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1) Be interviewed on A.V.A Live Radio and featured in the top spot on our web site (300 X300 image)
2) Featured in a blog article about your brand, products or projects.
3) Hold a rotating banner add (300 X 300) for 1 month on our main web site4) Traffic Driver: Sit back as we tweet, facebook, instagram, pinterest, and linkedin about you all over the internet for 1 month.

Banner add: Signup Now below
1) Hold a rotating banner add (300 X 300) for 1 month on our main web site
2) Traffic Driver: Sit back as we tweet, facebook, instagram, pinterest, and linkedin about you all over the internet for 1 month.

Leveraging social media marketing is just plain smart whether you’re a small business on a budget or a large business looking to brand in a unique market. Today’s smart online advertiser is leaving behind traditional pay per click ads and running towards opportunities that utilize the mystical power network marketing. Network marketing offers you exciting and creative ways to not only encourage loyal listeners to discover your products but it delivers a breakthrough solution for word of mouth marketing. Blending elements of blogging, broadcasting live, streaming audio/video, Internet chat and podcasting of a featured product to a broad syndication network is a platform that we offer our sponsors. Are you making tons of money from your costly pay-per-click advertising? I think not… So why are people so unmotivated to click and shop these days? We think that’s because companies spend a lot of time talking AT people, and not enough time talking TO them. The fact is, the way that people discover companies is changing. They buy things because they hear their friends talking about them or see them posted by their friends online. So if you want to get people talking about you, and have a lot of fun with your company while you’re doing it, you will defiantly want to get on board with the A.V.A Live Radio Branding Team.

We want you to think of A.V.A Live Radio as your guide to branding your business and introducing you to new friends who will soon become new advocates of your products. It’s our job to introduce your fun and innovative products and web sites to our world wide internet community with engaging real content that will not only make an impression, but leave a lasting one on the minds of brand new fans of your business.

What will we do? When you signup for a banner add on our web site, we will Tweet, Facebook, instagram, pinterest, blog, post photos, and talk about you live on the air. Every day you will now have a team of people sharing stories about your company, person, brand, etc to our super supportive audience, and then the exciting stuff happens… they talk about it. And not only that, but they like, comment, chat, view, and share your stuff with all their friends and fans, a spider web your products will radiate out from a central location.

We think you’ll agree that you won’t find a better value dollar for dollar on any social media advertising out there nor will any team be as creative in expressing your best interests forward. From this day forward, the A.V.A is behind you all the way.. Get more info below!

Jacqueline Jax uses and endorses products like IKMultimedia’s Irig and Apple Ipad for her show



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