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{Artist Spotlight} Take a Ride on a Musical Journey

“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” – Jimi Hendrix

“I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water.” – Ray Charles
Monday_stephanie_lewis_johnny_juarez_ava_live_radioNew Music Monday Features Stephanie Lewis and Johnny Juarez ::
Join host Jacqueline Jax for New Music Monday featuring a mix of indie artists from around the world with special music guests, Stephanie Lewis and Johnny Juarez. You will fall in love with this pair of indie artists reaching for their dreams as they release their first single together, “Slip Away”.

Cassius k
New Music Monday Hip Hop with Cassius K ::
Join host Jacqueline Jax with special musical guest Cassius K discussing Hip hop and his journey through music. You’ll enjoy meeting this genuine indie artist and all that he has to share. He’s building his music brand the right way… with emphasis on the fans!

Ed Reverb background
New Music Monday Rocks America with Ed Concepcion::
Join host Jacqueline Jax as she rocks America with singer songwriter metal rocker Ed Concepcion. Listen to his amazing journey through music working with different artists to signing his new deal to make his solo album.

Live Music Spins: Spend some time with new artists from all over the world.
Game Changers: Take a journey through life as an entrepreneur while learning what it takes to be successful.

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New Music Monday Hip Hop with Cassius K

UppCassius kListen in Live tonight at 8pm est: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2013/07/30/new-music-monday-hip-hop-with-cassius-k

Jacqueline_jax_Video_liveJoin host Jacqueline Jax with special musical guest Cassius K discussing Hip hop and his journey through music. You’ll enjoy meeting this genuine indie artist and all that he has to share. He’s building his music brand the right way… with emphasis on the fans!

Also featuring music by Tre Von, Naomi Psalm, Zara Phillips, SJ, Carla Jo Carr
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Jacqueline: What are three things that would surprise us to know about you?
Cassius K: I love sushi, write stage plays, and I love to Dogs.

Jacqueline: How do you feel about the music business today?
Cassius K: I feel the music business is more open for independent artist to be successful and we as artist are slowly starting to understand the business more.
Jacqueline: Name three words that best describe you and why?
Cassius K: Caring, Writer, and Sensitive. Those words are who I am and that is whats makes Cassius K.
Jacqueline: Who was the single most influential person in your music journey so far?
Cassius K: My 3 year old daughter
Jacqueline: What has been the most successful thing you have done to publicize your music thus far?
Cassius K: Perform at the HOUSTON MUSIC SUMMIT.
Note From Artists:
Cassius K (Cash-us-K)- born Samuel Rueben Cassius Kendrel Robinson to Kenneth D. Robinson and Anna D. Barksdale. The 28 years old TEXAS born Louisiana raised Artist has a true emcees bravado. He would say “I spit from the gut”. 
Cassius is currently on the roster of Presidential Hustle Records & Entertainment out of Houston, TX. 
Cassius K’s new official single “WATCH” produced by H.D. is NOW IN THE STREETS. “WATCH” already has a buzz growing in the streets & the popular social networking platform/site Twitter & a few others. 
Cassius has a versatile delivery and isn’t afraid to express how he feels in lyric, beat & melody. “I adjust my voice to however the beat makes me feel” is what he tells sources…. 
Cassius has been building his name & brand in part by putting his vocals on Mix-tape tracks produced by Just Blaze, DJ Mr. Rogers, Heavy D, Stunt N Dozier, Watts Productions, H.D., 80s Babies, CJ BEATS and was also featured on DJ Merk’s (Official Dj for Dorrough Music) Outbreak VoL1 in 2007. His new single was featured on The Rappers, Trappers, and, Scrappers Mix-tape and also featured on The Future Vol.1 Mix-tape hosted by US1magazine.  
Cassius first solo mix-tape project “PAGE 1” is as scheduled to be released the fall of 2013, and his first album release date being discussed with P.HE. 
Cassius is a Graduate of Prairie View A&M University receiving and BS and MS in 2007 and 2009. In the spring of 2006 Cassius K was initiated in the Eta Gamma of Alpha Phi. 
Alpha Fraternity Inc. and in the Winter of 2008 he was initiated into 
The Insane Alpha of Nu Gamma Phi Fraternity Inc. , a community service organization established in Waller County. The former athlete turned artist says music has always been in him, but he felt football was his passion, but injuries put that goal on hold. His Mother is a singer, father a trumpet player, and his grandmother, Rev. Maxine L. Barksdale was a piano teacher. PUNCHLINES are never his intent but they may happen. “My goal is to MAKE people across the earth feel me” #PHE
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