A.V.A LIVE Radio Featuring Special Music Guest 2010 Nominee SJ

Join host Jacqueline Jax from the A.V.A studio as she sits down with special guest Singer/Songwriter/Musician and 2010 Hollywood Music Nominee – SJ Acoustic. We’ll play his new song “I Like You” and get up close and personal with the Artist. Join us in our chat room during the show we’ll be giving away a terrific “Evolution of SJ” pack… Including his first 2 LP songs featuring the original version of ‘I Like You’ and a song called ‘Breathe’ (normally only available in digital) and a promo cut of ‘I Like You (Radio Version)’ with the Spanish version as well…a ‘journey’ through his recorded music evolution culminating with the single “I Like You” starting to impact radio with a 2010 nomination. This is a very exciting time for SJ and you’ll be able to speak with him on A.V.A Live Radio and Win this amazing CD Set.

Here The Show: (Click here)