Marketing Tip of the Day: Those Crazy Web Stats


Marketing Tip of the day:
Hi Everyone,
I’m back with my marketing tip of the day and its about web stats. When it comes to web stats, don’t overwhelm yourself with too much data. Pick a handful of metrics to follow and compare them to other similar points on previous months or days. Look at click-throughs, exit pages and time spent on the site. If your not holding the attention of your reader for longer than 1 page, consider adding a short list of “Other Articles I Recommend” at the end of every blog post. Many times, people don’t have an easy time looking around, especially on phones so make it easier for your readers to connect with other articles you’ve written by linking them in your post and mentioning them below your post. That way the reader can find links right on a vertical slide as they scan down the page.

That’s my marketing tip of the day.
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Jacqueline Jax
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