Artist Development Program

American Vocal Academy Artist Development Program
A.V.A Live Radio is now searching for talent for private audition passes to Americas top contests, talent agents, and record labels. This is your chance to make your dreams come true. We are now auditioning students to train in the Artist Development Program for private auditions in the upcoming talent contests- The Voice, American Idol, and The X-Factor – auditions for major record labels, and also Independant talent agencies who are working in coordination with The American Vocal Academy and A.V.A Live Radio to discover the next big group or solo artist.

We are searching for group and solo artists with natural talent to train in singing, studio recording and live performance. All applicants will be considered for training in this program and the best students will be selected to proceed to a private audition for the next round of contests.

Fill in the application below to audition this week. Don’t wait, auditions will close soon for the next season.

Artist Development Program:
Work with Singer, songwriter, producer, director of artist development, host of A.V.A Live Radio and vocal coach Jacqueline Jax in a step-by-step singing program for the repositioning and development of a professional vocal. Her unique approach, takes singers on a journey of very real and measurable progress transforming their artistic energy into the kind of performer they aspire to be. Her lessons and workbook include customized voice exercises proven over and over to be the most effective program to building the voice, increase your vocal range and power and improve your tone, style, pitch, and control. Not only will your range increase by at least one full octave in the first 30 days, but you will feel yourself singing with a freedom you have never experienced before.

Take Your Vocal Coach Home:
Jacqueline knows how important it is for a vocal performer to practice when ever they can, so every artist receives a take home CD customized for the individual. An excellent vocal coach understands that no two voices or vocal problems are alike so customizing a lesson plan that suits your needs is important and getting in those extra minutes of practice is crucial. Take your vocal coach home with you so you can practice at home, practice in your car, or warm-up backstage before your big performance.

Get to know your voice
Vocal cords execute different coordination’s to accommodate different registers. For example, when you sing in chest, your cords are at the longest and thickest position. As you ascend, your cords close, making the vibrating surface shorter and thinner accessing higher notes and tones. Incorrect position and technique causes stretching, straining, and an uncomfortable pushing sensation leaving a performer hoarse and fatigued. Jacqueline makes sure that every student understands how their voice works and how to work through those uncomfortable vocal positions with retraining techniques focused on prevention.

Discover Your Own Unique Sound
Do you want a unique voice that people recognize when they hear it? A successful artist understands the power of having their own unique sound.
Having coached countless, Grammy-award winners, Country, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, classical and Broadway stars, Jacqueline Jax makes it her ultimate goal not only to train your voice but to discover and develop that unique sound that will distinguish you from other singers.

Vocal Embellishments
Iconic artists like Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Usher, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Huston, Steven Tyler and Celine Dion are just a few names synonymous with vocal style, licks, trills and runs. Wouldn’t you love to have a few tricks under your sleeve that will transform a straight forward vocal performance into your own unique interpretation? Learn how to make the judges and producers sit up at attention by learning harmonic trills and how to improvise a performance.

Sing Without Straining
No More Pushing To Sing Your High Notes!
There are two groups of musculature used to make sound: the inner and outer muscles of the larynx. Using the wrong muscles can cause serious strain and prevents the vocal chords from vibrating freely. By isolating the correct muscles a singer will move from dangerous strain to flowing effortless High notes. Jacqueline’s Artist Development program will show you how and allow you to sing for hours and never lose your voice.

Sing Longer With More Endurance
Does Your Voice Get Tired After Only A Half Hour Of Singing? Have you ever felt like you left your voice on the stage?
The American Vocal Academy’s Artist Development program will prepare your voice for a professional level of singing enabling you to sing for hours with endurance, comfort, flexibility and rich tone.

Increase Your Range
Working with professional artists all over the world, Jacqueline Jax shows you easy customized exercises that will comfortably expand your range by at least one full octave offering you the flexibility to successfully perform a wider selection of material with the vocal freedom and power you’ve always dreamed of. Her results are dramatic and will leave you feeling confident and excited about your voice ready to perform at a more professional level.

Sing With Perfect Pitch & Control
Pitch is an extremely important piece of the puzzle but not everyone has perfect natural pitch. Pitch accuracy is not merely hitting the correct notes, it involves control and vocal confidence. A trait always seen in the greatest singers but rarely found in amateur vocal performances. If you want to engage and hold your audience, you’ll need to learn the secrets the professionals already know about developing pitch and control. With simple signature exercises, you’ll see magical results and immediate improvement for a voice that is under your command. When you have that kind of control, you will experience the kind of confidence that separates the amateur from a pro.

Sing With More Power
The American Vocal Academy’s Artist Development Program, teaches you how to blend your head, midrange and chest voice with more power, rich tone and resonance tripling your volume and unlocking your true vocal potential.

Live and In Studio Trouble Shooter
Do you leave the recording studio feeling disappointed? Do you sound much better on your enhanced recordings than you do live on stage?
So many artists have these problems and Jacqueline Jax has the experience and knowledge to pin point and help you work through the problems. Record labels, music producers, managers and sound engineers have called on her masterful abilities to trouble shoot and re-shape an artists vocal performance in minutes. Her natural ability to unleash an artists unique sound and performance is what makes her a valuable asset for music industry professionals all over the world.

Career Advise
It’s difficult to determine just where you fit in todays music market. Jacqueline helps her artists to find their niche and develop their image. Time is scheduled with each artist for career evaluation and planning focusing build an online fan base and direct to fan marketing.

Recording Studio
Advanced students of our Artist Development program have access to our in house state of the art recording studio for their artistic projects and demos. Special student pricing available.

A.V.A Live Radio Station
The American Vocal Academy has it’s own radio station featuring new artists from our Artist Development Program launching their music from all over the world. Tune in for the new music programming and how to resource shows helping you prepare for a career in music.

“To be an influential artist and a significant voice in the music business of today, you must be willing to push your limits and train for greatness!” – Jax

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