(Podcast) Giving Hope for a Creative Future with Jacqueline Jax

Giving Hope for a Creative Future

Whether you love making music, crafts, innovative products, clothing, writing books or developing technology I want to give you hope that you can make your dreams a realistic life changing business.

You may not realize how easy it is to sell your creative designs on the Internet and become an ecommerce entrepreneur. People are doing it every day. In recent years the Internet has exploded with web sites that allow you to list single items for sale or even populate your own branded web stores for as little as .20 cents per item or just $20 per month for a 150 product web store.

All you need to make your dreams become a reality is to believe in yourself and do a little research into your options. Here on A.V.A Live Radio, I’m going to be giving you help in understanding how it all works, what resources are freely available to you and the tools you need to successfully sell and market your products online from anywhere you are in the world. Be sure to subscribe to us on our web site so you won’t miss my helpful articles, morning shows and interviews on this topic and so much more. Our goal is to educate you and help you achieve your dreams.

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