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Jax Couture Home Shopping Segment #1 Print Sundresses with Jacqueline Jax

Host Jacqueline Jax shares the latest print sundresses of the Spring and Summer 2014 fashion season from . Video includes how to wear them, fashion styling tips, where to wear your print dresses and what styles work for different figure types. She also gives you terrific tips on using style lines to shape your silhouette, how to hide figure flaws and which dresses make you look curvy.

Shop the main web site right now and receive 20% off all spring dresses. Prices have already been reduced on the web site but it only lasts until midnight April 17, 2014.


Filled with products: Blondi Beachwear sundress, Body Trim, Rebound, Jewelry, Nail Polish, Swimsuit Coverup and a fun Canvas Beach Bag

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Jax Couture Home Shopping Segment with Jacqueline Jax

Jax_Couture_home_shoppingSo many offers so little time! Join host Jacqueline Jax for the Jax Couture special at home shopping segment broadcasting live weekly on . Subscribe now to our main web site and also to for special pricing offers and notifications of the broadcasts. You won’t want to miss the amazing savings and style she has in store for you.

WHERE: Our show will broadcast live on Monday and Wednesday at 8pm est via but you will want to subscribe for details about the shows and special 24 hour savings discounts.

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Milan Heger Show Logo

A.V.A Live Radio: Milan Heger Surviving in the Art Business

Listen in to the show Live at 1pm est today:

Jax_Favorites_face0Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gets up close and personal with Seattle based architect, furniture designer, and Artist, Milan Heger. Before the 2009 economic recession, Milan Heger was thriving in business and creativity. As the housing market crashed, he found himself among the millions of people waking up at night worried about not only the future of his company but how he was going to provide for his family. In a statement released on September 7,2011 in Entrepreneur Magazine, Milan said, “The biggest pressure is the status of my mortgage and college payments. I felt not like a failure, but like a father who wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do. I’d sit in the car in the driveway and not want to get out. It’s hard and continues to be hard.”

Milan’s experience sheds light on the reality and challenges that every small business owner faces. That reality is that you have to brave great risk to obtain great rewards. Life challenges us at every corner but it’s the people who can pick themselves back up and continue on that defines the winners from the losers. Now were diving into  his story of strength, creativity and determination. And break down the business of Art. From inspiration to creation to marketing, listen to a real conversation on navigating the art world in today’s market place.

Milan Heger : “Discover who you are by discovering who you aren’t.”

His secret to discovering who you are:
1) Find time every day after your normal job to discover and experiment with things you may enjoy or be passionate about.

2) Set aside 1 day a week to pursue your dream or at least contemplate what you would like your life to be like.

3) Pursue what excites you most and find out how to turn it into a career.

Avoiding the Marketing Trap:
1) Don’t get busy and think that you don’t have to market your products.

2) Let the world know about your work using social media pages like twitter,  facebook and linkedin.

3) Arrange gallery showings and art fair exhibits to gain exposure.

4) Find magazines that are specializing in your products and send them a picture for your work with information to their new products department.


Art Work by Milan Heger .
The black and white print is called “Walking on an Empty Box” and it symbolizes freedom…the kind where you can be yourself.

This piece got awarded by a juror in a national print competition.
 The red piece is called “Dunes on Fire” and it is an original work of art. That piece speaks about the guiding star that we should follow.
“Walking on an Empty Box” prints available for purchase on

 Also, you can see some of his pieces on  (find artists, then Milan Heger)
Also see him on
234 Dexter Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 898-6609


AvA Live Radio After Show Episode 4Behind The Music Jacqueline Jax Helena Micy20131210-002757.jpg

A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music

A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music

A.V.A Live Radio :: WHO WE ARE
I’m Jacqueline Jax, producer and host of A.V.A Live Radio, “The Voice of the New Music Generation.”
is an indie radio station solely dedicated to helping the struggling independent artists in a new and innovative way. Our station not only provides new artists with a platform to tell their story, we get their music heard by finding just the right people to get the music in front of. From movies to management, we don’t only play the best independent artists from around the world, we are working hard behind the scenes to get their music heard by industry professionals who are already searching for movie sound tracks, indie artist tours, commercials, events, and recording contracts. In addition, A.V.A Live Radio also provides a mentoring program where artists give back to other artists, educational resources on the music industry as well as personal and business branding from industry professionals in our community to those who need help thru our Game Changers Series interviews. We are committed to staying a 100% Commercial FREE Radio station, free from censorship just like the independent artists we support.ARTIST MENTORING PROGRAM
Something that you may not be aware of is our mentoring program that happens behind the scenes. Every artist who submits music for airplay is reviewed and evaluated by knowledgeable music industry professionals for recording quality, vocal ability and creative originality. If an artist isn’t ready to go live, we provide them with an experienced mentor to help them with guidance. The amazing people who mentor for A.V.A Live Radio are all talented artists and music industry professionals happy to give back to our music community because they believe in our vision and know how important this step is to a new artist.A PLACE TO GROW
Artists need encouragement, knowledge, experience, and a place to grow. A place with no boundaries, no limitations, a place where they feel comfortable being themselves. As an artist myself, I have looked to surround myself with supportive people and consider myself very lucky to be a part if this amazing community that has gathered around the A.V.A. As the host of this amazing show, I have had the ability to see first hand what this station has brought to new artists over the three years we have been working towards this vision and I know that we make a difference in people’s lives and I believe that this station has the capabilities to help people all over the world on levels of education, inspiration, creativity, culture, and community. I am so excited to see you all become a part of our A.V.A Live Radio Team.RISKS AND CHALLENGES
Producing a weekly completely independent show is not easy, especially with no operating budget and only volunteers to help. Despite our limitations, we have been doing it successfully for 3 solid seasons and are setting a first goal to triple our programming. if we reach our fund raising goal to have the proper resources to support it.

Our active community of creative people from all around the world is expanding every day but keeping all these amazing free services going takes equipment and resources. Now that we have perfected our process, it’s time to ask for your help. As this is our 3rd year anniversary, I’m asking for you to join me in our quest to make a difference.

Calling ALL artists and music lovers! The A.V.A has been there for you, now your help is needed. Spread the word to your social pages and email lists because this is going to help all of us get connected and rise to the next level. This is a non-profit station and all funds will be used to increase the amount of shows on our programming schedule so more artists will have this opportunity for exposure. Your help will also allow us to triple our artist mentoring program, hire some talented help, give opportunities to reporters to bring in stories and music coverage from your home towns, expand our reach to a wider audience, and bring in some new updated technology to bring you the best quality programming possible. Our foundation has been poured, now this is your turn to help us move into the future of Internet radio.

To make OUR dream a reality, we are simply turning to our listeners and fellow artists to support A.V.A Live Radio with your donation and keep the music ALIVE. Our goal is to raise $150,000 for the 2014 programming. I hope you will help us. We have some amazing sponsor gifts and opportunities for those who are able to donate $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000 or more but whatever the gift, $1, $5, $10, $20… please know that we are very grateful and we want to extend our sincere thanks to you for your generosity and support of the independent artist. The A.V.A is a family and we love having you on our team. We understand that contributing money may not be an option to everyone. That’s ok. Our broadcast is open to everyone around the globe, whether a donation can be made or not. If you are unable to donate at this time, remember that one of the best ways you can support A.V.A Live Radio is by telling your friends about us!

This is an amazing cause and as you know we are dedicated to encouraging and supporting YOUR Dreams and Aspirations. The A.V.A is behind you all the way!!! Thank you for supporting us.


$25: A 25 second “Shout Out” on our show. You can send us a message or we can read it for you. Use this “Shout Out” to announce your business, news, event or even a personal message to your friends. You can even get creative and record you own and we will play it for you. Or choose to receive a personally autographed photo from our host, Jacqueline Jax.
$50: A “Shout Out” + your choice of : one of our A.V.A Live Radio Tee shirts or a personally autographed photo from our host, Jacqueline Jax and an iTunes song playlist from our show.
$100: 2 different “Shout Out”s on our shows + your choice of : 2 of our A.V.A Live Radio Tee shirts and a personally autographed photo from our host, Jacqueline Jax and an iTunes song playlist from our show.
$250: Get on the show for a day as a co- host where you get to play D.J.. Select the artists from our list to play and interview and decide on topics with our producer. You’ll also receive one of our A.V.A Live Radio Tee shirts, a personally autographed photo from our host, Jacqueline Jax and CD of the show you co-hosted.
$500: Featured Guest: become A.V.A Live Radio Royalty as a featured guest on our show with Jacqueline Jax. We will add this show in your honor to our existing schedule. Talk about your projects, your news. Design your own featured show with our program manager to shed some light on something YOU feel passionate about. Invite guests to call in.. The sky’s the limit. Come have some fun with us. You do not have to be in Florida to come on our show, we can do it all via skype or a cell phone whatever works for you.

Special thanks to all the Artists for supporting our station and congratulations to Orange Avenue for being selected as our pick for this years 2014 theme song.
The New A.V.A Live Radio theme song for 2014

A.V.A Live Radio: Iron Chef Event for the Boys and Girls Club

Boys and girls club iron chef event_7Iron Chef Event for the Boy and Girls Club
A night of food and friends was enjoyed by all at the Iron chef event held at Hugh’s Catering to raise funds for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Jacqueline Jax from A.V.A Live Radio was there to cover the event. Special thank you to sponsor Tommy Hartmann for his generous donation to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club and to all those who gave their time and money to make this event successful.

Boys and girls club iron chef event_9

Boys and girls club fort lauderdale iron chef_3

Boys and girls club fort lauderdale iron chef

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Dr_shino_bay_beauty_secrets_ava_live_radioMancini Modern Italian City SpotDr_Shino_Bay_Aguilera_birthday_bash Beach_2013_logo

Special Edition Report: Inside Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera’s New Laser Treatment Wing

Join Jacqueline Jax from A.V.A Live Radio for this special edition report, Inside Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera’s New Laser Treatment Wing.

Pronounced “Sheen-O”, world renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon, Cosmetic Laser Expert for his “Secrets to Looking Ageless and Keeping that Youthfull Glow”, Dr Shino Bay Aguilera is Dual Board certified with a Fellowship in Dermatology from the American College of Osteopathic Dermatology. With over 14 years of ongoing advanced training in lasers and Aesthetics. He is a clinical researcher, publisher, an Assistant Professor of Dermatology for five Universities and the top-requested International physician trainer and Keynote Speaker. Dr. Aguilera travels the world teaching physicians the proper use of the newest laser advances and cosmetic techniques and participates in FDA clinical trial studies for a leading global, laser manufacturer. He is called upon to determine the best treatment protocols to maximize the safety and efficacy of emerging technologies.

View our Sculptra Video here:

Dr. Shino bay:
Radio web site:
Host Jacqueline Jax:

Attention all Music Industry professionals:

Jacqueline_jax_Video_liveIf you have a professional recording studio in the south Florida area, you won’t want to miss out on this awesome project A.V.A Live Radio is about to announce. This project will not only feature your studio to thousands of new artists all around the world looking to record their next big single, it will be something really fun and exciting that will surely inspire you. There’s room for everyone to participate and I don’t want to leave anyone out so please send me your info using the link below so I can get you the info..

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.
Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio

Apple Launches Iphone Music


by Pete Pachal June 2013
Apple is diving into streaming music with a new service called iTunes Radio, the company announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco today.

Similar to Pandora, iTunes Radio will create themed Internet radio stations based on specific songs, and Apple provides “featured” radio stations as well. The service will be free for users, although it’s supported by ads. However, if you’re an iTunes Match subscriber, you’ll get it ad-free.

SEE ALSO: 10 Better Alternatives to Your iPhone’s Native Apps
iTunes Radio will be available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) running iOS 7 as well as the iTunes on the Mac or PC. Some of the pre-packaged stations include Summer Songs and Trending on Twitter (which appears to pull in songs from Twitter Music).

Apple made deals with the major music labels for iTunes Radio in the last few weeks, reports indicate. The company first signed on Universal Music, then Warner and finally Sony just a few days ago.

Although streaming music services have been around for a long time, Apple appeared content to remain the dominant player in music downloads, offering only only an extremely basic “Radio” section of the iTunes app for online radio stations. However, user habits are shifting away from iTunes toward streaming services, market statistics reveal, and Apple clearly decided it need to compete in the space.

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Top 10 Tips For Bloggers

Have you stopped to think how times have changed? Do you remember the days when you had to pay for any kind of online or news paper advertising?
I remember reading an article in the New York Times in 2010 discussing the Internet’s phenomenon and the rise of amateur online bloggers in the media.
In fact, Magazines, Designer, PR firms and traditional media are giving noted respect to top bloggers with invites to all the hottest events, free goodies and even hefty paychecks for their undivided attention. Even radio stations had to become Internet savvy with world wide online streams of their programming. And now hear I am, sitting at my desk overlooking the city with a cup of tea sharing my latest research with you in an era of “new media.” The Internet has changed the way we communicate and share information with each other. This change has bread a new generation of highly intelligent and demanding people who want to be entertained. So if you want to draw attention to your products, music, services or web site, you have to evolve into what I like to call a highbred web site. This kind of web site is interactive and rich in social media formatted content. Most importantly, it’s a web site that is updated with fresh fun content often. Weather your sharing photos, daily journals, music, jokes or reporting the latest fashions a blog is the method of choice to own your page and build a following. With that said, its important for you to understand the blogging basics. Here are my top 10 Blogging tips.

Top 10 Tips For Blogging
1) Pretty up your page: use a personal photo or business logos to pretty up your posts and pages. Try to create an interesting and unique page without using a background thats to distracting. A great thing to do, is try out different themes available on sites like wordpress and blogger, then add in your photos and banners for a more interesting and personal touch.
2) Plan Ahead – Try to prepare your content 1 week in advance whenever possible and edit your content often to keep it current. I don’t always have that much time so I like to keep an on going list of topics on my ipad that my fans have requested and research something every day. I also use the wordpress app on my iPad to quickly update posts on the road.
3) Blog often – Keep your page active so your subscribers will always see fresh new content when they visit your page.
4) Be casual and transparent- Keep things simple and honest. Direct your tone towards your readers not over them.
5) Establish your brand voice- Carefully select your image and stay consistent to that theme on your blog.
6) Photo’s- Pictures are a great way to engage your followers so always use at least one photo in your posts.
7) Respond- Always respond to your client and fans. Social media is about building relationships.
8) Link- Use links often to other sites and posts to allow your readers to see more information in support of your content. Be generous to your readers and remember search engines favor valid links. Also remember to proudly post your social media links at the top of your blog and also in your posts.
9) Contests- Everyone knows blog contests and promotions are one of the best ways to bring attention to your blog and bring in new signups. Set up a solid signup that integrates into your social pages so you can make the most of your contest and even get some viral traffic flowing. (I’ll be targeting how to set up a great signup page in a future post so be sure to subscribe)
10) Target Long Tail Keywords instead of single word tags on your posts. Long tail keywords are ones that don’t get the most searches per month but don’t have a lot of competition either. See where I’m going with this?? Setting your target for long tail keywords can get your blog more traffic faster because your going after keywords that others are not directly targeting.

I credit most of my research for this article to the amazing media gurus at Apple and the many top master bloggers I have had the privilege of speaking with over the past few month. I have a ton of more specific blogging tips for you and will be posting those weekly but if you have a question or request for a future post, just leave me a comment below.
Now go start your blog and send me your first link

Big hugs,
Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio

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Instacanvas Honors Moms Who Rock


Hey Everyone,
Our friends at Instacanvas are honoring Mom with a terrific discount for you to surprise Mom with a special personalized gift that she will just love. Use your 20% discount to order her a family photo on canvas or a personalized phone case.

Here are some gift ideas: (here)

Listen to Instacanvas CEO Matt Munson with radio host Jacqueline Jax on A.V.A Live Radio.


A.V.A Live Radio At Premier For Exposure

Jacqueline Jax barry Jay Minoff movieSouth Florida was celebrating an exciting Premier of The Movie “Exposure” produced by Gordon Scott Venters starring Corey Feldman, Barry Jay Minoff and Excelina. A.V.A Live Radio Host Jacqueline Jax was on the scene with pictures highlighting the night.

Hit the Airwaves with Worldwide Internet Radio!


Are you in a band? Do you produce music or movies? Are you achieving great things in the entertainment industry? Do you consider yourself a highly successful entrepreneur?
If so, A.V.A Live Radio would like to tell your story!

A.V.A Live Radio is an internet radio station featuring weekly shows that help gain exposure for new music from all over the world. We highlight new artists, entertainment industry professionals and stories on people like inspiring entrepreneurs from Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. We also provide valuable information on subjects like social media marketing, building an online fan base and branding.

Please subscribe to our web page today and connect with our social pages. We want to see you participating and joining our discussions.

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Entertainment Industry Professionals : Get exposed!
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In The Movie Studio Interview with Jacqueline Jax

Join radio host Jacqueline Jax from as she tours the behind the scenes at The Movie Studio with Producer Gordon Scott Ventures. Exclusive footage from inside the studio, making the movie, photography, and making the movie.
Web site:

Jacqueline Jax Rachel The Movie Studio

Get Connected:
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Host Twitter:
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MUSIC BY: Ryan Stone (Go Higher)
Go visit this artist, he’s fantastic

Game Changer: Architect Milan Heger A Creative Visionary

Listen in to the show:

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gets up close and personal with Seattle based architect and furniture designer, Milan Heger. Before the 2009 economic recession, Milan Heger was thriving in business and creativity. As the housing market crashed, he found himself among the millions of people waking up at night worried about not only the future of his company but how he was going to provide for his family. In a statement released on September 7,2011 in Entrepreneur Magazine, Milan said, “The biggest pressure is the status of my mortgage and college payments. I felt not like a failure, but like a father who wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do. I’d sit in the car in the driveway and not want to get out. It’s hard and continues to be hard.”

Milan’s experience sheds light on the reality and challenges that every small business owner faces. That reality is that you have to brave great risk to obtain great rewards. Life challenges us at every corner but it’s the people who can pick themselves back up and continue on that defines the winners from the losers.

This is a story of strength, creativity and determination. Were going to show you why Milan Heger is not only a creative visionary but a “Game Changer”! (Click follow for a show reminder)


Santa’s Secret Shopping List Has Arrived

Hi Everyone,
As promised here’s my list of great gift ideas for those special people in your life. I have had my hands on everything on my list and have purchased most of them myself. I hope these help make your Holiday shopping easier this year. Please share my list with your friends.
Xoxo, Jacqueline Jax – Host of

View my shopping list: (here)

Game Changer: Walter Shaw Save America’s Cinemas

Listen to
internet radio with MCSSRADIO on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to the Show:

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she speaks with Game Changer, Walter Shaw. Movie Producer of “Genius on Hold” and movie industry professional raising awareness of today’s battle to save cinemas across America. Find out what’s happening to our movie theaters and how you can help.

Santa’s Secret Shopping List

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! As we speak I’m making a list and checking it twice. What list you ask? Why “Santa’s Secret Shopping List” of coarse. On November 15th, I’ll be posting “Santa’s Secret Shopping List” with all my favorite gift ideas to help you shop for the Holiday’s so start making your list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice because I’m going to help you find the perfect gifts for everyone. You’re going to love my list because I have spent months finding unique gift ideas in every price range. In fact, most of the products on my list are made by creative people all over the world who take great care in what they have for you. All gifts will be available for immediate online shopping with delivery by Christmas guaranteed. What could be better than that? I am so excited for the Holiday’s and I can’t wait to share my list with you!
Xoxo, Jax

P.S. If you have a product or service that you think should be on my list, click here for requirements and information.

Game Changer: Architect Milan Heger A Creative Visionary

Listen in to the show:

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gets up close and personal with Seattle based architect and furniture designer, Milan Heger. Before the 2009 economic recession, Milan Heger was thriving in business and creativity. As the housing market crashed, he found himself among the millions of people waking up at night worried about not only the future of his company but how he was going to provide for his family. In a statement released on September 7,2011 in Entrepreneur Magazine, Milan said, “The biggest pressure is the status of my mortgage and college payments. I felt not like a failure, but like a father who wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do. I’d sit in the car in the driveway and not want to get out. It’s hard and continues to be hard.”

Milan’s experience sheds light on the reality and challenges that every small business owner faces. That reality is that you have to brave great risk to obtain great rewards. Life challenges us at every corner but it’s the people who can pick themselves back up and continue on that defines the winners from the losers.

This is a story of strength, creativity and determination. Were going to show you why Milan Heger is not only a creative visionary but a “Game Changer”! (Click follow for a show reminder)

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Hot Topic Tuesday: Get Direct To Fan Marketing Tips For Your Brand

Listen to
internet radio with AVA LIVE RADIO on Blog Talk Radio

Join host Jacqueline Jax for a live music spin featuring valuable tips to developing a direct to fan marketing strategy for your music or business brand. You will love her tips delivered in language you can understand.

Featuring songs: “Go Higher” Ryan Stone, “Second Wind” Naomi Psalm (The Blue Cinema), “Upside Down” Why Not, “Connect The Dots” Chris Michaud..

A.V.A Live Radio with David Grant Williams From Dream Launcher Studios

Listen tointernet radio with AVA LIVE RADIO on Blog Talk Radio

David Grant Williams with Sean Sedita

David Grant Williams – Dream Launcher Studios (Orlando, FL)

“The Entertainment industry has a bright future, the only thing that will change is the platter it’s being served on.”

Dream Launcher Studios is an entertainment company that produce large events (Including: rock concerts, air shows, award shows, live television auctions, galas, fashion shows, trade shows, and other special events. Attendance 65,000+ at some events). They also develop television, film, music, internet and other entertainment projects. The goal is to coordinate all available resources in an effort to optimize, create and manage new revenue streams. They share profits with a strategic alliance partners.

David’s Top 10 Tips for Success

1) Map out your goals that will keep you moving forward.
2) Devise a step by step process to get what you want.
3) Sacrifice: Acknowledge that you will have to give up things to get what you want.
4) Network using social media by sharing music, photo’s and personal comments about your journey.
5) Keep your ego in check. Stand out from the pack with a good attitude. No one likes to work with, fan or get involved with a drama queen. Treat each and every person with respect and professionalism.
6) Don’t underestimate the power of perfecting your live performance skills. Differentiate yourself from other artists with a powerful live show that excites your fans and secures your position with your listeners and creates a a bond between you and your fans.
7) Selecting a strong and positive team is crucial to your success.
8) The future of the music industry offers a bright future to any truly talented artist who is well organized and top on their game.
9) Think about how you want to be remembered and plan to live your life that way.
10) Don’t be quick to quit, have a plan and commit to be disciplined in achieving it.

Song featured: Ryan Stone – Go Higher


Dining: Big City Style at Frank and Dino’s


A special thank you to Joe Falso for sharing his favorite restaurant with us. Jerry Alfano (General Manager) and Tonino Orsino (Head Chef) at Frank & Dino’s Restaurant made our night so special with amazing wine, food and friendship. The food was fabulous and I’m giving them my top rating for friendly atmosphere, great service, and excellent food. This Italian gem located on Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach offered so many surprises as we walked in the door. From their nostalgic black and white photo’s of Frank Sinatra and personal win wall of the owners race horses to an amazing glass and neon martini bar. Frank & Dino’s had all the charm of a family style restaurant yet with a big city feel of elegance. I had the lemon snapper with broccoli rape and roasted potatoes. It was the best lemon sauce I have ever had- not to strong but full of flavor. We also had the Pork chop marinated in spicy peppers and the snapper braised in a white wine sauce with a medley of seafood. Just as I thought I was done for the night, head chef Tonino Orsino walks out of the kitchen with a tray of his freshest pastry creations and a palate of fresh fruit along with 3 of the best cappuccino’s to top off the night. Outrageously good! Bravo to Owner John Williams and partner Carlo Vaccarezza. I’m definitely hooked and I’ll be back on the weekend to enjoy the live entertainment. I love your style.

Jacqueline Jax
Host of
Invite Jax to come feature your restaurant today. (Click here)

718 S Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 • Phone: (954) 427 – 4909


Connect with Host Jacqueline Jax: @Jaxepedia
Pinterest @JacquelineJax

A.V.A Live Radio Reaches Out to Gateway Community Outreach /Feed The Children

I had the good fortune of being asked to go cover an event at Westside Park in Deerfield Beach that took place on Wednesday, August 29. This charity event was sponsored by Gateway Community Outreach in conjunction with teleperformance call centers for “Feed The Children” Foundation. They were there to distribute 400 packages to local residents of Deerfield Beach. The day started at 8 AM as the semi tractor-trailer rolls up to unload the pallets of food, water and hygiene products assisted by a local business Deerfield Building Supply owned by Ed Dietrich. Then the 40+ volunteers went into action where they were there to hand out food to the families lucky enough to receive a voucher. This went on until 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
The timing could not have been better as there was a pending tropical storm Isaac threatening South Florida. The winds were already starting to pick up as I made my way to the interview. I got to speak with Pres. and CEO of Gateway Community Outreach Ms. Carol Ray and former Cincinnati Bengals football player Michael Basnight as they give us insight into what their organization does for the community. Also we got to speak with Deerfield Commissioner District 2 Mr. Ben Preston about his community and how this affects them.
It was another successful day for Gateway Community Outreach and if you wish to help out this organization either with a cash donation or to volunteer contact Carol Ray at your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Steve Minotti
A.V.A Live Radio Reporter

Official Press Photo’s for Exposure the Movie

Join host Jacqueline Jax from as she interviews the cast of the Movie Exposure staring Corey Feldman. Subscribe today so you won’t miss the live video interview footage.

How To Brand Yourself When Your Just Starting Out

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internet radio with AVA LIVE RADIO on Blog Talk Radio

What do you do when you’re just starting out in your field and don’t feel that you have a ton of expertise or unique information to share? What if you’re not a social media marketing guru, or a CEO of a wildly successful start-up, or someone who has spent 10 years excelling in their field?  What if you’re just a perfectly ordinary person who happens to be interested in a particular industry and wants to be successful doing something you love? Join host Jacqueline Jax as she talks with you about the fundamentals of branding yourself and what it takes to get started.

Ask Jax:
Contact the host and ask her a question about branding or suggest a show topic.

A.V.A Live Radio Host Jacqueline Jax at the Atlantic Hotel

Radio Host Jacqueline Jax enjoys a fun night at The Atlantic Hotel, Fort Lauderdale.
“This location is gorgeous with ocean front views and a beautiful veranda that wraps around the first floor. I had a terrific time enjoying the rain out on the ocean front before meeting up with friends for dinner. It was an extra special surprise bumping into some friends that I haven’t seen in years having cocktails at the hotel. An incredible seafood dinner was served outside tonight over looking the ocean. We took alot of photo’s and ended up hanging out for hours. What a great Friday night. I love the unexpected good times! Those are always the most memorable. Xoxo, Jax

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Celebrating a Birthday….

Host of A.V.A Live Radio, Jacqueline Jax celebrated her birthday among friends and family at during opening week of Thasos Greek Taverna in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Many thanks to Sophia Mylona and her family for making sure we had such a wonderful time on your busiest night.

Check out her Birthday week in pictures (Click here)


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Dr Shino Bay & Jacqueline Jax

Sincerest Thank you to Dr Shino Bay Aguilera

Message from Show Host : Jacqueline Jax

Dear Friends,

I can’t tell you enough how your overwhelming support has helped me get through my illness. I have loved all the letters and sweet wishes that you guys have sent to me over the past few month. I wanted to give you a little update on my recovery. Yesterday, I was visiting Dr Shino Bay Aguilera’s office in Fort Lauderdale for an examination on my leg. From the minute I went in Jake and Alex were so sweet and concerned about my health. It’s always a pleasure to see them with their brilliant smiles and open arms. Dawn (Cosmetic consultant) listened carefully to my story and personally walked me through all my options from skin care treatments for balancing and cleansing after the heavy doses of antibiotics to things that can be done to speed the leg wound healing and then erase the scar. You will adore Dawn, she’s always so charming. I also spoke with Amy (P.A.) extensively about skin peals for my face and what I can expect as the wound heals.

When I saw Dr Shino Bay Aguilera, I was greeted with a big warm hug and smile. After examining my leg, he said the wound is healing well and I am very lucky to have recovered so quickly. Even better news is that he has a procedure that will speed the repair and hopefully make my scar disappear. I’m going to be mapping out the weekly progress for you so you can see just how wonderful Dr Shino Bay Aguilera and his team are. They are the most kind and compassionate people I have ever been involved with and I am so happy that he and his staff are helping me to heal.

Love you guys,

Step 1: Dr Aguilera used a red light therapy on my leg for 15 minutes that will speed the healing. I had to wear metal glasses that protect my eyes from the rays in the room but the treatment was totally painless and relaxing. I’ll be back in about 1 week for another treatment and will be reporting back as my therapy continues every step of the way.. At the end of the journey, I’ll post a before and after picture of my leg.

Read about the procedures:

Dr Shino Bay Aguilera:

My last video interview with Dr Shino Bay Aguilera


Music News: May 28th


Canadian Nelly Furtado, Justin Bieber and rising pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen – who all performed on last weekend’s Billboard Music Awards – have been added to the MuchMusic Video Awards lineup, along with pop band Marianas Trench.

The 2012 MMVAs air live June 17 at 9 p.m. ET, on MuchMusic in Canada and Fuse in the U.S., with the “MMVA Red Carpet Special” at 8 p.m. ET in both countries.


Indian Copyright Act Amendments Give Music Artists Ownership Rights

NEW DELHI – In what is seen as a major victory for songwriters, composers and musicians working in the Indian film industry, revised amendments to the Copyright Act now give them better ownership control of their works. Considering India’s film industry is dominated by songs, the amendments – which aim at updating existing laws with international and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) norms – can have bigger implications on how royalty rates are decided and shared in future.

The Copyright Act (Amendment) Bill 2012 – which now awaits final Presidential approval to become law – was passed in India’s Lower House of Parliament and is aimed at correcting an imbalance in the country’s copyright law which was seen as favoring film producers and record labels rather than the song creators.

Historically, Indian film producers have worked on a work-for-hire basis, employing songwriters, composers and singers for a fixed fees, which denied them revenues from other sources such as cover versions and especially ringtones, which have become increasingly lucrative. (see more from story- click here)
May 25, 2012 | By Nyay Bhushan, The Hollywood Reporter


Losing EMI to Universal Would Be a Tragedy, Says Waterman
May 24, 2012 Rob Davies

Two of the most prominent figures in the British music industry have come out against the pounds sterling 1.2bn takeover of record label EMI by Universal. Eurocrat competition officials have until September to deliver their verdict on a deal Universal insists will save the label that has hosted Edward Elgar, The Beatles and Coldplay. But music producer Pete Waterman and DJ Paul Gambaccini told the Daily Mail that if Universal — owned by French media giant Vivendi — grabs EMI, Britain’s rich musical tapestry could soon be threadbare. “Losing another British company is a tragedy, but even looking at this from a dispassionate point of view something has gone wrong,’ laments Waterman, who produced 22 Number One singles. “Universal has near total dominance of the music industry and we’ve reached a situation that is totally uncompetitive.”

Gambaccini has “reacted with horror’ to the consolidation that has affected the music business and warns that if Universal were ever sold, Britain would be in real danger of losing a “national treasure.” The EC is chiefly concerned that Universal would end up with more than a 50pc share of digital music sales in some countries, including the UK. Rivals say this would allow the label to hoover up the best artists and hike the price of their music. Universal points out that 95pc of music is illegally obtained, making it all but impossible to press consumers on price. It also insists that today’s music industry is more competitive than ever, with the internet and social media affording artists dozens of routes to market. Some 28pc of industry revenues come from “indies” such as XL Records, which released Adele’s blockbuster album 21.

A spokesman said: “Pete [Waterman] has not spoken to anyone at Universal Music about this.
“If he did, we would explain why his concerns are misplaced given the strong competitive environment in today’s music market. It [EMI] will fare much better with us than with non-music owners, who would only asset-strip the business.” The EC has until early September to deliver its verdict on competition, but perhaps the greater concern should be financial.

Universal says it has a better track record of investing in quality artists such as PJ Harvey, Rufus Wainwright and Nick Drake — than rivals such as Warner. But investment demands cash and parent company Vivendi isn’t in the finest of fettle. It is preparing a “drastic” cost-cutting drive at French mobile phone division SFR and is also being sued by investors who claim it inflated the value of its share price. Even if the EC dismisses competition concerns, the future of Britain’s greatest record label will remain uncertain for as long as Vivendi continues to flounder.

Source: (c)2012 the Daily Mail (London, )

Broward General Hospital

Our Sincerest Thank You To Broward General Hospital

Our sincerest Thank you to Broward General Hospital for looking after our show host Jacqueline Jax.

“The chief of staff of the hospital who happens to be my main Doctor (Dr Wilfred McKenzie) and his lovely sister Doctor Rona McKenzie have been watching over me like angles. Because of them and the amazing teams of specialists at Broward General I am healing really well & avoided a very dangerous illness. I’m still here but getting stronger every day. Its amazing how a friendly well trained and educated staff can keep you out of pain and make you feel like your among friends.” Xoxo, Jax

Broward General Hospital in Florida: Thank you to the healers: Dawn, Genny, Melissa, Gus, John, Stacy-Ann, Annette, Shawntel, Dr. Guarneri, Dr.DeGraff-Roberson, Dr Ralph Guarneri, Dr Joy Gposzcyk, Dr Pano Mitropoulos, Dr Justin Rubin, Dr Favroe and of coarse an extra special thank you to Dr Wilfred McKenzie and his lovely sister Doctor Rona McKenzie.

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