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Forbes Hot List to Watch (Forbes)
Social networking can be a powerful tool for celebrities.

1. Rihanna: 23.8 million followers and 59.6 million fans.
The 24-year-old pop singer, Rihanna seems to know it best as she holds the leading spot on Forbes fab list. She tweets everything. She not only encourages her fans to buy her music and watch her videos, she lets them in on her daily life, posting photos of her friends and family. The only negative aspect is Rihanna follows only 843 people demonstrating that her conversations are one sided.

2. Lady Gaga: 28-million Twitter followers and 53 million Facebook fans
Gaga uses her Twitter feed to tell her Little Monsters about upcoming albums, tour dates and what she’s eating.

3. Eminem: 11.9 million Twitter and 60.3 million Facebook fans
Eminem, who ranks third on our list, is a little more restrained than some of his peers. His main platform is Facebook where he has the most fans of any of our Social Networking Superstars: 60.3 million. But his feed tends to be heavily promotional with videos and plugs for the artists on his Shady Records label.

4. Justin Bieber: 26 million Twitter followers, 45.8 million Facebook fans
Justin Bieber, who ranks fourth with 26 million Twitter followers and 45.8 million Facebook fans, is more interactive with his online fans. He knows he has them to thank for his fame. Bieber was discovered on YouTube and is a child of social networking. He keeps his fans close by retweeting them and sharing pictures and thoughts from his travels. He’s also generous about listening to his fans. He follows 123,143 people.

5. Katy Perry: 24.5 million Twitter followers, 45.7 million Facebook fans
Like the other young pop stars on this list, Perry makes excellent use of Twitter, talking to her fans and share funny photos and videos in a way that makes them all feel like Perry is their best buddy. Her Facebook page is more of a promotional site.

6. Shakira: Twitter followers: 17.6 million, Facebook fans: 52.5 million
The Colombian pop star is one of the most popular celebrities on Facebook with 52.5 million fans. She uses her page not only to promote her newest music and videos but to post vacation photos like the ones she recently took on a trip to the south of France. She posts on Twitter and Facebook in both Spanish and English.

7. Christiano Ronaldo: Twitter followers: 12 million, Facebook fans: 47.5 million
The Portuguese soccer star is the most popular athlete on social media. He doesn’t tweet often and his posts are mostly humble notes about how grateful he is for his fans and to be playing soccer. His Facebook page features the same content but fans can see photos of the Real Madrid star without having to click through.

8. Taylor Swift: Twitter followers: 17 million, Facebook fans: 33.6 million
Yet another young pop star on our list. Swift, who excels at writing songs that seem to honestly reflect the struggles of being a young girl in love, uses social media to get closer to her fans by posting photos of things like her cat and her coffee cup. Like many celebrities, she reserves her Facebook page for more straightforward promotional items.

9. Lil Wayne: Twitter followers: 7.9 million, Facebook fans: 40 million
The hip-hop star likes to take keep his social media feeds clean. Right now on Twitter and Facebook he has mostly photos and congratulations messages to the Olympic winners and retweets from fans telling him how much they love his music.

10. Selena Gomez: Twitter followers: 12.3 million, Facebook fans: 33 million
Gomez is no dummy. She uses the power of her social network to promote Postcard On The Run, a company she’s an investor in that has an app that lets you turn iPhone photos into snail-mail postcards. It’s nice for fans though because it means the young pop star posts photos from her vacations and tours including some with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

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