Naomi Psalm- Listen
Glenn Goss- Tell Me What You Will
Orange Avenue- As You Fall
Ryan Stone- Go Higher

A.V.A Live Radio Features: Top 10 Things Music Artist Do Wrong In Pursuit of Success with Chris Franz

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Join host Jacqueline Jax with Chris Franz President Razing Kane Entertainment for the bottom line on how you could be getting in your own way. Also featuring our top 10 things artists are doing wrong in their pursuit of success. Get helpful information that will surely give you that edge in today’s music industry.

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Top 10 Things Music Artist Do Wrong…
1. Lack of a professional looking and sounding demo cd.
2. Lack of artwork on the demo and/or packaging.
3. No contact info on both the cd and the cover. (If the cd becomes separated from the jacket you can imagine)
4. No Bio sheet or “One” Sheet
5. Lack of professional photos
6.Lack of business cards
7.Lack of web presence
8.Poor response time to emails or returning phone calls.
9. Lack of professional response to those emails and phone calls.

Razing Kane Entertainment is currently seeking a solo female country music artist and/or a female fronted country music band, duo or trio, to develop and take to the Nashville record labels. You must have original songs and be able to read and write music. You must be 100% committed to your passion for music and must be able to travel to Nashville as well as tour the major music markets. Serious inquiries only. (Fill in form below)
Chris Franz
Artists Management and Promotion
Razing Kane EntertainmentNaras Member / CMA Member/ IEBA Member

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Beneath the coupled gold faints the painless catalog.

A.V.A Live Radio Features Mike Cathey from Lovelamp Records

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she speaks with Mike Cathey from Lovelamp Records
Featured Topics: Today’s music market, launching new artists today, using social media to build a fan base, a direct to fan marketing strategy, working with Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Adele’s Grammy Tweet spike on social media, the recent surge of music on Myspace, and Orange Avenue’s new album release marketing strategy.
Mike Cathey
Started as an intern for Universal Music Group in 2002 in Minneapolis, MN. After graduating college I was hired as the mailroom coordinator in Miami, FL. I then worked my way up to Field Marketing Rep. After excelling in this position I was promoted to Artist Development Rep. Then in 2007 I was moved to New York City to further my career as an Artist Development Rep. In this position I worked closely with artists such as Amy Winehouse, The Killers, 50 Cent, Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, All American Rejects, Hinder, 3 Doors Down, and the list goes on and on. In 2010 I was asked by Orange Avenue to head up the independent label Lovelamp Records. So I jumped at the opportunity and moved back to Florida. I am currently in the same position and working on Orange Avenues release of their 3rd studio album.