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Marketing Tip of the day: 3 Steps To Building Stronger Brand Awareness

Jacqueline-Jax-ShowDid you join us on facebook.com/AvALiveRadio yet? Maybe it’s time you joined the page so you won’t miss out on our conversation and daily social media marketing inspiration. Our tips keep you from getting lost and give you that daily direction for building a better facebook page that’s rich with content and more responsive readers.  – JAX

Think about what benefits your Brand
How do we improve passion behind our brand: Avoiding a break in the chain.

The passion of the company founders for their brand is typically transferred to their employees and thus the customer. This energy must be transferred daily through each persons actions and constancy. But with that said, if any person in that company chain isn’t carrying the energy forward, that will cause a break in the chain. I will go through more on this in later discussions, but first here are 3 initial steps to building a stronger brand awareness.

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Secrets of Success:: Changes To Facebook and Social Media That Will Effect Your Traffic


AVA_Facebook_Jacqueline_JaxChanges to facebook that will effect your reach and traffic:

Typically it’s a common practice to post different times per day on facebook so that you can increase the amount of people seeing your postings, but recently I discovered an article that facebook is making changes to the way that a post is being seen. Business pages are going to have to purchase adds in order to be seen by more than 1-6% of their followers in the news feed. Not fair perhaps, however it goes without saying that it is their prerogative to do so. I have always said that it’s best to build up our own mailing list, work directly from your own web site and never rely on only 1 form of social media for traffic. It’s best to remember that you don’t own those social media pages that you signup for and they can change the rules at any time. This article just adds fuel to the fire.  Facebook is making moves and changes in one way to filter to much spam and reposting, but in another to make money. You should be aware of the changes in the game and adjust your strategy accordingly.

A better plan for using Social Media to market your products

Want to hear about a better plan for marketing your goods? Let me walk you through my Sunday morning research as a guide line for a longer lasting marketing strategy. Learn more about the different social media platforms and why they may be a perfect fit for your business marketing plan.

Start with your own web site:

You own your web site and all the content on it so doesn’t it make more sense to focus on improving the content on your own web pages first? Listen to my latest show where I talked with web design specialist and SEO adviser Hector Torres from Idealocity.com about creating better SEO friendly content and how to tag your content so the search engines can recognize it. Listen to the show and read the notes: http://avaliveradio.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/secrets-of-success-advantages-to-a-wordpress-website-seo-tips-getting-views/

Discover which social media platforms are best for your business.

Not all platforms are equal and not all will get your products in front of the right group of people. Some are heavier with female buying traffic, some are just for building better brand awareness and others are great to let people know more about the face behind the brand. It’s best to identify what you want to accomplish and then start using the right social media platform to achieve your goal.


If you sell fashion or beauty products, Pinterest is terrific to get your message out there because its heavy on female traffic already searching for those things. Very expensive paid advertising is on it’s way and has already been tested but 83 percent of “pinners” are women, compared to 53 percent of Facebook users and 49 percent of Twitter users.  Women are more likely to interact with brands on social media, and they buy more online.  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232418


is a powerful visual platform that has the potential of reaching a viral amount of new people quickly depending on your message and how interesting your make your video. But it’s no easy task to creating something that will go viral. Instead of focusing on trying to create viral videos, you should dedicate your efforts to catering specifically to your target audience.  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230501  For instance, I just started a Home shopping show segment on AVA LIVE RADIO to talk about fashion  and style to my fashion clients on a visual platform that is easily seen. I’m not thinking about how to make the video’s go viral, I’m thinking about providing the best and most fashion informative content I can that will solve style issues. By answering my customers common fashion problems, I have the best chance at not only getting viewed by current clients but appealing to new ones as well. Check out the show if your curious: http://avaliveradio.wordpress.com/category/jax-couture-home-shopping/


is an ongoing- in the moment conversation where you can reach out to people and actually get a reply on breaking news or announcements. But you really have to follow the trends and be quick to act on what people are searching for. I found a helpful twitter tips article from Entrepreneur magazine that may help you get in the game . I especially loved what they said about : “Save the sales pitch. Don’t get caught up in using Twitter as a selling tool. Instead, use it to increase customer loyalty and offer valuable information to your followers. Overmarketing will merely leave a sour taste in followers’ mouths, and you may even end up losing them if their feed gets too clogged with too many promotions. Be viewed as a resource, not a door to door .” salesperson. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230891


is great to let customers get to know the people behind the brand. It’s not a place for spamming and just like I said at the beginning of this article, major changes have already been made to how your posts get filtered. So be sure to read the article I linked up and stay subscribed to us here at A.V.A Live Radio to stay up to date.  Basically, as I have researched, you’ll want to portray your business in a friendly, “sociable” manner, as a place where customers are treated well and “everybody knows your name.” Almost any business can benefit from having a Facebook page. But Facebook isn’t about selling.  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230020 Great information to keep in mind..


is a business to business connection platform where people are gathering resources and contacts for their businesses. It’s a great place to establish your credibility in your industry among your piers. “When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, is shared with their trusted network and has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled.” http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231626 .. There are some awesome articles about linked in that I have gathered for you at the bottom of the page if your interested.


This image dominant platform is fun to use but from a “marketing perspective, the community’s enthusiastic fan base and built-in social aspects make it an ideal place to connect with potential customers and build brand recognition. ” http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226014
I enjoyed learning about these 3 tips to getting more likes on imgaes:  Keep it cool: Photos dominated by blues and other cool colors tend to garner more likes while photos with warmer oranges and reds do worse.
Master monochrome: The more dominant a single color is on an image, the more likes it could get. Pictures dominated by a single hue receive 40 percent more likes than those that don’t.
With color, less is more: It can be tempting to ratchet up the vibrancy, flooding your image with color to make it stand out. But in today’s overstimulated world, bright and vibrant colors can get lost. The proof is in the data: Curalate says less saturated images receive 18 percent more likes than their mover vibrant counterparts. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229901

Start a Mailing List:

Although you may think it’s old hat, a good old mailing list still works miracles at getting your message and offers directly to your customers. Use Mailchimp or an opt in subscription signup on your blog to collect those emails and stay in touch with those who want to hear from you. Keep your content fresh, updated and in motion. Make sure you are always competitive in price and offering incentives for people to visit often, don’t spam your followers but set up a consistent weekly schedule they can count on with fresh daily content on your web pages. If you want to compare the top 3 mailing list providers, I linked an article for you below.

I certainly hope that my research this morning helped you to get up to speed on the social media platforms and how to use them. There are more great articles linked for you below. I really hope you will subscribe to the web site today so you can join me again as I continue to share what I learn with you every Sunday morning and of coarse with my featured interviews during the week right here on AVA LIVE RADIO. – Jacqueline Jax

More Info to help you:
How To Market Your Brand Effectively Part 1:

How To Market Your Brand Effectively Part 2:


Have a Blog? Linkedin Wants Your Copy: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231626

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Business Linkedin Page:   http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230177

17 Must-Have Features on Your LinkedIn Profile http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231750

A Look at Three E-Mail Newsletter Tools http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/218199

10 Reasons Your YouTube Videos Aren’t Popular http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230501

Instagram Success: These Types of Images Drive the Most Engagement  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229901

The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226014

Links We Love

Links We Love: Blogging Basics To Light Your Path


Style_diary_jacqueline_jaxAre you wanting to start a blog?
Do you have a blog and crave to make it better?
I’ve been blogging for years now and I speak from experience when I tell you that there is never a time when I don’t strive to make my blogs better. To really gain traction among all the thousands of bloggers out there, you have to create with a passion and always look for ways to improve. Here are some of my favorite link to help you create better blogs while still leaving you time to write with a passion. – JAX

1.  Top 10 Tips For Bloggers
Have you stopped to think how times have changed? Do you remember the days when you had to pay for any kind of online or news paper advertising? I remember reading an article in the New York Times in 2010 discussing the Internet’s phenomenon and the rise of amateur online bloggers in the media. In fact, Magazines, Designer, PR firms and traditional media are giving noted respect to top bloggers with invites to all the hottest events, free goodies and even hefty paychecks for their undivided attention. Even radio stations had to become Internet savvy with world wide online streams of their programming. And now hear I am, sitting at my desk overlooking the city with a cup of tea sharing my latest research with you in an era of “new media.” The Internet has changed the way we communicate and share information with each other. This change has created a new generation of highly intelligent and demanding people who want to be entertained. So if you want to draw attention to your products, music, services or web site, you have to evolve into what I like to call a high-bred web site. This kind of web site is interactive and rich in social media formatted content. Most importantly, it’s a web site that is updated with fresh fun content often. Weather your sharing photos, daily journals, music, jokes or reporting the latest fashions a blog is the method of choice to own your page and build a following. With that said, its important for you to understand the blogging basics. Here are my top 10 Blogging tips (AvALiveRadio.com)

2. Writing Authentic Content for Your Blog, Website and Social Media Pages
I have found, the single most important concept to focus on when writing or expressing content for your blog, web site, youtube channel, or social media pages is to be “Authentic”. When you speak about something you feel passionate about, your most authentic voice comes out and that will make your posts far more interesting and effective. Here are some interesting things to keep in mind when striving to write authentic content…. (AvALiveRadio.com)

3. 10 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros
No Matter How Small, Special Moments Light Our Path- Although small, meaningful moments cast a brilliant light on our lives that is strong enough to light our way. Use your facebook timeline or blog as a journal to share those meaningful moments that have made your journey special and tell us why they are and how you learned from them. If your writing about them on your blog, you’ll definitely your special friends to have easy access through social media.  (AvALiveRadio.com)

4. {Links I Love} Best Links for Bloggers
Helpful tools that will aid in your success as you strive to be the best blogger you can be.  (JaxCouture.com)

5. Darren Rowes: What Makes a Blog Successful
Great words that describe what makes a blog amazing. (problogger.net)

6. 10 Tips for Naming Your Fashion Blog
Before, during or after you may want to think about your blog name. I love this article that lays out the fundamentals. (heartifb.com)

7. The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2013
To be the best, you must know the best. Don’t pattern yourself after someone who isn’t successful. So who’s the best you ask? I have a great list for you to check out. (dailytekk.com)

8. Is Your Business Guilty of Making These Blogging Mistakes?I’m always reading about what to do but rarely reading about what mistakes people make all the time. This article is a must read if you have a business blog. Hello reality!! (mashable.com)

Marketing Tip of The Day: Forbes Hot Celebrities of Social Media List


marketing-tip-of-the-day-2The rules have changed dramatically in the digital landscape of social media. Search engines, social pages and brand advertising as we know it, are requiring a whole new game and we must play by a new set of rules to get attention in our field. Next on Hot Topic Tuesday, I’ll be bringing you the secrets of social media marketing from the celebrities, including their strategies, what strengthens their brand and how to infuse the best overall tips into your own social media pages. The show will be airing live on Blog Talk Radio with additional segments uploading to YouTube.com/AVALiveRadio.
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Forbes Hot List to Watch (Forbes)
Social networking can be a powerful tool for celebrities.

1. Rihanna: 23.8 million Twitter.com followers and 59.6 million Facebook.com fans.
The 24-year-old pop singer, Rihanna seems to know it best as she holds the leading spot on Forbes fab list. She tweets everything. She not only encourages her fans to buy her music and watch her videos, she lets them in on her daily life, posting photos of her friends and family. The only negative aspect is Rihanna follows only 843 people demonstrating that her conversations are one sided.

2. Lady Gaga: 28-million Twitter followers and 53 million Facebook fans
Gaga uses her Twitter feed to tell her Little Monsters about upcoming albums, tour dates and what she’s eating.

3. Eminem: 11.9 million Twitter and 60.3 million Facebook fans
Eminem, who ranks third on our list, is a little more restrained than some of his peers. His main platform is Facebook where he has the most fans of any of our Social Networking Superstars: 60.3 million. But his feed tends to be heavily promotional with videos and plugs for the artists on his Shady Records label.

4. Justin Bieber: 26 million Twitter followers, 45.8 million Facebook fans
Justin Bieber, who ranks fourth with 26 million Twitter followers and 45.8 million Facebook fans, is more interactive with his online fans. He knows he has them to thank for his fame. Bieber was discovered on YouTube and is a child of social networking. He keeps his fans close by retweeting them and sharing pictures and thoughts from his travels. He’s also generous about listening to his fans. He follows 123,143 people.

5. Katy Perry: 24.5 million Twitter followers, 45.7 million Facebook fans
Like the other young pop stars on this list, Perry makes excellent use of Twitter, talking to her fans and share funny photos and videos in a way that makes them all feel like Perry is their best buddy. Her Facebook page is more of a promotional site.

6. Shakira: Twitter followers: 17.6 million, Facebook fans: 52.5 million
The Colombian pop star is one of the most popular celebrities on Facebook with 52.5 million fans. She uses her page not only to promote her newest music and videos but to post vacation photos like the ones she recently took on a trip to the south of France. She posts on Twitter and Facebook in both Spanish and English.

7. Christiano Ronaldo: Twitter followers: 12 million, Facebook fans: 47.5 million
The Portuguese soccer star is the most popular athlete on social media. He doesn’t tweet often and his posts are mostly humble notes about how grateful he is for his fans and to be playing soccer. His Facebook page features the same content but fans can see photos of the Real Madrid star without having to click through.

8. Taylor Swift: Twitter followers: 17 million, Facebook fans: 33.6 million
Yet another young pop star on our list. Swift, who excels at writing songs that seem to honestly reflect the struggles of being a young girl in love, uses social media to get closer to her fans by posting photos of things like her cat and her coffee cup. Like many celebrities, she reserves her Facebook page for more straightforward promotional items.

9. Lil Wayne: Twitter followers: 7.9 million, Facebook fans: 40 million
The hip-hop star likes to take keep his social media feeds clean. Right now on Twitter and Facebook he has mostly photos and congratulations messages to the Olympic winners and retweets from fans telling him how much they love his music.

10. Selena Gomez: Twitter followers: 12.3 million, Facebook fans: 33 million
Gomez is no dummy. She uses the power of her social network to promote Postcard On The Run, a company she’s an investor in that has an app that lets you turn iPhone photos into snail-mail postcards. It’s nice for fans though because it means the young pop star posts photos from her vacations and tours including some with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

This post is being provided via <a href="http://(Forbes)”>Forbes.

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Striking a Balance, When To Engage and When To Work

Recently I was asked to write about balancing a schedule. Running a web site and online community may be enjoyable but it isn’t always easy. There is a little decision I have to make for myself every day that has to do with balance.

Balance must always be considered when running any business especially an online one because the one resource we never have enough of is time. Having enough time to run your business, create content, interact on social media and answer emails requires a daily evaluation of your time.

Some people advise to engage with everyone who comments on your site or tweets at you. I have tried this, and it works for a while, but there becomes a point where you have to decide if you want to spend your time engaging with everyone or spend your time creating quality content. Personally, I use my cell phone and iPad to stay in touch and typically spend 30 minutes every morning having coffee with my emails, facebook messages and tweets but its still never enough. So to handle the hundreds of messages that come in from my various blogs and social pages, I grab additional time on breaks and some evenings.

With that said, I do advise that you engage at least twice a week especially with your most engaged followers and supporters. Further if you should find yourself with hundreds of emails in your inbox and no more time available, consider posting group greetings and updates explaining why you haven’t been able to answer your personal emails. I also like to encourage everyone to leave me a comment on a post if the message is really important so I won’t miss time related messages.

Bottom line, set aside your quiet creation times and turn off the social feeds and phones while your working so you won’t get distracted. Once your done achieving your daily or weekly goals, then enjoy your social time.

This is Jacqueline Jax from AvALiveRadio.com with my online marketing tip of the day. Thanks for reading.

What’s you secret to staying engaged? Leave me a comment below.

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Marketing Tip of The Day: 3 Tips for a Mobile Friendly Web Page


Marketing Tip of The Day: 3 Tips for a Mobile Friendly Web Page
No Flash- Flash is cool in normal web browsers but it won’t display on many mobile devices. Instead embed YouTube links and use a few brilliant images to make your statement.

Simplify Navigation- Links are not always easy to click on a smart phone, so keep your navigation simple.

Easy Read- try to keep the important information upfront and easy to find. Things like contact information, mission statements, product links or subscriber opt ins should be front and center.

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Marketing Tip of The Day: Don’t Give Up, Just Follow Through

Marketing Tip of The Day: Don’t Give Up, Just Follow Through

Its so easy to get discouraged with online marketing. You may have set a goal in January to start a daily blog or made plans to update your website weekly and as February rolled around, you found yourself less than motivated. Perhaps, it was your lack of traffic or to few responses. But I’m here to encourage you with two helpful tips to get you back on track before the first quarter of our year has passed us by.
1. Set a writing schedule today. Get a calendar and set aside 1-2 hours per week to update your blog/web site. That’s not alot of time if your looking at the big picture. Use a note pad during the week to jot down reminders of what you should talk about or get done during your update. That will help you save time, focus and stay motivated when it’s time to update.
2. Next make a point to share your updates somehow on your social media pages every time your there. This way people will remember to go check it out and if you do it regularly, you’ll build a following.

Always remember, it’s discouraging to readers when you don’t post updates, plus it makes your company or brand look lazy and uninteresting. Instead, treat your web site or blog like a professional means of communication and be consistent. Even if it’s just once a week, maintaining frequency will keep readers engaged and create lots of searchable content to get you found.

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Hot Topic Tuesday Marketing Webinar: Avoid a Death Valley Website

Listen to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2013/02/05/marketing-tip-of-the-week-no-death-valley-websites

Marketing Tip of the Day: Web Friendly Websites
No matter what the goal of your business’ website, personal blog or music site is, good design is essential to attracting viewers and keeping them interested. When designing your site, be sure to use clear navigation, avoid bright neon colors that disappear on white making it hard to read, and keep information clear, distinctive and short. Every word counts so you’ll want your text filled with rich key words that make sense without over stating your point. Since indexing web crawlers don’t recognize images, use only important images and make sure they are tagged in their saved titles. If you help your customers get what they want without overwhelming them, you will succeed in creative a web site where buyers and readers will be back for more. Want to see a great web site rich in key words, tagged photos and content? Check out the A.V.A Live Radio this month charting a hefty 41,000+ total page views on the site.

Marketing Tip of the Day : The Power of Permissions
Don’t underestimate the value of permissions marketing. In todays competitive online playing field, if you don’t get permission to be one of the select companies to contact a customer, your marketing strategy will go now where. As people get more computer savvy, spam filters and online viewer tolerance for the uninvited is reaching an all time high so if you want to get in touch with your people, be sure to get permission and spend time making every email count because we are only as interesting as our last email.

Marketing Tip of the Day: Measure Your Social Media Success
If you are using social media to promote your project, blogs, business or music you’ll want to make sure that your efforts are reaching a level of success. In order to measure your level of social media success on any of your posts, you’ll want to pay attention to your audience and their activity. That involves keeping track of how many followers you have and how often they share your content, enter a contest, or post a comment or review; it’s a clear sign of what resonates with your audience and more importantly what doesn’t. You should also compare popular times when most people are online and judge the responses accordingly. Over all, an increase in these numbers leads to better awareness about what your promoting.

Marketing Tip of the Day: No Death Valley Websites
Are you keeping your web site content up to date? Not staying up-to-date with news, blogs, etc is Death Valley for a web site. When you’re active on Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly updating stuff and doing more than enough. But if someone goes to your site and sees your last entry was posted over a year ago, they’re going to think you’ve got nothing going on and have abandoned your web page. If your actively working on your craft, there are always things to talk about. Think about adding a blog style profile page that links or feed to your front page and shares directly to your social media platforms. This way, you can post your updates on your web site first and share to social media from there like a spider web. Remember your social media pages do not belong to you and can be taken down at any time so start building your web site subscriber list now.

Marketing Tip of The Week: Take A Shot At Direct Marketing

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