Marketing Tip Of The Day: Content Crazy Emails


Marketing Tip Of The Day: Content Crazy Emails

We talk alot about how to market great content but rarely do I find anyone instructing on how to create excellent content that may be more attractive to your readers, friends, fans, etc. To help, I called upon several of my marketing gurus who are members of the A.V.A Live Radio community, here’s what they recommended.

1) Make it interactive. Include a quick poll relating to your industry topic. Allow your readers to participate and be heard. Don’t forget to include a share button to pass it along to a friend.

2) Have a voice. Express an opinion about your topic of interest, similar to what bloggers do. If your company has a blog, this is a great place to link to your latest post. If you have a music page, lead your topic into a reason to listen to one of your songs or watch your video. If you sell products, include a link where you can buy a product that supports your opinion.

3) Have fun. Don’t make your news all about business 24-7. Share a joke, a funny picture or a funny story. If you a musician, share some pictures from your last recording session and tell the story like a diary entry. If your a blogger, switch things up and be creative by writing about something whimsical that strikes your interest today. If your an artists, how about a cool how to or DYI Sunday project.

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