Marketing Tip of The Day: Offering Product Placement in Videos

In today’s music market, an artist struggles to find ways to generate income. In the beginning, even if your videos are commanding 10,000+ views, your sales most likely still aren’t flowing like they should be. To offset some of your recording and video production costs, you may want to think about product placement. Artists new and old are opening up their doors to all kinds of brands from cell phones to cars to clothing lines. Anything goes as long as it pays to play and fits your content of coarse. So next time your ready to make a video or go on tour, consider making a list of brands who would benefit from some prime real estate on your stage, in your next video or even on your web site. Although the big brands may not be for you, there are millions of new and upcoming brands who are searching for that prime opportunity to get involved with something fresh and fun.

Here are some videos where product placement made a cool appearance…

Alicia Keys Girl on Fire:
Designer clothing and Sunglasses, Sony headphones

Lady Gaga Telephone:
Diet Coke, Telephone, miracle whip, designer clothing and Polaroid

Britney Spears earned 500,000 for product placement in Hold It Against Me
Dating site, Sony, makeup forever

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