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{JAX REPORT} Episode 1 :: Latest Update & What Inspires You?

Thanks for joining me this morning for the Jax Report where we share a cup of coffee and talk about things like new artists, branding and marketing tips, hot topics from our social media pages, and a little inspiration to start your day.

Tweeted this morning Lily Karlin huffingtonpost :Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out Against Botox, Reveals An Even Larger Cultural Problem.
Jennifer Aniston’s comment on how our society is expected to fight aging to the point of extremes. I agree that we should try to take care in our appearance to look our best but I do think that embracing your most natural look is better for your self confidence. I’ve seen both men and woman put so much stuff in their faces that they look unnatural and masked yet still feel insecure. It’s like a trap and becomes an obsession.

I still love Dr Shino Bay Aguilera’s preventative approach to anti-aging.

For Up coming events this week I have :

1) The Jax Couture home shopping show is already in gear with 3 ways to style your Hawaiian print Vacationwear.

Next on the show: I’ll be featuring Seattle Artist and close friend Milan Heger’s Musician series “Conversations with Ego” on the Jax couture home shopping show this Sunday. You can catch the show on and the show will also be syndicated on . (John Lennon) shop:

2) Photo shoot today for three new tops launching in my Blondi Beachwear collection. Be sure to catch some behind-the-scenes photos on my Instagram today at Jacqueline Jax. Http://

3) Starting Monday, I’ll be launching a British invasion on A.V.A Live Radio featuring some fantastic artists coming to you from the Liverpool music scene. There’s already a trailer on that series on YouTube if you want to check it out. (View trailer)

4) My latest interview with New artist 20 year old Irish singer songwriter Josh Cormican is already up on our web site sharing his story with you. He has just finished recording and producing a 4 track EP titled “Little Boy” . This artist is currently looking for management so be sure to keep your eye on him if your interested and get in touch by sending us an email at (preview his video)

5) Today’s question of the day has already been posted on our web site:
Question: In today’s world of hurdles, how do you keep the artist inside alive and inspired?

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. When she’s with you, all is good in the world. But when she disappears it can be frustrating and even scary at times. As a working artist, I have found myself uninspired many times. But when it prevents me from getting important things done, it can be a real issue. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s very important to know myself and discover what motivates me so I can keep my creative juices flowing.

Join in the conversation on .. What inspires you?
I’d love to hear from you.

Let me leave you with some Inspiration of the day from:
Jacqueline Kawarsky facebook “The true definition of a fighter is someone who doesn’t give up when circumstances get tough”.

I totally agree, for those of you who feel that life’s got you beat right now, remember that life lessons are to educate you and hopefully make you a more compassionate human. You only know how strong you are once challenged, so get through it and pay it forward. I promise you that you are only sent what you can handle.

Leave me a question for tomorrow’s show below or tweet me @jacquelineJax #JAXDAILY @AVALIVERADIO

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{Secrets of Success} Get The Scoop on Pay Per Click Advertising From The Users

Jacqueline Jax Host and Branding Specialist A.V.A Live Radio
Click on image for more articles by Jacqueline Jax

Have you often wondered if pay per click would work for you? In order to feed my curiosity I took a poll by asking a bunch of our community members in different businesses what they thought of pay per click advertising. Their insights were very helpful and illuminating.

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{Secrets of Success} Digging Deep For Interviews

Jacqueline_Jax_avalive_radioI interview artists and entrepreneurs weekly for the station and am amazed at how many people spend so little time on their interviews. I’ll start by sending them about 10 questions to help them create a story about themselves and their work and am often disappointed in the responses. Although entrepreneurs typically have a lot of interview savvy, giving up lots of personal stories and playful accounts about how they interact with their business and the people in it, Artists take the longest to respond and often hold back every aspect of what makes them interesting to the readers. Amazing to me, since entertainers  should be able to entertain. Today’s music artist seems guarded and scared of revealing those wonderful frailties that make their stories so unique, interesting and relatable.
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{Artists Corner} In today’s world of hurdles, how do you keep the artist inside alive and inspired?

Jacqueline_jax_inspirationQuestion: In today’s world of hurdles, how do you keep the artist inside alive and inspired?

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. When she’s with you, all is good in the world. But when she disappears it can be frustrating and even scary at times. As a working artist, I have found myself uninspired many times. But when it prevents me from getting important things done, it can be a real issue. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s very important to know myself and discover what motivates me so I can keep my creative juices flowing.

What inspires you?
I’ve learned that my inspiration is driven by several things.
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Marketing Tip of the Day: Visualizing Your Dreams For Success and Having Faith In Yourself

success secrets from entrepreneur Jacqueline JaxIn speaking with many successful entrepreneurs concerning how they conquered their greatest challenges and fulfilled their dreams, there is one thing that they all have in common. This common characteristic is more of a personality trait than a skill. It is something that can be learned and can be easy practiced every single day. The one thing that they all have is FAITH.

Faith can be a fairly abstract concept for some people to wrap their heads around because it’s so easily lost. There will be days when you wake up with faith and one thing happens two hours later that derails your faith in yourself sending you spiraling into negativity. It’s a concept that’s fragile because the human mind is powerful and susceptible to outside influences.

But with our powerful minds, we can do great things. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “What you can visualize, you can materialize”. Continue reading


Marketing Tip of the day: Ideas for Making Your Products and Brand More Memorable

Have you ever wondered why some products go viral and some just don’t get any attention? Here are six ideas discussed in Maria Forlios video interview to help you get the insider information.
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Marketing Tip of the day: 3 Steps To Building Stronger Brand Awareness

Jacqueline-Jax-ShowDid you join us on yet? Maybe it’s time you joined the page so you won’t miss out on our conversation and daily social media marketing inspiration. Our tips keep you from getting lost and give you that daily direction for building a better facebook page that’s rich with content and more responsive readers.  – JAX

Think about what benefits your Brand
How do we improve passion behind our brand: Avoiding a break in the chain.

The passion of the company founders for their brand is typically transferred to their employees and thus the customer. This energy must be transferred daily through each persons actions and constancy. But with that said, if any person in that company chain isn’t carrying the energy forward, that will cause a break in the chain. I will go through more on this in later discussions, but first here are 3 initial steps to building a stronger brand awareness.

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Marketing Tip of the day: Framework for Creating a Stronger Internal Business Brand

Jacqueline-Jax-ShowDid you join us on yet? Maybe it’s time you joined the page so you won’t miss out on our conversations. Monday through Friday we give you daily social media marketing inspiration. Our tips keep you from getting lost and give you that daily direction for building a better facebook page that’s rich with content and more responsive readers.  – JAX

Marketing Tip of the day: Framework for Creating a Stronger Internal Business Brand

Step 1: DEFINE
Define what makes your organization unique, and what values you represent. Define the target audience for your products or services and gain an understanding of what this audience needs from your organization.

Step 2 : VALUE
Define the value you are delivering to your customers; what business problems do you hope to solve with your product or services? Identify any gaps between what is truly valuable to your customers and how you internally define your brand.

Expand your focus group to include a range of customers, business partners and other important colleges. How does their experience with your company differ from your brand definition? Or is it consistent?

Most importantly identify gaps between how you define your brand and your business strategy. Is there a close alignment between what you believe your organizations represents and what will ultimately help achieve revenue. Check your quality. If you champion a particular element of your brand but don’t relay that consistently, then you would notice a gap between your brand and busin

Developing a simple brand framework will help you clearly articulate what your business strategy is striving to achieve. A creative team can work with the company employees to develop this framework and identify all the opportunities that your brand can be communicated through creative design and application.

Notes: Engaging the brand and relaying the experience: Do the employees relay the company brand to the customer through their actions, performance and daily connections?
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Hot Topic Tuesday: Getting More Traffic To Your Web Site

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Secrets of Success:: Changes To Facebook and Social Media That Will Effect Your Traffic


AVA_Facebook_Jacqueline_JaxChanges to facebook that will effect your reach and traffic:

Typically it’s a common practice to post different times per day on facebook so that you can increase the amount of people seeing your postings, but recently I discovered an article that facebook is making changes to the way that a post is being seen. Business pages are going to have to purchase adds in order to be seen by more than 1-6% of their followers in the news feed. Not fair perhaps, however it goes without saying that it is their prerogative to do so. I have always said that it’s best to build up our own mailing list, work directly from your own web site and never rely on only 1 form of social media for traffic. It’s best to remember that you don’t own those social media pages that you signup for and they can change the rules at any time. This article just adds fuel to the fire.  Facebook is making moves and changes in one way to filter to much spam and reposting, but in another to make money. You should be aware of the changes in the game and adjust your strategy accordingly.

A better plan for using Social Media to market your products

Want to hear about a better plan for marketing your goods? Let me walk you through my Sunday morning research as a guide line for a longer lasting marketing strategy. Learn more about the different social media platforms and why they may be a perfect fit for your business marketing plan.

Start with your own web site:

You own your web site and all the content on it so doesn’t it make more sense to focus on improving the content on your own web pages first? Listen to my latest show where I talked with web design specialist and SEO adviser Hector Torres from about creating better SEO friendly content and how to tag your content so the search engines can recognize it. Listen to the show and read the notes:

Discover which social media platforms are best for your business.

Not all platforms are equal and not all will get your products in front of the right group of people. Some are heavier with female buying traffic, some are just for building better brand awareness and others are great to let people know more about the face behind the brand. It’s best to identify what you want to accomplish and then start using the right social media platform to achieve your goal.


If you sell fashion or beauty products, Pinterest is terrific to get your message out there because its heavy on female traffic already searching for those things. Very expensive paid advertising is on it’s way and has already been tested but 83 percent of “pinners” are women, compared to 53 percent of Facebook users and 49 percent of Twitter users.  Women are more likely to interact with brands on social media, and they buy more online.


is a powerful visual platform that has the potential of reaching a viral amount of new people quickly depending on your message and how interesting your make your video. But it’s no easy task to creating something that will go viral. Instead of focusing on trying to create viral videos, you should dedicate your efforts to catering specifically to your target audience.  For instance, I just started a Home shopping show segment on AVA LIVE RADIO to talk about fashion  and style to my fashion clients on a visual platform that is easily seen. I’m not thinking about how to make the video’s go viral, I’m thinking about providing the best and most fashion informative content I can that will solve style issues. By answering my customers common fashion problems, I have the best chance at not only getting viewed by current clients but appealing to new ones as well. Check out the show if your curious:


is an ongoing- in the moment conversation where you can reach out to people and actually get a reply on breaking news or announcements. But you really have to follow the trends and be quick to act on what people are searching for. I found a helpful twitter tips article from Entrepreneur magazine that may help you get in the game . I especially loved what they said about : “Save the sales pitch. Don’t get caught up in using Twitter as a selling tool. Instead, use it to increase customer loyalty and offer valuable information to your followers. Overmarketing will merely leave a sour taste in followers’ mouths, and you may even end up losing them if their feed gets too clogged with too many promotions. Be viewed as a resource, not a door to door .” salesperson.


is great to let customers get to know the people behind the brand. It’s not a place for spamming and just like I said at the beginning of this article, major changes have already been made to how your posts get filtered. So be sure to read the article I linked up and stay subscribed to us here at A.V.A Live Radio to stay up to date.  Basically, as I have researched, you’ll want to portray your business in a friendly, “sociable” manner, as a place where customers are treated well and “everybody knows your name.” Almost any business can benefit from having a Facebook page. But Facebook isn’t about selling. Great information to keep in mind..


is a business to business connection platform where people are gathering resources and contacts for their businesses. It’s a great place to establish your credibility in your industry among your piers. “When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, is shared with their trusted network and has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled.” .. There are some awesome articles about linked in that I have gathered for you at the bottom of the page if your interested.


This image dominant platform is fun to use but from a “marketing perspective, the community’s enthusiastic fan base and built-in social aspects make it an ideal place to connect with potential customers and build brand recognition. ”
I enjoyed learning about these 3 tips to getting more likes on imgaes:  Keep it cool: Photos dominated by blues and other cool colors tend to garner more likes while photos with warmer oranges and reds do worse.
Master monochrome: The more dominant a single color is on an image, the more likes it could get. Pictures dominated by a single hue receive 40 percent more likes than those that don’t.
With color, less is more: It can be tempting to ratchet up the vibrancy, flooding your image with color to make it stand out. But in today’s overstimulated world, bright and vibrant colors can get lost. The proof is in the data: Curalate says less saturated images receive 18 percent more likes than their mover vibrant counterparts.

Start a Mailing List:

Although you may think it’s old hat, a good old mailing list still works miracles at getting your message and offers directly to your customers. Use Mailchimp or an opt in subscription signup on your blog to collect those emails and stay in touch with those who want to hear from you. Keep your content fresh, updated and in motion. Make sure you are always competitive in price and offering incentives for people to visit often, don’t spam your followers but set up a consistent weekly schedule they can count on with fresh daily content on your web pages. If you want to compare the top 3 mailing list providers, I linked an article for you below.

I certainly hope that my research this morning helped you to get up to speed on the social media platforms and how to use them. There are more great articles linked for you below. I really hope you will subscribe to the web site today so you can join me again as I continue to share what I learn with you every Sunday morning and of coarse with my featured interviews during the week right here on AVA LIVE RADIO. – Jacqueline Jax

More Info to help you:
How To Market Your Brand Effectively Part 1:

How To Market Your Brand Effectively Part 2:


Have a Blog? Linkedin Wants Your Copy:

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Business Linkedin Page:

17 Must-Have Features on Your LinkedIn Profile

A Look at Three E-Mail Newsletter Tools

10 Reasons Your YouTube Videos Aren’t Popular

Instagram Success: These Types of Images Drive the Most Engagement

The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram

Secrets of Success Wordpress Website Design

{Interview} Secrets of Success: Advantages to a WordPress Website, SEO Tips & Getting Views

Secrets of Success WordPress Website DesignListen in now:

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she sits down with WordPress Website Design expert Hector Torres ( about the advantages of having a wordpress web site. Topics will also include SEO Tips of the trade for the best results, the most important things to have on your web pages, and how to get more views. If you want or have your own website, product page or blog, you don’t want to miss this show.

best-free-wordpress-themesSome of the topics that will be discussed are:
Why do we recommend using WordPress for a website?
Easy to use for novice users.

What’s the difference between using self hosted and fully hosted Experiment with with a limited web page that works terrific for bloggers but is limited when trying to sell products or using adwords. For a more advanced web site with additional features defiantly go with a self hosted web building styles: like sample:

Is WordPress just for blogging or can it be used for selling products and services?  No it can be used by anyone.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization success is all about content. Be sure to keep things fresh and think about key things like tagging, tiles and content.

1) Always use an H1 tag heading and subheadings somewhere inside your post to allow the search engines to identify your topics. Make sure to use them in order. (Heading 1, 2, 3..)
2) Use hyperlinks to other pages and posts related to your content. Never use (click here) instead type out the page title so the key words will help you to get better traction.
3) Add images to enhance your SEO listings. Make sure to use the ALT tag to describe your image. Be very descriptive including the key words only. You do not need to include unimportant words in the title like: the, and, with..

What are some important things to place on your pages and posts to improve your content and SEO? It’s important to create content that aligns with your topic. Identify your sub-niche and stick to it. Don’t diversify to much without adding menu or categories items to your web site frame. It’s very important to be organized with your content.

What are the differences between on-page SEO and off-page SEO?

idealocityLink to Know: : Get our Marketing Tip of the Day and connect with us Connect with us on twitter to share your content : Connect with host Jacqueline Jax : Hector Torres Idealocity Company page

Reverbnaton press kit

Kill the competition: How to Build Your Own Electronic Press Kit

Sample page:

Music industry professionals are loving the use of electronic press kits to not only see the full scope of an artists brand, presentation and fan response but to also to keep their offices clutter free. If you want to get serious about your music, add an electronic press kit to your promo plan. First impressions are everything when trying to get the attention of the music industry so make sure your press kit blows them away.

What to include:
A great press kit should include, your photos, music, story and fan demographics.

Where should you send it:
Press kits should be sent to labels, radio, online magazines, news papers, managers, venues and everyone else you want to get coverage from or do business with.

Who has the best deal?
I have shopped around for great deals on press kits for you and would recommend you check out Reverbnation. At only $5.95 for unlimited distribution, the tools and price for what they offer is unbeatable.

How easy is it to set up?
All you have to do is set up a free reverbnation page for your music or band and your account will ask you if you would like to automatically upgrade your account by adding options like: press kits, a music app, newsletters, distribution, etc. All you have to do is opt in for the press kit which you can cancel at any time should you feel your not using it or still not ready.

What are the advantages of the RPK (Reverbnation Press Kit)
As a bonus, you can opt in for opportunities to gain exposure for your music through Reverbnation and they will email you opportunities to submit your press kit to. I also like the way they automatically include all your goodies in very few clicks.

When do I need to get one?
You should get a press kit after your music is at its best, its available for sale, and you have built a strong and engaged fan base.

Here’s a page where you can get more Info when your ready:

Best of luck,
Jacqueline Jax
Host of


Links We Lovesecrets_to_successFast Track webinar


Marketing Tip of the Week: Facebook Wall Posting Status Ideas for Buisness and Pleasure

Jacqueline-Jax-ShowI have a great time with facebook because it’s so interactive. I’m on it daily and have experimented with a ton of fun ideas for posting. One of the things you have written in often about is what to post on your pages and although my book is coming out shortly filled with tons of ideas, I wanted to share a few with you today to get you started. – JAX
Want to discuss some ideas with me in person? Signup for my next webinar coming up : (

Monday: Marketing Tip of the Day: Caption Contest
Get your facebook friends thinking by putting up a photo on your page and letting them add their own caption. Offer a prize for the best caption. If you promoting music, then use a picture that goes with your song and offer a free download for the best caption. If your promoting a product, try a picture of you using or engaging with the product in some way to get an even more positive branding opportunity. Tag me in your contest so I can join in. @JacquelineJax @AVALIVERADIO

Tuesday: Marketing Tip of the Day: Think Outside of the Box
What’s the world talking about? We want our posts to be appropriate, professional, and interesting, but that doesn’t mean you have to confine every post to real estate tips, community events, and home improvement ideas. Sometimes, it’s good to take a second to think outside of the box of what you could post.One good way to do this is to sit down and think, “What is the world talking about?”

Meet another outside of the box thinker and listen to the story of How @Instacanvas went viral? My interview with Game Changer Interview CEO Matt Munson

Wednesday: Marketing Tip of the Day- Record a Video for facebook
Looking for a fresh idea for your facebook wall? People love videos — especially short videos that help answer a question. Remember: there are things you do without thinking that other people are struggling with. They need your help!
For more great tips….

Thursday: Marketing Tip of the Day:  Like Comment To Win Contest
I have a lot of fun with contests on my page. One of my favorites is to give a lyric hint of my upcoming cover song release and let people guess it for a prize. Other ideas that would drive traffic are – Like & Comment to Win . Since you’re giving away free gifts, why not make the best of it? To make your page look even more popular, you can organize a “Like & Comment to Win” contest. Basically, fans can both like & comment on the post to double their chances of winning. Be creative and just have fun with it.

Friday: Marketing Tip of the day: Become a Weekend Explorer
No matter what your doing, you can find something interesting in your surroundings to share. Take a picture, share a story, create a comment based on something that just happened. Today and through the weekend allow people to interact with you by sharing one piece of your day via a photo or comment. You’ll become a weekend adventurer just by taking a better look at the world around you and realizing that it’s interesting for people to see the world you live in if only for a short time. Tag AVA LIVE Radio in your weekend adventurer posts so we can join in your conversation.

You may just learn that connecting is easier than you thought. You may also like… 10 Tips for building a fab facebook page
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Hot Topic Tuesday: Getting More Traffic To Your Web Site


Marketing Tip of the Week: Social Media Marketing Mashup

Jacqueline-Jax-ShowIf you haven’t been keeping up with us on maybe it’s time you joined the page. Monday through Friday we give you daily social media marketing inspiration. Our tips keep you from getting lost and give you that daily direction for building a better facebook page that’s rich with content and more responsive readers. Here are last weeks tips! – JAX

Monday: Marketing Tip of the day: Get to Know Your Web Stats
Today’s a great day to review your stats. I never go a week without taking a look at how I’m doing. On my blogs, I have daily, monthly, weekly and yearly comparable stats showing me details like overall growth, traffic and what topics people liked the best. I even get to see what countries I’m being seen in. Stats are so important on facebook and your web pages because they help you get to know your readers and give you specific insight into how your doing. If you get good at reading your stats, they can also give you direction into what kinds of topics and media are performing the best. It’s all about what your readers want to see from you and keeping them happy is very important to your growth.

Tuesday: Marketing Tip of the Day: Don’t Procrastinate!!
Procrastinating about your dreams won’t make them go away. Neither will it make them happen. Don’t worry about making wrong decisions. Instead, worry about making no decision at all. Take time out to meditate on what you really want. Once a clear decision is made, the universe energies will immediately support your decision and doors will open guiding you with ways to reach your goal.

Wednesday: Marketing Tip of the Day- Get to know your most active users.
Give them Facebook-only special offers, showcase the one person furthest away, chose a fan of the month, tag specific people just to wish them happy birthday or say hello.
For more great tips….

Thursday: Marketing Tip of the Day: A little love goes a long way
Don’t hide your love away, like the old Beatles song goes. Let ‘em know you care! Make it a priority to make your customers’ day. Learn their names, their kids names, or about their dog. Invest in your relationship. Personalized emails and phone calls to see if they need anything will speak volumes – your clients will feel more like family, and it’ll give them something to talk about! Soon enough, word on the street will be that you’re the only one for them. (

Friday: Marketing Tip of the Day: Give back to your followers today.
Say hello and see what’s up in their lives for the weekend ahead?you may just learn that connecting is easier than you thought. You may also like… 10 Tips for building a fab facebook page
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Hot Topic Tuesday: Getting More Traffic To Your Web Site

Links We Love

Links We Love: Blogging Basics To Light Your Path


Style_diary_jacqueline_jaxAre you wanting to start a blog?
Do you have a blog and crave to make it better?
I’ve been blogging for years now and I speak from experience when I tell you that there is never a time when I don’t strive to make my blogs better. To really gain traction among all the thousands of bloggers out there, you have to create with a passion and always look for ways to improve. Here are some of my favorite link to help you create better blogs while still leaving you time to write with a passion. – JAX

1.  Top 10 Tips For Bloggers
Have you stopped to think how times have changed? Do you remember the days when you had to pay for any kind of online or news paper advertising? I remember reading an article in the New York Times in 2010 discussing the Internet’s phenomenon and the rise of amateur online bloggers in the media. In fact, Magazines, Designer, PR firms and traditional media are giving noted respect to top bloggers with invites to all the hottest events, free goodies and even hefty paychecks for their undivided attention. Even radio stations had to become Internet savvy with world wide online streams of their programming. And now hear I am, sitting at my desk overlooking the city with a cup of tea sharing my latest research with you in an era of “new media.” The Internet has changed the way we communicate and share information with each other. This change has created a new generation of highly intelligent and demanding people who want to be entertained. So if you want to draw attention to your products, music, services or web site, you have to evolve into what I like to call a high-bred web site. This kind of web site is interactive and rich in social media formatted content. Most importantly, it’s a web site that is updated with fresh fun content often. Weather your sharing photos, daily journals, music, jokes or reporting the latest fashions a blog is the method of choice to own your page and build a following. With that said, its important for you to understand the blogging basics. Here are my top 10 Blogging tips (

2. Writing Authentic Content for Your Blog, Website and Social Media Pages
I have found, the single most important concept to focus on when writing or expressing content for your blog, web site, youtube channel, or social media pages is to be “Authentic”. When you speak about something you feel passionate about, your most authentic voice comes out and that will make your posts far more interesting and effective. Here are some interesting things to keep in mind when striving to write authentic content…. (

3. 10 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros
No Matter How Small, Special Moments Light Our Path- Although small, meaningful moments cast a brilliant light on our lives that is strong enough to light our way. Use your facebook timeline or blog as a journal to share those meaningful moments that have made your journey special and tell us why they are and how you learned from them. If your writing about them on your blog, you’ll definitely your special friends to have easy access through social media.  (

4. {Links I Love} Best Links for Bloggers
Helpful tools that will aid in your success as you strive to be the best blogger you can be.  (

5. Darren Rowes: What Makes a Blog Successful
Great words that describe what makes a blog amazing. (

6. 10 Tips for Naming Your Fashion Blog
Before, during or after you may want to think about your blog name. I love this article that lays out the fundamentals. (

7. The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2013
To be the best, you must know the best. Don’t pattern yourself after someone who isn’t successful. So who’s the best you ask? I have a great list for you to check out. (

8. Is Your Business Guilty of Making These Blogging Mistakes?I’m always reading about what to do but rarely reading about what mistakes people make all the time. This article is a must read if you have a business blog. Hello reality!! (

The A.V.A Live Radio: How to Brand and Market your name using Search engine keywords, adwords, and facebook

AVA_Facebook_Jacqueline_JaxTune into the show now:

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gives you the hard truth about branding your name online using adwords, facebook and search engines. with questions answered from our audience.

Q: Benni Chawes – Website:
I just listen to you on youtube “Choosing a Successful Brand Name”. Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom!!! I’m REALLY in big doubt about my name….!!!
It’s absolutely special ‘Benni Chawes’ but gets misspelled a lot let alone mispronounced.
I’m a danish singer/piano player. I do jazz/soul/pop idiom ( and have been using that (birth) name for 8+ years now. I think I’m cutting of potential fans – or at least not getting out there as much as I could with that name. And that’s a shame – I LOOOOVE performing and sharing my music with them. When ever I perform world wide in all modesty people really love what I’m doing :-)
I also incorporate my vocal instruments into the show. With my voice I sound like the true guitar, drums, bass, and percussion.
I released an album (late 2006), have toured in 20+ countries, sponsored by prestigious Bang & Olufsen as the first musician ever, won awards and have opened up for Ray Charles. Can you guide me? How do I go about this? Help…!!!!! :-)
Thanks for reading all this ;-)
Bless you. Benni

A: First let me say thank you for tuning in and I’m really glad you asked this question. Our name is something we all agonize over especially when things don’t take off as quickly as anticipated. Here are a few things you should consider moving forward.

1) since this is your birth name no one can ever prevent you from using it even if they trademark it and unusual names can be great for search engine listings. If no one else has a name close to yours, then it should be pretty easy for you to command your spot in the searches and control what information represents you especially if you are able to own your domain, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other social media versions as well.

2) because your name is unusual, you will have to work on branding it to your audience. By branding I mean saying your name allowed often via interviews, video, podcasts, sound bites, etc. Also use your name in your logo and use it on every photo you release even on Instagram to imprint it further. For instance I always say my complete name in everything that I do and I rarely shorten or abbreviate.. “Jacqueline Jax” so people now call me by my my first and last name and as a result of all this branding over a few years, I am totally commanding my own name in the searches.

3) consider buying common misspelling .coms if you think it’s being done often and redirect those .coms to your web site. Also be sure to get all social media platforms in your name as they come out even if you don’t use them now, it helps to prevent competition before hand or fake profiles from being created. I also love the fact that many social media platforms command high search rankings if you update your page often, so make sure your content is streaming to those places as well.

4) Own it! Take pride in the name you’ve chosen and embrace it. If you appreciate it for the original reasons you selected the name, your customers and followers will also. You just have to find ways to connect the name to your product. You can do that with an image, tag lines, and content. Think about it, who would have thought that Pepsi or Shakira would have been memorable, now everyone knows it and recognizes the name and the product/ persons music.

Q: Is GoogleAdwords the best way to go? Or is there something better? Amy- Ohio
A: It will vary depending upon what type of website you have, what your target market is, and what you’re selling. Some businesses have great success with AdWords. For others, Facebook or Bing have shown better financial results. As with any advertising champagne be prepared because there is always a chance that your Pay Per click campaigns won’t be profitable at all? There are just to many factors that can effect your results so a trial and error period is necessary. When I first started promoting my clothing line on the web, I used Pay-per-click and found that my advertising budget got used up quickly with no sales conversions. Sure I got some traffic but what good do that do if I didn’t see any sales. I think it’s a numbers game, if you have a viral product then perhaps pay-per-click is something that can get you to the masses but new companies and music artists should beware of the cost verses the reward here. It’s a numbers game, if you don’t have lots of dollars to spend, use them on something else that will get the word out and leave an impression. The best advice I can offer, is test it for yourself on facebook before starting a campagne. Create several approaches and place them up during the morning, afternoon and evening with an image and see what sticks. Keep track of the likes, follow through rate and comments to see what works best for your products or service. Then once you have something that tests well, use that add or formula to create more. I’m still a fan of building true relationships over time and the loyalty that comes with caring about the customers you have rather than the anonymous numbers your hoping to attract. In other words, it’s about quality customers rather than quantity.

Q: How can I get the right customers to my website ? Tim – Australia
A: Attracting customers online has a lot to do with search engines. I would suggest creating a list of keywords to aim for. Cut down the # of keywords to target your quest. When you go out and try to rank for to many keywords you get lost. I suggest to start out with 5-7 keywords that you can rank for. To do this you want to use a tool like Google Keyword Planner which is free. Jot down a few of your keywords to see what the search results are. If they are to high (meaning lots of people search for it) then the competition to get to page 1 will take a longer time (and more money) where as something that gets smaller search results (but still brings targeted traffic) can be done sooner for less money. You also need to be aware that things like this are not done overnight. You’ve got to understand who your competitors are and what they are already doing. Once you know what they do to be on page 1 you do the same but better and smarter. Also remember like I said before, even if you bring in the traffic it does not guarantee any sales. Your website now has to reach out to them and make it easy and trustworthy for a new customer to buy. Another reason I like pursuing quality relationships rather than quantity of hit. You may want to show more of who is behind the scenes of your products. Meaning put up some pictures of the actual staff, you creating or how you perfect your craft. Make it easy for customers to see the price savings so they feel your prices are great as well. Since everything has already been done in some way before, you really need to be different and also have a MAJOR social media networker. Be innovative in putting yourself out there. Your website has to speak volumes to the traffic that visits and must convey honesty, trust and that you know your industry. It must look professional and accurately convey your brands message upon first glance with a fast page loading time and clarity. Otherwise they will just go to the big brands who they already trust and those hits won’t convert into sales.

Thanks for tuning in. If you have comments or questions, ask them here and I’ll answer them on the next show. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the “like” and “share” button if this was helpful.

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A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music Donations

A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music

A.V.A Live Radio :: WHO WE ARE
I’m Jacqueline Jax, producer and host of A.V.A Live Radio, “The Voice of the New Music Generation.”
is an indie radio station solely dedicated to helping the struggling independent artists in a new and innovative way. Our station not only provides new artists with a platform to tell their story, we get their music heard by finding just the right people to get the music in front of. From movies to management, we don’t only play the best independent artists from around the world, we are working hard behind the scenes to get their music heard by industry professionals who are already searching for movie sound tracks, indie artist tours, commercials, events, and recording contracts. In addition, A.V.A Live Radio also provides a mentoring program where artists give back to other artists, educational resources on the music industry as well as personal and business branding from industry professionals in our community to those who need help thru our Game Changers Series interviews. We are committed to staying a 100% Commercial FREE Radio station, free from censorship just like the independent artists we support.
Something that you may not be aware of is our mentoring program that happens behind the scenes. Every artist who submits music for airplay is reviewed and evaluated by knowledgeable music industry professionals for recording quality, vocal ability and creative originality. If an artist isn’t ready to go live, we provide them with an experienced mentor to help them with guidance. The amazing people who mentor for A.V.A Live Radio are all talented artists and music industry professionals happy to give back to our music community because they believe in our vision and know how important this step is to a new artist.
Artists need encouragement, knowledge, experience, and a place to grow. A place with no boundaries, no limitations, a place where they feel comfortable being themselves. As an artist myself, I have looked to surround myself with supportive people and consider myself very lucky to be a part if this amazing community that has gathered around the A.V.A. As the host of this amazing show, I have had the ability to see first hand what this station has brought to new artists over the three years we have been working towards this vision and I know that we make a difference in people’s lives and I believe that this station has the capabilities to help people all over the world on levels of education, inspiration, creativity, culture, and community. I am so excited to see you all become a part of our A.V.A Live Radio Team.
Producing a weekly completely uncensored independent show is not easy. With your generous donations, we have been doing it successfully for 3 solid seasons and we are currently setting a goal to triple our programming. That means we will be opening up more live show slots to interview amazing people like yourself live on syndicated radio. All we need is a donation from you. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our show or joining our exclusive list of creative and talented featured guests, now’s your chance to do it up in style and really make a difference!
Our active community of creative people from all around the world is expanding every day but keeping all these amazing free services going takes equipment and resources. Now that we have perfected our process, it’s time to ask for your help. As this is about to be our 4th year anniversary, I’m asking for you to join me in our quest to make a difference with a small donation listed below.
This is an amazing cause and as you know we are dedicated to encouraging and supporting YOUR Dreams and Aspirations. The A.V.A is behind you all the way!!! Thank you for supporting us.


All donations are appreciated. You can choose to remain anonymous to our other members or be honored with one of our featured Sponsor gifts below. Our sponsor gifts are specially selected to feature your talent and business in the best possible way with the most exposure on our network.

$25: A 25 second “Shout Out” on our show. You can send us a message or we can read it for you on our next show. Use this “Shout Out” to announce your business, news, event or even a personal message to your friends. You can even get creative and record you own and we will play it for you on our show.

$35: Become a Music Member: For your donation you’ll receive a featured artist interview article with Q & A section posted on our web site including pictures, links to your web and social media pages, and 1 video link, 1  soundcloud link to your music, and a spotify player if your music is available. This package also includes: press package distribution. This is perfect for the music artist who wants to get their music in front of venues, management, labels, movie industry professionals, and other important industry professionals who can help take your career to the next level. One of our consultants will work with you on fine tuning your press package and once refined, we will personally present it to our huge network of industry professionals we have connected with all over the world. These people are actively seeking new talent for all kinds of projects and this is your ticket to connect with them through our program. We want to become an intricate part of your team and have designed this system to help you succeed. (See sample)

$50: Go Silver for more visibility!! : this package includes all of the previous packages plus++ :: 2- 25 second “Shout Outs”  on our show to announce your business, news, event or even a personal message to your friends. You can even get creative and record you own and we will play it for you + a banner add for 3 months on our website linking back to your page + A featured artist interview article including a page on our web site with pictures, links to your web and social media pages, and 2 video links or 2 soundcloud links to your music. (See sample)

$100: Go Gold! this package includes all of the previous packages plus+++ ::4 -25 second “Shout Out” on our show to announce your business, news, event or even a personal message to your friends. You can even get creative and record you own and we will play it for you + rotating banner adds for 6 months on our website linking back to your page + a featured artist interview article including a page on our web site with pictures, links to your web and social media pages, and up to 3 video links or a soundcloud player with links to buy your music. (See sample)

$200: Go Platinum! You will receive all the items from all of our packages + in addition be listed on 4 featured episodes as an official sponsor of our show and have your banner adds on our main web site running for 12 months. We also work hard at building your social media pages with our community members and involve you in our “Links to Love” posts. (See sample: Also included in this package is a live radio broadcast interview about you and a featured article about you and your business. (See samples) and (Game Changer: business sample)

These donation packaged are only good on donations received between August 1st- October 1st, 2014.

Special thanks to all the Artists for supporting our station and congratulations to Orange Avenue for being selected as our pick for this years 2014 theme song.
The New A.V.A Live Radio theme song for 2014

Hot Topic Tuesday: Lady Gaga’s Social Media Secrets of Success

lady gaga Social Media successListen in now:

marketing-tip-of-the-day-2Love her or hate her, Lady G is the queen of personal branding. Personal branding is the process of expressing your unique personality through your brand to your target audience. It is also much more about who you are rather than what you offer. Today I’m sharing the top 10 things that contributes to Lady Gaga’s social media success. With over 39 millions twitter followers, she is leading the pack and you need to know what she’s doing right. With these terrific concepts and examples, you will be able to build your brand on social media like a pro.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Lady Gaga herself:  “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, or how much money you’ve got in your pocket. You have your own destiny and your own life ahead of you.”

NOTE: Check out our social media tag for some specific tips on how to dominate social media #avachat

Hot Topic Tuesday: How To Sell Music When Music is Free?

Listen in Live:

Jacqueline Jax branding marketingHow do you make money when music is free? I’m amazed at how much music marketing has changed over the years. I still remember the days before YouTube and direct to fan marketing. Take heart my fellow artists because this is a terrific time for indie artists and there are lots of ways to generate income using a few simple tools and creative ideas. On todays show, I’m sharing one of my ideas that you can use to improve your fan engagement and sell more music online.

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Internet Radio Tour

Radio tour

Jacqueline_jax_Video_liveI was just speaking with one of our music community members out in Canada and we were planning a strategy to help him break into the U.S Music market using internet radio like A.V.A Live Radio. Although you may not be aware there are thousands of internet radio shows bursting at the seems with online listeners seeking everything from new indie music in specific genres, to how to be a song writer, to becoming a better Mom. The topics are vastly diversified and new content is being created and consumed every hour. Many of the stations/ podcasts have thousands, or even millions of listeners and the content they create stays available online for ever mapping out it’s own piece of internet real estate.

As an artist, you want to take advantage of that open avenue that can deliver your music right into the ears of listeners within your sub-niche. Not only that, but most of the shows have web sites, like we do here at A.V.A Live Radio that will host your photo’s and buy music links for the listeners to easily find you. I talk alot about how to do this, what to look for when selecting stations and how to approach them in the A.V.A Musicians Workbook coming out this fall. Be sure to get on the mailing list so you won’t miss the launch of this amazing workbook that walks you through the step by step daily routines of developing your music career and building a strong, supportive and engaged fan base. Signup now:

Who is ready to plan an internet radio tour?
You should only spend time on promotional things once you have the following things in order:
1) Your music is perfect with quality recordings and at least one album released and ready to sell.
2) You have a smashing web site with your own .com for people to visit

3) You have set up at least one social media account in your band name (ie. twitter, facebook, reverbnation)
4) You have a mailing list established with a service like (wordpress or mail chimp) and the signup is front and center on your web site and all social media pages.
5) You have carefully thought out what you would like to say and how you can quickly and easily deliver your message when you are interviewed. This should include who you are as an artists, your latest news, upcoming tour, video or music release and your web site/ social media pages.

I hope I got you thinking more about internet radio and why it is an important avenue for you to consider, cultivate and add to your PR schedule. – Jacqueline Jax (Host of


Get More web trafficmarketing-tip-of-the-day-220130711-152049.jpg

Hot Topic Tuesday: Getting More Traffic To Your Web Site

Listen to
internet radio with AVA LIVE RADIO on Blog Talk Radio

Top 10 Tips To Getting More Traffic To Your Web Site

by JacquelineJax
If your on the Internet, then I’m sure you already know that it’s no easy task to getting people to visit your web site. I’m here to tell you that there is an art to attracting traffic to your web site. Now, assuming that you already have a terrific Hybrid Website to share, here are some quick tips for attracting more visitors and keeping them interested once you get them there. (if you don’t have a hybrid website, then I hope your subscribed to our blog at because we’ll be sending more information on that to our subscribers.

1) First lets Consider Your Image – Have you ever heard the saying, a pictures worth a thousand words? Your pictures tell your story and that story is who you are and who you aspire to be. What makes people like Steven Tyler, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Bono, Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga trend setters? They know how to put themselves out there in ways that we can relate to. I leave you with this thought. Be yourself but take a step back before releasing images- they may not paint an accurate picture of who you are and what your selling.

2) SEO Optimization – Search engines send robot “spiders” to index the content of your webpage, so be sure to take the necessary steps to prepare your webpages for optimal indexing. Get started by using keyword rich titles on every page of your web site. Next be sure to add informative and sincere text carefully describing what you are selling or presenting on your pages. (if you don’t know enough about SEO optimization, then never fear I have you covered stay tune for our future guides on building your web site right here on A.V.A Live Radio)

3) Subscribe Now buttons- make it your priority to build your company list. Be sure to place a subscribe now box on every page of your web site. You can not start a marketing campaign without potential clients to market to and it’s very important to encourage every visitor to join your list.

4) Start a twitter and facebook account in your web name and share pages from your web site with details about that page. Tell friends in your social network and email list about what’s happening on your site daily, weekly and monthly. Keeping your site current and active is key to creating a place people will want to come back to.

5) Blogging: I suggest you start a blog about something that really interests you and that also has to do with your product. You really have to think out side the box before you decide which direction to blog in but it’s a terrific way to get a dialog started with your supporters. Plus a blog format is fun and easy to update from your phone, iPad or computer. Posts can be stories, events, updates or you can take a picture and post it up with a comment about where you are. But make it fun. The more fun you have with your social media tools, the more likely people will enjoy what your doing.

6) Be genuine. Avoid the hard sell tactics of the major brands. People don’t like to be treated like dummies. Posting a comment about a product, service or music will leave a far better impression than another boring add so keep it real and your friends will keep watching.

7) Drawings & Giveaways! Who doesn’t love free stuff? If your generous with your clients, you will not only get their attention, they will definitely be talking about you. Believe me, there is no better advertising than word of mouth and this is a terrific way to build your mailing list of people who already like your products. Don’t be stingy guys, you have to spend money to make money. So be generous with your products and music. Remember, there are alot of competitive products out there. Your goal is to believe in your products and get it into the hand of your target audience.

8) Business cards- an old but necessary step. Business cards are still today’s most important thing to have if you want to drive traffic to your web site. Business cards are not only really inexpensive, they are a great way to deliver information about your product or service. You’ll need to design a high quality, exciting card with your name, product slogan, logo, web site, and contact information on it. Remember, your card is your first impression so make it a lasting one. Money is no excuse either, online sites like vista print offer super low first order prices with terrific full color card options. So go get it done.

9) Video – Video is an awesome way to advertise your products and let people get to know you as a business owner or musician. Set up a great looking YouTube channel and start creating high quality videos for your music or products. Most of our computer have built in HD cameras but if you don’t you can easily pick one up for around $70 that will do a great job. Be sure to use editing software to add that special polish to your frames and never rush to post. I have a 24 hour rule. If the video still Impresses me 24 hours after I have finished it, then it’s ok to post. If you want to learn more about cameras and editing options, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube. In fact, I’ll be sure to post some links up on the channel to help you.

10) Relax it takes time
Many of you have been asking how long it takes to build up a following for your music or business. Truthfully, once you have a smashing online presence, you have to be religious about your efforts daily. Many of the people you admire have most likely been at it for at least a year and have not only given their brand alot of thought but have had their image finely tuned by a professional. Stick with it, and don’t get discouraged by a slow start. It’s all about tweeking your plan to maximize your results as you go along.

I hope my tips on “Getting more hits on your web site” were helpful. If you have questions, please be sure to leave them below.


Hot Topic: 3 Tips to Preventing Burnout from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer


UPDATE: Marissa Mayer was named chief executive officer of Yahoo Inc. July 16, 2012.

Many entrepreneurs don’t even think twice when it comes to working around the clock. Marissa Mayer, Google’s 20th employee and current vice president of location and local services (now CEO of Yahoo Inc July 16,2012), is no exception. When Google was a young company, she worked 130 hours per week and often slept at her desk.

“For my first five years at Google, I pulled an all-nighter every week,” Mayer said in a recent talk at New York’s 92Y cultural center. “It was a lot of hard work.”

Hard work, she says, has been the key to Google’s success, as well as her own.

For young companies that demand so much of their employees, hard work can spiral into burnout. Learning to prevent it–for yourself and your employees–is essential to your success as a business owner. Here are three steps to get started:

Step 1. Watch for signs of resentment.
“Burnout is about resentment,” Mayer told the audience at 92Y. “[Preventing it is] about knowing yourself well enough to know what it is you’re giving up that makes you resentful.”

Her assessment is right on target. “The question is whether you can replenish your energy when you get tired,” says Michael Leiter, professor of psychology at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. If you can’t restore your energy or resolve your values conflict with your work, you feel exhausted, cynical, and discouraged–the hallmarks of burnout.

Related: 3 Postures to Boost Productivity Now

Step 2. Find your rhythm.
Mayer’s theory is that you need to figure out what your “rhythm” is, meaning the activity that matters so much to you resentment sets in when you can’t do it. In Leiter’s words, it’s the activity that restores your energy. That might mean sleeping eight hours a night, practicing yoga daily, or getting out in nature once a week. Whatever it is, it’s essential to your satisfaction, so don’t skip it.

“People–particularly entrepreneurs–can put in huge amounts of energy and time,” Leiter says. “Overwork doesn’t burn people out per se, but it’s doing that without knowing the things that replenish you.”

Related: A Secret to Creative Problem Solving

Step 3. Grant employees one must-have freedom.
When Mayer suspects an employee might burn out, she asks them to find their rhythm. They’ve come back with, “I need to be home for Tuesday night dinners,” or “I need to be on time for my daughter’s soccer games.” She grants those needs–no exceptions.

“You can’t have everything you want,” Mayer cautions. “But you can have the things that really matter to you. That empowers you to work really hard for a long period of time on something that you’re passionate about.”

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Hot Topic: Marketing Your Brand Effectively

marketing-tip-of-the-day-2Join host Jacqueline Jax as she helps you to Market Your Brand Effectively in today’s world of Social Media for musicians, entertainment professionals and entrepreneurs. Featuring tips on how to brand, easy ways to connect, how to find your people and what are the pro’s of the Big 3 social media tools: twitter, facebook and Linkedin.


Writing Authentic Content for Your Blog, Website and Social Media Pages

Jacqueline Jax branding marketingI have found, the single most important concept to focus on when writing or expressing content for your blog, web site, youtube channel, or social media pages is to be “Authentic”. When you speak about something you feel passionate about, your most authentic voice comes out and that will make your posts far more interesting and effective.

Have you ever noticed that the most interesting articles are those written by people sharing a part of their real lives? You are drawn in from reading about problems people have solved, projects they’ve worked on, challenges they’ve overcome, subjects they’ve researched out of genuine interest, their work, their hobbies, their families, their vacations, their collections…. In fact, this article your reading now is a product of a topic that I have spent countless hours researching.

Here are some interesting things to keep in mind when striving to write authentic content….

1. Speak from the heart: I just love reading content that is written like a story. When a blogger shares from their heart, it’s special and authentic. Even if they aren’t the best writer, I still enjoy experiencing that journey with them through their heart felt stories. When a fashion blogger shares photos and then makes comments under each photo to share a piece of the story, it’s so much more engaging and worth subscribing to.

2. Share a personal experience: Include your personal experience as well as helpful information so readers can savor the journey and get to know you through your content. If you post photo’s be sure to tell the story along with them so the reader can get a better sense of who you are and why that photo is special to you.

3. Comment on a topic your passionate about: Being passionate about a topic is so important. It’s impossible to write without inspiration. Be sure to select your topics with care because if your faking it, people can really tell.

4. Be useful: Be sure to add detailed and in-depth information about your topic that will offer your readers something interesting and useful. Make your article even more resourceful with links to a myriad of obscure yet supportive content on the subject that may be hard to find and be sure to title the blog post with rich and descriptive key words.

5. Use unique images and media: One thing I love is to see original images on a blog. Sometimes it’s difficult if your blogging about an item that you don’t physically own but if you put a little thought into it, I’m sure you can find a way to make the images unique. Use fonts, collage apps, filters or even photoshop to create a signature look that will be just yours.

On my personal internet journey, I have stumbled upon many terrific articles written by passionate people. The articles that I have book marked and left comments on have not only educated me but introduced me to so many interesting people. As a result of reading and commenting on what they have each shared, I have found myself in the middle of a fabulous circle of people who share similar interests and in turn support my projects as well. In some cases, I have traveled and am able to meet up with these new friends. I hope you’ll comment and introduce me to your world as well.

This is Jacqueline Jax from with my online marketing tip of the day. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and also our main web site here for more helpful tips delivered right to your email. Thanks for reading.
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Hot Topic Tuesday: Justin Beibers’ Secret To a Successful Music Launch


Listen Now:

Creating a music brand that will not only find a comfy niche to rest in but will continue to propel forward as your career builds isn’t easy. Just ask Justin Bieber. Like many aspiring singers he spent countless hours uploading videos to YouTube, sharing them all over the internet and actively chatting it up on social media. But what actually played the largest part in finding his launch platform is a lot more simple than you think. Join host Jacqueline Jax for a Hot Topic Tuesday discussion on the key to Justin Beibers success. Here the story behind his rise to fame and find out how he became a social media giant and listed on Forbes Top 10 Social Media Celebrities.


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justin_bieber_usher_101121_vidim 106158229LL014_2010_America

Marketing Tip of The Day: Forbes Hot Celebrities of Social Media List


marketing-tip-of-the-day-2The rules have changed dramatically in the digital landscape of social media. Search engines, social pages and brand advertising as we know it, are requiring a whole new game and we must play by a new set of rules to get attention in our field. Next on Hot Topic Tuesday, I’ll be bringing you the secrets of social media marketing from the celebrities, including their strategies, what strengthens their brand and how to infuse the best overall tips into your own social media pages. The show will be airing live on Blog Talk Radio with additional segments uploading to
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Forbes Hot List to Watch (Forbes)
Social networking can be a powerful tool for celebrities.

1. Rihanna: 23.8 million followers and 59.6 million fans.
The 24-year-old pop singer, Rihanna seems to know it best as she holds the leading spot on Forbes fab list. She tweets everything. She not only encourages her fans to buy her music and watch her videos, she lets them in on her daily life, posting photos of her friends and family. The only negative aspect is Rihanna follows only 843 people demonstrating that her conversations are one sided.

2. Lady Gaga: 28-million Twitter followers and 53 million Facebook fans
Gaga uses her Twitter feed to tell her Little Monsters about upcoming albums, tour dates and what she’s eating.

3. Eminem: 11.9 million Twitter and 60.3 million Facebook fans
Eminem, who ranks third on our list, is a little more restrained than some of his peers. His main platform is Facebook where he has the most fans of any of our Social Networking Superstars: 60.3 million. But his feed tends to be heavily promotional with videos and plugs for the artists on his Shady Records label.

4. Justin Bieber: 26 million Twitter followers, 45.8 million Facebook fans
Justin Bieber, who ranks fourth with 26 million Twitter followers and 45.8 million Facebook fans, is more interactive with his online fans. He knows he has them to thank for his fame. Bieber was discovered on YouTube and is a child of social networking. He keeps his fans close by retweeting them and sharing pictures and thoughts from his travels. He’s also generous about listening to his fans. He follows 123,143 people.

5. Katy Perry: 24.5 million Twitter followers, 45.7 million Facebook fans
Like the other young pop stars on this list, Perry makes excellent use of Twitter, talking to her fans and share funny photos and videos in a way that makes them all feel like Perry is their best buddy. Her Facebook page is more of a promotional site.

6. Shakira: Twitter followers: 17.6 million, Facebook fans: 52.5 million
The Colombian pop star is one of the most popular celebrities on Facebook with 52.5 million fans. She uses her page not only to promote her newest music and videos but to post vacation photos like the ones she recently took on a trip to the south of France. She posts on Twitter and Facebook in both Spanish and English.

7. Christiano Ronaldo: Twitter followers: 12 million, Facebook fans: 47.5 million
The Portuguese soccer star is the most popular athlete on social media. He doesn’t tweet often and his posts are mostly humble notes about how grateful he is for his fans and to be playing soccer. His Facebook page features the same content but fans can see photos of the Real Madrid star without having to click through.

8. Taylor Swift: Twitter followers: 17 million, Facebook fans: 33.6 million
Yet another young pop star on our list. Swift, who excels at writing songs that seem to honestly reflect the struggles of being a young girl in love, uses social media to get closer to her fans by posting photos of things like her cat and her coffee cup. Like many celebrities, she reserves her Facebook page for more straightforward promotional items.

9. Lil Wayne: Twitter followers: 7.9 million, Facebook fans: 40 million
The hip-hop star likes to take keep his social media feeds clean. Right now on Twitter and Facebook he has mostly photos and congratulations messages to the Olympic winners and retweets from fans telling him how much they love his music.

10. Selena Gomez: Twitter followers: 12.3 million, Facebook fans: 33 million
Gomez is no dummy. She uses the power of her social network to promote Postcard On The Run, a company she’s an investor in that has an app that lets you turn iPhone photos into snail-mail postcards. It’s nice for fans though because it means the young pop star posts photos from her vacations and tours including some with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

This post is being provided via <a href="http://(Forbes)”>Forbes.

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Striking a Balance, When To Engage and When To Work

Recently I was asked to write about balancing a schedule. Running a web site and online community may be enjoyable but it isn’t always easy. There is a little decision I have to make for myself every day that has to do with balance.

Balance must always be considered when running any business especially an online one because the one resource we never have enough of is time. Having enough time to run your business, create content, interact on social media and answer emails requires a daily evaluation of your time.

Some people advise to engage with everyone who comments on your site or tweets at you. I have tried this, and it works for a while, but there becomes a point where you have to decide if you want to spend your time engaging with everyone or spend your time creating quality content. Personally, I use my cell phone and iPad to stay in touch and typically spend 30 minutes every morning having coffee with my emails, facebook messages and tweets but its still never enough. So to handle the hundreds of messages that come in from my various blogs and social pages, I grab additional time on breaks and some evenings.

With that said, I do advise that you engage at least twice a week especially with your most engaged followers and supporters. Further if you should find yourself with hundreds of emails in your inbox and no more time available, consider posting group greetings and updates explaining why you haven’t been able to answer your personal emails. I also like to encourage everyone to leave me a comment on a post if the message is really important so I won’t miss time related messages.

Bottom line, set aside your quiet creation times and turn off the social feeds and phones while your working so you won’t get distracted. Once your done achieving your daily or weekly goals, then enjoy your social time.

This is Jacqueline Jax from with my online marketing tip of the day. Thanks for reading.

What’s you secret to staying engaged? Leave me a comment below.

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Marketing Tip of The Day: Pick Up Your Marketing Pace


marketing-tip-of-the-day-2Have you ever noticed that once Young the Giant picked up the pace of their now popular song, Cough Syrup, their record sales and popularity began to sore?

The same thing can be said for your marketing strategy. This year I have studied and spoken to many online brands in music, beauty and fashion bloggers, youtube channels, web sites, modeling, pretty much every category out there and one thing has rang true.

This has made a consistent difference in everyone’s marketing strategy. So the next time your feeling a little lazy, discouraged, or unmotivated think about this post. I can assure you that people are watching and listening when you post your messages, write your blog, launch a video or share your photos. But in this crazy online world of marketing you can just as easily disappear when you stop the stream.

If your a musician, your probably saying: Sure, but can I sell more than 5 cds per year if I out more time into it? Yes you can. I’ve been working with artists selling thousands of copies online every month. But let me be bold and up front with you. To succeed on the Internet, you must prepare yourself for the long haul and prepare to work hard attracting fans until the buzz hits and you take off. Even once it does, you will still have to be there consistently for your fans if you want to keep their interest and support. Success on the Internet won’t come overnight. You must have a quality web site and quality music to sell with something to say. If you take your work seriously, so will everyone else who follows you. Look at Taylor Swift, she doesn’t miss the meet and greets, she takes pictures with her fans, and she takes time to address them personally. No more excuses, step it up!

Help is on the way!!!!! A daily step by step guide is coming to help you with your daily music branding and marketing plan.
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First Studio Version of Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

New and Improved Version of Cough Syrup by Young The Giant

Hot Topic Tuesday: Top 10 Tips For Making a Viral Video

Hot Topic Tuesday How to go viral

Listen in to the radio feed :

Join host Jacqueline Jax and George Allen for a Hot Topic Tuesday discussion about what it takes to make a video go viral.. In case you didn’t already realize, viral videos are definitely what you should be shooting for when trying to build your brand and make yourself stand out from the crowd. If your super creative, then shoot for the stars and try to make all your videos go viral but to take some pressure off, let’s start with just one. If you have your own YouTube channel filled with great videos about your brand but your not getting the hits you need I have some fabulous tips to inspire you and get your videos competing against the odds.

1) Funny: funny is the leading trait of a viral video. Where other themes like cute, scary, weird and unusual may do well nothing inspires people to share like laughter. If you can make someone laugh, they can’t resist sharing that chuckle with their friends.

2) Eye Catching: the game is won or lost in the first few seconds so you’ll want to put your best foot forward in the beginning of your video to grab a viewers attention. Make it eye-catching and make sure it’s memorable.

3) Music- what’s a video without music? Even if your creation isn’t a music video, be sure to infuse it with music that supports the action. It sets the tone, supports your content, and keeps your viewer engaged.

4) Stunts: although very dangerous for novices to attempt. Stunts tend to do well. But let’s not get crazy. You don’t have to risk your neck for a stunt to be great. Enlist the professionals and only do what you know. FYI.. I am in no way recommending that you go out there and risk your life. Practice common sense and leave the really dangerous stuff on the green screen.

5) Reaction Videos on the fly: an honest and in the moment reaction makes a great video theme. Keep that camera ready for those opportunities when something is amusing. You may even want to plan a spoof or punk a friend. Just keep it honest and don’t encourage or support violence.

6) Pop Culture: Getting inspired by what’s happening in your own pop culture will always be a smart move especially if your theme has a shelf life. Although some pop culture references disappear quickly, many themes hold buzz for centuries and incorporating them into your video can work in two ways. 1- making your video more relatable to people who embraced that piece of pop culture 2- catching and riding a trend wave A few themes that have never passed and will always have a following are…. Star Wars, Star Track, Superman, Batman, South Park, The Beatles, Elvis, Ghost Buster,

7) Copy-cats: I couldn’t make a top 10 without addressing the copy cat ideas. Parodies, remixes, mash-ups definitely get attention when launched immediately after a viral video has sprung into the top spot. But if your going to do one, make sure you do it quickly. Once a video has achieved viral status, you’ll want to be one of the first to launch while the idea is hot so you don’t get lost in the mix or catch the video on its down cycle.

8) Originality: Most of the best videos that i have seen are born from original ideas. The concepts are simple and fresh being born in that moment the camera hits its subject. Seeing things through the creators eyes is what makes it so real, so incredibly interesting and fascinating to watch.

9) Chemistry: Many times when your watching a video that’s hilarious there’s a comical chemistry between the participants. This chemistry that exists in its natural state makes the video what it is.

10) Lack of Planning: Over planning can kill a video. Any time situations occur and people go back to try to recreate the situation, they take away the most important elements that make a video outstanding. There is no word for it but it’s a combination of my previous points I’m giving you here today. So keep your cameras and your phones on and in that moment, is really where the most viral videos are born.

Marketing Tip of the Day: Bring in 7 Million Views With The Advertainment Marketing Strategy That’s Sweeping The Nation


marketing-tip-of-the-day-2Creating advertising that fascinates and entertains people is a huge challenge but it’s also an incredible opportunity to grab the attention of millions over night. Today’s audience is hard to please and even harder to get the attention of. Even more so with Teens and young adults. These fast moving, game addicted groups definitely don’t want to be advertised to; they demand interesting, funny, captivating, fascinating, and compelling media creations.

So what’s the strategy that’s sweeping the nation? Well it’s right under your nose and has been for year. It’s in every Super Bowl add, it’s having a wardrobe malfunction on stage, it’s landing on the moon, it’s naked on the news, it’s jumping from a plain, it’s a slam dunk, it’s on your phone, it’s on your mind, it’s making you laugh. Confused? Intrigued? Well let me explain how it works.

This high bred advertising I’m talking about is called Advertainment.
Advertainment can be seen as a simple paid product placement in a TV show, video game, sport event, entertainment show, talk show, music video, YouTube video or movie. Some happen by chance but most are designed and created to show you a product or brand while entertaining you in a memorable way.

Think about the Toby Keith’s Red solo cup song at the CMAs, or the blaring red Coca-Cola cups on American Idol’s judges’ table. How about the American Idol car videos? A branded segment disguised as a music video. How about the Evian “Live Young” videos or the Old Spice “Responses” videos. And who can forget those super bowl commercials??

Video is a great way to bring attention to a business or product, strengthen a brand and start a viral chat.

How do you measure the popularity of a fascinating Advertainment? These campaigns are measured on a “True Reach” basis, according to Brian Shin from By True Reach, he includes the original clips that the brands and agencies upload as well as the clips audiences copy, mix, mash, spoof and repost across the web.

Would you like to know my Top 10 Tips for Making a Viral Advertainment video?  I’ll be publishing that next so stay tune and make sure your a subscriber to my list at

Examples of Advertainment

Evian’s “Live Young.

Old Spice Responses – This campaign received 5.9 million YouTube views in the first day.

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012

Top Viral video’s of 2012

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