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{Podcast} Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

Next Topic: Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

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With so many demands on your time to run your business and so little time, it’s very important that you make the best use of those hours you could be loosing on social media. Social media is fun but if your using it to market a product and drive traffic to your blog or web site then the big question is- Which one do I use and how much time should I be giving it before I see results?

Spend 15 minutes of your morning with me to think about how your spending your social media time and discover where you could be getting better results. I’ll also be including information on how to use stats to see where your traffic is coming from, which social media profiles I get the most traffic from and why, and what types of posts work best for social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google and Instagram.

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Going Hashtag Crazy

Marketing Tip of the Day: Going Hashtag Crazy
Use hash tags to cross link your posts and connect you with other people talking about the same thing. This allows your tweets to show up in multiple feeds hopefully gaining you more followers with similar interests. Check out this web site for trending tags www.toptwittertrends.com

Why? Because you’ll come up in search results for those who also know to use hashtags to quickly filter out noisy results. To see how this works, do a search on Twitter’s search engine using a hashtag such as #ecommerce, and see how much more relevant your results are.

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