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A.V.A Live Radio Interview with Eddie Heller from Toxic Box

Toxic_boxJacqueline JaxJAX: How did you get your start in music?
Eddie: To be honest, I’ve been involved with music as long as I can remember. We had a baby grand piano in our home growing up and my parents have pictures of me as an infant sitting on my dad’s lap playing. My dad is an accomplished piano player and the 1st recollection I have of playing is around 4 or 5 years old. I played clarinet in elementary school and in 7th grade drums became my main instrument. By high school and college I was playing guitar and bass as well. I was a terrible candidate for music lessons – I had ADHD and had trouble concentrating. Luckily, playing by ear came easy to me. I’m not a virtuoso on any instrument (nobody is paying money to watch me perform on a specific instrument – lol) ……. my strengths are creativity/songwriting, a metronome sense of timing, and hopefully a well rounded appreciation of everything that goes into a song.

JAX: Pick one of your songs and tell me the story behind it. What’s the song about? Is there a back story about how it was written or recorded?
Eddie: Credit Card Song – this is the 1st song I submitted to you. In answering the question, it’s best to answer the 1st part last. I suppose that most artists come up with a story line and develop the music around that. For whatever reason, I typically have no idea of the meaning of the song until I write the beat/hook/melody. Even after the music has been written, the lyrics are not motivated by a specific story or feeling, rather the sounds of the words and how they fit into the syncopation or groove. I remember hearing a quote from John Lennon (my favorite song writer) stating that he would write the music and throw in words that didn’t necessarily mean anything, but sounded like they musically fit in the song. He laughed, and stated that folks thought he was a lyrical genius when in fact the opposite was true. I always found that amusing.

In Credit Card Song, I wrote the riff 1st, then the chorus. I imagined rapping during the verse, but knew that I’d have to reach out to a “professional” to get the dramatic effect that was desired. There was no name for the track – we had to label the song for a rough draft recording and someone in the band blurted our Credit Card Song (probably for lack of anything else). Bill Curtis, our singer, ran with the theme of Credit Card and wrote the lyrics. The song is about how a drug addict finances their habit on credit, but the credit is a metaphor for the user’s body/mind and not actual money. Just like irresponsibly using and maxing out a credit card, the drug addict abuses their body and mind now and pays for it later when everything falls apart

My producer came up with the idea of recording the whole song minus the verse/rap and having a contest with a small financial prize. He submitted the unfinished track (with the theme we were shooting for) to 3 rappers he had worked with. Each submitted their interpretation and we selected Kezo from Northern California. We did some final mixing and were finished. It was a fun process. One thing I love about writing and recording is that each song has a different journey to completion and you never know what direction you’re headed.


JAX: What’s the music scene like in your town? Places to go? Tell me about one fun thing you like to do?
Eddie: I live in the DC area. My take is that on a macro scale it is about average, in line with other large cities. Nobody is leaving other big cities and coming here to make it big. That being said, there are many local bands, both original and cover, that have emerged locally. There are musical mini scenes and shows from different genres of music that would satisfy anyone’s live music preferences. I love watching live music, whether it be an acoustic set at a suburban coffee house or a national act at the 9:30 club downtown

JAX:  Have you found any challenges that you’ve had to overcome on social media? And is there any technology that has helped you engage with your fans?
Eddie: All of us are creative, but don’t really have the time to develop awesome media. We all have full time jobs and like to spend available time playing/writing music. There is so much great technology available. We’re currently working on a full album – when we’re finished, we’ll hire a manager who hopefully will take advantage of every available outlet to maximize our exposure

JAX: But even with social media… Why do you think it’s so hard for indie artists to break into the mainstream big markets?
Eddie: The industry has really changed ……. I think mostly for the better. You are right. The negative about the industry, in it’s newest form, is that money & Corporate interests make it hard for indie’s to break through into the mainstream big markets. The positive is that technology has enabled more people to hear more artists. Creative platforms, like yours, have sprouted up and enabled artists like myself (who admittedly doesn’t have their marketing act together) get some exposure. I’ve submitted songs through internet portals and some are even being pitched for network shows. Many songs you hear in important places were recorded in basements from artists who don’t have an “industry” appearance. This probably wasn’t possible years ago. I’m looking at the glass half full here

JAX: Every true artist has a creative journey they hope for, what is the legacy you want to leave? How do you want to be remembered for your music?
Eddie: At it’s core, music is subjective. There is no such thing as a good song or bad song. I like music that moves me. It’s different for every listener. I’d like people to be moved by my music, but I know that’s not guaranteed.

JAX: Artists who seek to make their art a career often face challenges that question their sense of purpose and creativity.. What is your experience with negative energy? How do you remove the monetary value as a means of influence over or judgement of your art?
Do you find that there is to much emphasis on the current market or Is there a balance that you have found helpful in your artistic decisions?
Eddie: Music is not my career (how I pay the bills) yet. I try to see the good in everyone/thing so I don’t experience much negative energy. Great questions by the way – I’ve never actually sat down and thought about it, but monetary value and current market actually do influence me ……. but only slightly. When I write a song I typically focus on a beat, hook, and melody/chorus. I never think about money or current market standards when doing this. However, when the song goes into production, I do keep in mind the potential marketability of the track. One of my foremost objectives is to be a professional musician (full time) and right now I am not. In order to accomplish this I need to have a balance between creativity and the reality of market expectations

JAX: Are you religious? Do you believe in fate? (Whatever is meant for you will come your way?) Do you believe that if you think positively and imagine yourself being that person, living a certain way or enjoying something you’ve always wanted you can bring it to you.
Eddie: I’m not religious, per say, but am spiritual in that I feel connected to people. I don’t believe in fate (things are predestined to come your way). I do believe that thoughts, be them negative or positive, have a tremendous influence over the way we are. I always try to stay positive, keeping in mind that unavoidable unpleasant things happen. I try to always be nice to others and smile a lot. That being said, everyone has a bad day now & again

JAX: What are you most thankful for?
Eddie: Honestly, and not to sound too corny, the typical stuff – family, friends, relationships, creative journeys. Oh yea, and my other vices – football, basketball, hockey, weight lifting, comedy, comedy, and more comedy. Did I mention music

JAX: Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
Eddie: I wish I was more specifically goal oriented, but I’m not. Loosely, I’d like to be a full timer in music. I’d love to be performing my songs in front of thousands of people. I hope that happens, but I honestly enjoy the creative process and interaction with my band mates, producer, other musician friends. If it takes me to the next level, then icing on the cake !!!!!

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Toxic Box:
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{Secrets of Success} Digging Deep For Interviews

Jacqueline_Jax_avalive_radioI interview artists and entrepreneurs weekly for the station and am amazed at how many people spend so little time on their interviews. I’ll start by sending them about 10 questions to help them create a story about themselves and their work and am often disappointed in the responses. Although entrepreneurs typically have a lot of interview savvy, giving up lots of personal stories and playful accounts about how they interact with their business and the people in it, Artists take the longest to respond and often hold back every aspect of what makes them interesting to the readers. Amazing to me, since entertainers  should be able to entertain. Today’s music artist seems guarded and scared of revealing those wonderful frailties that make their stories so unique, interesting and relatable.

Recently, I received an interview back from an artist after several weeks filled with vague one sentence answers that offered no details. They had flattened their lives so senselessly that if I would have posted the interview, people may have unsubscribed from our web site and at the very least taken a pass on the artist no matter how talented they were.

My point of telling you this story is to enlighten and hopefully inspire you to pay more attention to how you present yourself to people. It’s important to build a consistent story line of how you started expanding into the many wonderful experiences that brought you to where you are today. That’s what makes you unique and interesting to people. To further, illustrate this idea, I thought I would share one of my letters with you so you can benefit from the perspective.

(The artists name has been excluded to protect the innocent as they learn how to perfect their interviewing skills.)

Jacqueline Jax:  Hello _____,
Yes, we are all very busy with multiple projects and jobs. I myself run 3 companies and still make the time to do these interviews for wonderful artists like yourself. I can’t impress upon you the importance of investing yourself in everything you do, especially when it promotes something you work so hard for.

I do a magazine interview every week for one network or another and have found that those interviews about me really work together to paint a full picture of my journey. People decide through these interviews if they want to know more about me. #1 artists and entertainers at the top of their game, spend time from 7-10am of every morning interviewing with multiple people and radio stations regardless of their late night activities or long work hours. . It’s a huge part of this business and being successful.

Thanks for your answers but please go back and expand.  We have discovered that content is the key to great search engine listings. If you could expand a bit on each of your answers, I think they would be more engaging and readers may be more interested in relating to you.

Quick and vague answers tell the reader nothing about who you are and what you stand for.

Isn’t that  one of the goals in doing the  interview to begin with?  We want you to get the most out of your interview with us so please take another pass at it and tell a little story or two about yourself by answering the how, why and the when of each question.

Do your best, this article will hold a valuable piece of internet real estate for many years to come with your name on it so make it a story that counts outlining the experiences that brought you to who you are today.

Best to you always,
Jacqueline Jax
Radio Show http://www.AvALiveRadio.com

AShley Moskos Birthday Party_0074

Celebrity Bash: Host Jacqueline Jax Celebrates Ashley Moskos 16th Birthday Party

AShley Moskos Birthday Party Jacqueline JaxA.V.A Live Radio host Jacqueline Jax helps to celebrate Ashley Mosko’s 16th Birthday Party.

AShley Moskos Birthday Party_0073A beautiful pink paradise gala was held in South Florida last night as friends and family came together to celebrate Ashley Mosko’s 16th Birthday. The party held at Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale, was a night filled champagne and fun activities for guests of all ages. From henna tattoo’s to oxygen bars to a carnival size photo booth, Ashley’s guest enjoyed the bash into the late night hours with tunes from the top 10 hit list and dancers to teach them every move. Radio show host, Jacqueline Jax was on the scene bringing you pictures from inside Florida’s funnest celebrity weekend bash.

Jacqueline Jax with John and Laura

Jimmy Buffett St Somewhere Tour Ends in West Palm Beach Florida

tikibamboo tailgate jimmyBuffett 2014 Florida 43Jimmy Buffetts St. Somewhere Tour ended in West Palm Beach Florida on Saturday night (April 26, 2014.) and our host Jacqueline Jax was on the scene herself to get pictures of the event. An amazing set list included: Special Guests Jonathan Edwards and his daughter Grace performing “Sunshine” along leading into Grace singing “Imagine One Day” during the encore. The concert was filled with nods to favorite performers from Buffetts kick off song, Van Morrisons  “Brown Eye Girl” and finished off the show with Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” . Fans came from everywhere and it was incredibly packed with people left stranded outside at the Tailgate party with no tickets.

tikibamboo tailgate jimmyBuffett 2014 Florida 6Frank Talorico, (Owner Ocean Manor Hotel) hosted an awesome Bus and Mobile Tiki Bar tailgate party that began poolside at the Ocean manor hotel to celebrate Director of Operations, George Allans Birthday followed by  a bus ride moving the party to the show that was an absolute blast for it’s mix of local and  vacationing Buffett fans.

Jax George AllenHappy Birthday to George Allen (Director of Operations Ocean manor)

tikibamboo tailgate jimmyBuffett 2014 Florida 36The fans ranged in age from teens to good old Jimmy fans with a friendly lifes-a-beach attitude that felt like an ocean side version of woodstock filled with smiles, cheers and laughter. One of the most fun songs to experience on this night was “Fins”. Thousands of Shark fin wearing fans followed the Buffett Master with a left,right fin lean on every chorus. It was definitely a sight to see and an amazing energy to experience.

tikibamboo tailgate jimmyBuffett 2014 Florida 10See future tours: www.buffettworld.com/tourdates

Tortuga Music Festival 2014

2014 Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale Florida


Held on the white sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach in a beautiful oceanside setting, Tortuga Music Festival was a 22 hour multi-stage music concert held over the weekend (April 12- 13) featuring some of the biggest names in country, rock and roots music. Over 40,000 people were anticipated to come together to enjoy a virtual HD experience including interactive multi-cameras feeding multi-staged screens and social feeds alike. Social media was alive with pictures from the event and A.V.A Live Radio was there capturing all the fun.

The Performance Lineup
Luke Bryan- Eric Church -Hank Williams, Jr. -Train -Dierks Bentley -Brantley Gilbert -Sheryl Crow -Billy Currington -Slightly Stoopid -Ziggy Marley -38 Special -Brett Eldredge -Parmalee -Cole Swindell -Brett Dennen -Delta Rae -Eric Paslay -Moon Taxi -The Revivalists -White Denim -Frankie Ballard -Chase Rice -Brothers Osborne -Blackjack Billy -Sons of Fathers -Quaker City Night Hawks

Tortuga Music Festival 2014

Attendees were also treated to marine conservation exhibits and a portion of the ticket sales go to support ocean rescue groups.

Great Gatspy Party Ft Lauderdale Florida

{On The Town} host Jacqueline Jax at The Great Gatspy Party in Fort Lauderdale


People from all over the world enjoying the annual Yachting Industry Party with this years theme, The Great Gatsby. Radio Host Jacqueline Jax was on the spot to cover the event.

A.V.A Live Radio: Iron Chef Event for the Boys and Girls Club

Boys and girls club iron chef event_7Iron Chef Event for the Boy and Girls Club
A night of food and friends was enjoyed by all at the Iron chef event held at Hugh’s Catering to raise funds for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Jacqueline Jax from A.V.A Live Radio was there to cover the event. Special thank you to sponsor Tommy Hartmann for his generous donation to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and to all those who gave their time and money to make this event successful.

Boys and girls club iron chef event_9

Boys and girls club fort lauderdale iron chef_3

Boys and girls club fort lauderdale iron chef

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Dr_shino_bay_beauty_secrets_ava_live_radioMancini Modern Italian City SpotDr_Shino_Bay_Aguilera_birthday_bash Beach_2013_logo

A.V.A Live Radio Celebrates Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera’s Birthday Bash

Dr_Shino_Bay_Aguilera_birthday_bash Beach_2013_logoAll the stars were out and the sky stayed perfectly crystal clear for Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera’s 45th Birthday Beach Bash and Jacqueline Jax (Host of www.AvALiveRadio.com) was there bringing you pictures from the event. The celebration was held on the private beach in Fort lauderdale, Florida with a florescent dance floor centered right in the sand among glowing tables, leather ottomans and hundreds of white pillows. The white party went well into the night with friends dancing under the stars as cruise ships sailed through the port behind us. The entertainment was endless proving one thing for sure… Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera can throw one amazing party! And Shino, you really do hold the Secret’s to Anti-Aging because you look Ah-mazing!!







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Dr_shino_bay_beauty_secrets_ava_live_radioMancini Modern Italian City Spotstyle_diary_blondi_beach

Special Edition Report: Inside Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera’s New Laser Treatment Wing

Join Jacqueline Jax from A.V.A Live Radio for this special edition report, Inside Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera’s New Laser Treatment Wing.

Pronounced “Sheen-O”, world renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon, Cosmetic Laser Expert for his “Secrets to Looking Ageless and Keeping that Youthfull Glow”, Dr Shino Bay Aguilera is Dual Board certified with a Fellowship in Dermatology from the American College of Osteopathic Dermatology. With over 14 years of ongoing advanced training in lasers and Aesthetics. He is a clinical researcher, publisher, an Assistant Professor of Dermatology for five Universities and the top-requested International physician trainer and Keynote Speaker. Dr. Aguilera travels the world teaching physicians the proper use of the newest laser advances and cosmetic techniques and participates in FDA clinical trial studies for a leading global, laser manufacturer. He is called upon to determine the best treatment protocols to maximize the safety and efficacy of emerging technologies.

View our Sculptra Video here:

Dr. Shino bay: www.shinobayderm.com
Radio web site: www.AvALiveRadio.com
Host Jacqueline Jax: www.JacquelineJax.com

Jacqueline Jax Interviews Gordon Scott Venters, Corey Feldman and the cast of Exposure the Movie

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she interviews Gordon Scott Venters the cast of Exposure the Movie filmed in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida. Gordon Scott Venters stops by to tell us about his vision and actors talks about their experience. Staring Corey Feldman, Barry Jay Minoff, Alexis Martinez, Jolyne Lowery, Pleasant Wayne

Jacqueline Jax interviews Corey Feldman about his new movie Exposure, produced by Gordon Scott Venters filmed in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida. his career and music. Find out how he feels about his career and what projects he’s been up to this year. Exposure the movie

See photo’s: (Click here)

A.V.A Live Radio Searches For The Voice

A.V.A Live Radio is searching for Talent for “The Voice”
The Best Voices will be invited to a private audition in Miami December 8th & 9th, 2012.
If you are an unsigned artist, a US resident at least 15 years old or older and you want to audition here’s how.

1) Follow us on Twitter.com/AVALIVERADIO
2) Tweet us your best live singing video
Example: @JACQUELINEJAX @AVALIVERADIO The Voice Video Audition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtSU9qVS7JA&feature=share&list=UU_FpDM9rotfVSHSov8kUzYw

Best of luck! Jacqueline Jax- Host of A.V.A Live Radio

**Second Audition  will be in the following cities:  Chicago, Nashville, Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Seattle NYC or LA.

Jacqueline Jax Interviews Gordon Scott Venters, Corey Feldman and the cast of Exposure the Movie

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she interviews Gordon Scott Venters the cast of Exposure the Movie filmed in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida. Gordon Scott Venters stops by to tell us about his vision and actors talks about their experience. Staring Corey Feldman, Barry Jay Minoff, Alexis Martinez, Jolyne Lowery, Pleasant Wayne

Jacqueline Jax interviews Corey Feldman about his new movie Exposure, produced by Gordon Scott Venters filmed in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida. his career and music. Find out how he feels about his career and what projects he’s been up to this year. Exposure the movie

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A.V.A Live Radio Host Jacqueline Jax at the Atlantic Hotel

Radio Host Jacqueline Jax enjoys a fun night at The Atlantic Hotel, Fort Lauderdale.
“This location is gorgeous with ocean front views and a beautiful veranda that wraps around the first floor. I had a terrific time enjoying the rain out on the ocean front before meeting up with friends for dinner. It was an extra special surprise bumping into some friends that I haven’t seen in years having cocktails at the hotel. An incredible seafood dinner was served outside tonight over looking the ocean. We took alot of photo’s and ended up hanging out for hours. What a great Friday night. I love the unexpected good times! Those are always the most memorable. Xoxo, Jax

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Celebrating a Birthday….

Host of A.V.A Live Radio, Jacqueline Jax celebrated her birthday among friends and family at during opening week of Thasos Greek Taverna in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Many thanks to Sophia Mylona and her family for making sure we had such a wonderful time on your busiest night.

Check out her Birthday week in pictures (Click here)


I Love A.V.A Live Radio Viddy Challenge

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You can do it by yourself, with your friends, with your fans, or even stand on stage and get your fans to say it with you. Get as creative as you like… Even use props or signs… As long as you say…  “I(we) love A.V.A Live Radio” somewhere in that 10 seconds, we’ll release it over our network of followers and you’ll get all that exposure just from having some fun.  So get moving on this because we can’t wait to share your viddy with our fans. And YES you can send us as many as you like so keep that video camera with you and send away. Send your video to: avalive@americanvocalacademy.com

Dr Shino Bay & Jacqueline Jax

Sincerest Thank you to Dr Shino Bay Aguilera

Message from Show Host : Jacqueline Jax

Dear Friends,

I can’t tell you enough how your overwhelming support has helped me get through my illness. I have loved all the letters and sweet wishes that you guys have sent to me over the past few month. I wanted to give you a little update on my recovery. Yesterday, I was visiting Dr Shino Bay Aguilera’s office in Fort Lauderdale for an examination on my leg. From the minute I went in Jake and Alex were so sweet and concerned about my health. It’s always a pleasure to see them with their brilliant smiles and open arms. Dawn (Cosmetic consultant) listened carefully to my story and personally walked me through all my options from skin care treatments for balancing and cleansing after the heavy doses of antibiotics to things that can be done to speed the leg wound healing and then erase the scar. You will adore Dawn, she’s always so charming. I also spoke with Amy (P.A.) extensively about skin peals for my face and what I can expect as the wound heals.

When I saw Dr Shino Bay Aguilera, I was greeted with a big warm hug and smile. After examining my leg, he said the wound is healing well and I am very lucky to have recovered so quickly. Even better news is that he has a procedure that will speed the repair and hopefully make my scar disappear. I’m going to be mapping out the weekly progress for you so you can see just how wonderful Dr Shino Bay Aguilera and his team are. They are the most kind and compassionate people I have ever been involved with and I am so happy that he and his staff are helping me to heal.

Love you guys,

Step 1: Dr Aguilera used a red light therapy on my leg for 15 minutes that will speed the healing. I had to wear metal glasses that protect my eyes from the rays in the room but the treatment was totally painless and relaxing. I’ll be back in about 1 week for another treatment and will be reporting back as my therapy continues every step of the way.. At the end of the journey, I’ll post a before and after picture of my leg.

Read about the procedures: http://www.shinobayderm.com/laser_scar_prevention.html

Dr Shino Bay Aguilera: http://www.shinobayderm.com/doctor.html

My last video interview with Dr Shino Bay Aguilera