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Marketing Tip of The Day: SEO Keys to Keywords


I know you’ve heard it before but search engine optimization is important. When you are trying to drive traffic to a website, the best and cheapest way to do so is through search engine traffic. Paying someone to do the work for you, isn’t a bad idea but that still won’t guarantee results. It all depends on finding the right keywords that will not only attract the right clients to your company or brand but will also be keywords that people are searching for.
Keywords and keyword phrases are the terms readers are entering into search engines, such as Google to find things.

Here are some quick Tips, that with help you to use SEO keywords to get traffic to your website.

1) Use Google Keywords : Google has a Keyword Tool called “sktool” which allows you to search keywords and see how many people are looking for particular topics, and how competitive the keywords are. (Try it here)

2) Write content on your website that utilizes the selected SEO keywords liberally. You want to use the keywords often in your writing, while not changing the meaning of the content or having it read unnaturally. You should include the SEO keywords at least twice per paragraph but be careful not to spam the same ones over and over.

3) Add the SEO keywords into other areas of your website. Not only should the SEO keywords be in your written content, but it should be in the titles, meta titles, meta descriptions, image descriptions, link tags and anywhere else you can showcase your keywords. So the next time your saving a photo, use your name and keywords in the title.

4) Keep an eye on which SEO keywords are driving traffic to your website. After a while, you can figure out which SEO keywords you should concentrate on and which ones aren’t worth the time and effort by checking your website or blog stats.

What are your favorite SEO Keyword tips? Do you have a question or comment? Leave it below…..

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Improve Your Act Now Call To Action

Are you disappointed in your sales? Are you seeing web traffic on your page but finding it hard to get people to signup for your list?
So many people forget to tell prospects exactly what they should do while on their web site. As surprising as that seems, you should never assume the fan/buyer/reader will know what they are to do once you get them there. Testing has proven time and time again that, to get someone to respond, they must be told exactly what to do and when to do it. Take a look at your call to action page and see if it gives specific instructions. Use word combos like: download now, call now, email now, click here now, signup now, subscribe now… Etc.

Take a look at our “Join Us Now!” at the top right hand corner of our web site over the subscribe bottom field. Just by adding those 3 little words, we make it easy for our readers to find our signup and encouraging for you to do so while your here.

Do you have any tips that have improved your call-to-action? What are you offering people if they signup to follow you? What is your over all goal? Leave me a comment below so I can check out your page…

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Hot Topic Tuesday: Choosing a Successful Brand Name

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