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{Behind The Music}Dance Electronic Singer Songwriter Idzkan’s Passion for Inspiring People


Idzkan is an aspiring singer/songwriter from Johor Bahru Malaysia who is has a passion for His artistic vision is to connect to his audience with a mix of catchy hooks and a diverse experimental sound in the electronic pop dance genre.

His debut album “The Art of Love” will be out later this year with 11 year old executive producer, Dj Wizzy. Working on personal and collaborative albums over the past year, this creative team plans to focus on spreading positivity, self empowerment and fun to all of their fans.

Although Golf is a big part of this artists life, he made a decision to sacrifice the game to focus on an education and his music. Singing has always been his passion but he was missing that songwriting element to complete the dream. After being introduced to the world of producing music by his UK producer mate, he started to gain interest and inspiration.
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irish singer songwriter josh cormican

{Behind The Music} A New Decade with Irish Songwriter Josh Cormican

singer songwriter josh cormicanJosh Cormican Releases His 4 track EP “Little Boy”

Every decade or so a new sound arrives that will make your ears stand to attention and every hair on your arms bristle and tingle with excitement at the discovery of not just something new but something great !.

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A.V.A Live Radio Interview with Eddie Heller from Toxic Box

Toxic_boxJacqueline JaxJAX: How did you get your start in music?
Eddie: To be honest, I’ve been involved with music as long as I can remember. We had a baby grand piano in our home growing up and my parents have pictures of me as an infant sitting on my dad’s lap playing. My dad is an accomplished piano player and the 1st recollection I have of playing is around 4 or 5 years old. I played clarinet in elementary school and in 7th grade drums became my main instrument. By high school and college I was playing guitar and bass as well. I was a terrible candidate for music lessons – I had ADHD and had trouble concentrating. Luckily, playing by ear came easy to me. I’m not a virtuoso on any instrument (nobody is paying money to watch me perform on a specific instrument – lol) ……. my strengths are creativity/songwriting, a metronome sense of timing, and hopefully a well rounded appreciation of everything that goes into a song.
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the bleachers indie artist

New Artist Spotlight: Bleachers Debut Album “Strange Desire”

At last – the wait is over for our new Spotlight artist, Bleachers! Listen to Strange Desire, the band’s debut album featuring “I Wanna Get Better.”

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Behind the Music : Singer Songwriter Héllena


Born and raised in a small village in Greece, Héllena always felt the need to move to a big city and chase her musical dreams, which she did in 2005 by relocating to Athens where she took Piano and Modern singing lessons. In 2009 she started writing her own material. Héllena recorded her self titled EP in 2010 at Artemis studios. In late 2011 she decided to take a leap of faith and moved to the UK to work on her debut album with the MTV award winning Producer Stereo Mike. The first single borne out of the collaboration was “Don’t Change”. This set the scene for what’s about to come. Living in London for only a short time, Héllena made it into the top 20 on MTV Unsigned, gaining 3 Gold awards on BEAT100 for her song “Don’t Change”. Héllena had the privilege in March 2013 of performing alongside Stereo Mike at SXSW festival. Early 2014 saw Héllena reach the heights of no2 in the ReverbNation’s Soul/R’N’B charts for London. Héllena is now fast establishing a strong online fanbase as well as performing with her new band at live gigs. May 2014 sees the new single “Dream Big” from her forthcoming album “Body and Soul” being released. This Singer/Songwriter is being tipped for future success and keep your eyes peeled to this talented diverse artist. Héllena has come to the attention of the BBC with an appearance on BBC London 94,9 fm Simon Lederman show in early April 2014. -

AVA Live Radio Interview HellenaINTERVIEW:
Jax: You’ve had a recent name change from Helena Micy to Hellena. What promoted you to change your name?
Hellena: I changed my name for many different reasons but the most important ones are that most of the people were pronouncing “Micy” the wrong way and that now my name is more Hellenic…Greek

Jax: How are you adjusting your name change on social media, your web site and across all your previous advertising?
Hellena: It takes hard work to change your social networks and everything. For example I had to create a whole new Page on Facebook and lost the 2200 fans I managed to gather there in 2 years…so it’s not that fun..but it had to be done.

Jax: Do you feel that this will confuse your current fans?
Hellena: People need time to adjust to the new name now…but it’s not totally different from the one I had before so I guess everything will be as it’s supposed to be in few weeks time.

Jax: How do you feel that this change will benefit your career?
Hellena: I feel that I will benefit from the name change in the long run. It’s memorable, easy to pronounce, unique and it’s 100% me. It feels right…and when something feels right, I go with my guts.

JAX: What have you always wanted to do if your ever given the chance?
Hellena: Singing… and thankfully I’ve been given this chance already. :)

Jax: Would you consider yourself a spiritual person?
Hellena: I believe we’re all the same and that we should treat each other equally. I also try to surrender to the unknown…so hopefully I am a spiritual person.

Jax: Tell me a story about your song. Why you wrote it. Explain the meaning. What does it mean to you? Is it about someone?
Hellena: I think that nobody can find contentment and live a happy life without Dreaming. I love merging real life with imagination. It’s in my DNA. I am personally convinced that imagination and real life are somehow connected. Your thoughts become your reality.
I wrote “Dream Big” during a very difficult period in my life. I wasn’t able to dream at all during this time and I needed something to keep me going and keep me alive. My lyrics for “Dream Big” certainly did. They somehow saved me.

JAX: Do you believe that our journeys are routed by fate or are we predestined to live eternally by reincarnation learning as we move thru time and meeting up with the same souls continuously?
Hellena: I really don’t know. I just try to enjoy life as much as possible and go after my dreams. I really don’t think about next or past lives. I am more concerned about the “NOW”.

JAX: Have you every heard of the power of positive attraction? It is where we attract what ever we think of. If we want success, then we only think of only success. If we think of what we don’t want to happen, we can attract that too. What do you think about the concept? Have you used it in your journey? If so how and did it work?
Hellena: Yes I totally believe that. I’ve seen it happening countless times in my life so I try to think positive as much as possible and go with the flow which is not easy by the way since I am a control freak… hehehe

JAX: I know what you mean about losing inspiration for dreaming. I am a big dreamer, it let’s me create the world I share with others. Things can take my inspiration like people, sadness, exhaustion, burn out….. What happened to cause your block?
Hellena: Many things happened back then which I don’t want to remember since I am in a really good page of my life at the moment, but these things that happened to me…made me stronger and better..helped me evolve as an artist and as a human being too so I am thankful they happened to me in the end. :)

Jax: I was just recently answering an email to a reader who is feeling depressed and in a rut. She has lost her inspiration and her days have become a routine. Can you offer any ideas or advise for her?
Hellena: Sometimes when you’re depressed you cannot push things because they will only get worse. I think acceptance of the situation and belief that things will get better as they always do is the best option but I am not maybe the right person to ask. Hehe

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Justin J Grant

Behind The Music with Irish Singer Songwriter Justin J Grant

Behind the music Justin J Grant - Jacqueline JaxJustin J Grant is a singer/multi-instrumentalist from Newry, N.Ireland. He has been performing in public from the age of fifteen, formerly as the front man of a locally acclaimed six piece band and currently as a solo artist playing all over Ireland and the U.K. Justin is a prolific writer and has an extensive Catalogue of wonderful melody driven contemporary songs of which fourteen are presented on his debut album, “  Break The Wing  “


JAX: Where were you born and where have you been living for the past 10 years.
JUSTIN: I was born in Newry Co Down N. Ireland,  I got interested in music from an early age.  And then people told me I could sing I just thought I was making a funny noise,  So I ended up playing guitar and singing in bands.  In 2001 I had ideas about songs of my own so I bought a cheap ticket & headed for the bright lights of Belfast City.  And I am very grateful I have had the chance to enlighten a few peoples ear holes along the way with my music.

JAX: Why do you create music and what do you most love about it?
JUSTIN: Well I had nothing else to do,  I started out as a guitar player back then I had to sing well because nobody else wanted to sing my songs, And I had a natural talent for the guitar because my father was a musician he tought me how to play and I really liked the idea about that. My passion for song blossomed on the back of a love for an eclectic range of stars like The Mamas and Papas,  The Beatles, David Bowie, Tim Hardin, Glen Campbell, Hendrix, Cream, And I used to watch people playing on stage and thought wow hey one day that could be me and now it appears to be that way,  Weather people like it or not is neither here nor there.  So I just started writing more songs working with my then producer/ manager Andy Cowan Martin where we shuffled songs about,  From some scratchy beginnings we have ended up with what I think is a really great album of which I am very proud.

JAX: Do you play gigs, tour or primarily share your music online? And are there any challenges to what your doing?
JUSTIN: Last year I played live across Ireland and England and we have picked up radio play in Japan, Nashville, Spain, Holland, UK Ireland and number 10 in the UK Country charts. At the moment I am working on new material writing recording demos that sort of thing,   All I can do is put my music out there and hope people like it,  And if they don’t well I can always do a runner Hee Hee. Well the internet is taking over in a big so I am afraid to say I will have to let peter the carrier pigeon go,…But for the time being if any one wants to get a hold of my music then go to I tunes/ Amazon & just squirt Justin J Grant “Break the Wing”  into the web & I shall pop up.

JAX: Name 3 words that best describe you and tell me why.
JUSTIN: Happy Hoppy Floppy   Well because I am a happy kinda guy,  Hoppy because I cant sit down always on the go go me & floppy because I have long-lasting floppy disk hair.

JAX:  What’s the music scene like where you are? Best places to go to hear music?
JUSTIN: Ireland has always had a great music scene,  My best venues for original music would have to be the Spirit Store in Dundalk, Amplified Bar in Newry & The Black Box Belfast.

JAX: Tell me about your best music moment.
JUSTIN: My best music moment would have to be back in 2008 watching Glen Campbell perform  Wichita Lineman Live at the waterfront hall in Belfast,  tugs at my heart and soul every time.

Hey I have had a few great moments in my life and this is one of them,  Thanks for having me. I am humbled XO

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Behind The Music Jacqueline Jax Helena Micy

A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Artist Helena Micy

Behind The Music Jacqueline Jax Helena MicyListen in:

Listen in live as host Jacqueline Jax speaks with UK artist Helena Micy.
Getting up close and personal with UK music artist Helena Micy..
What gets her hot, A leap of faith from Greece to the UK, and What it’s like to be flawed. Listen in now…

Music: Don’t Change, Leave Me Alone, and Listen.

1) What are three things that would surprise us to know about you?
Good question this one!
1) I’ve always been singing in English even when I didn’t speak any since I was born and raised in Greece.
2) I quit my two universities to study music and
3) I left my country after 25 years of living there, to come to the UK and chase my dreams. It’s Never too late and so far it’s going really good! :)
2) Name three words that best describe you and why?
1. Stubborn because I always do what I want without listening to what others advise me to do (it’s not a good thing by the way),
2. Very spontaneous. Most of the times I say and do what I feel which is not a good thing to have again and 3. Passionate! If I do something I really love, I give my heart, soul and life to it without thinking that the outcome might be a negative one.
 As you can see, I’m full of flaws. hehe
3) Who was the single most influential person in your music journey so far?
Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil.

4) Any backstage, pre-show rituals? How do you get “in the zone”?
H: I don’t really have any specific rituals but I’m giving a general pep talk to myself most of the times. Before a show I am always nervous because I want it to be perfect but nothing is perfect in life so I am saying to myself that I did the best I could to be prepared for this moment, that I am here to enjoy the show, give my all on stage and do my best, and most importantly to entertain the crowd in order for everybody to encounter a wonderful experience. :) I guess now that I have my full band, we’ll maybe start doing pre show rituals all together. hehe

5) Have you collaborated with any other artists? Who have been your favorites to work with. OR who is on your wishlist? If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry right now, who would that be and why?
H: I collaborated with many wonderful artists from Greece so far such as Stereo Mike (MTV awarded rapper – producer) , Maxi Nil (VOA) and Johnny Zero (Elysion) but the collaboration with Stereo Mike was a big lesson for me because he has a very good knowledge on how things work in the music business so I learnt a lot from him. Our collaboration is an on going process for 3 years now. He did a feature on my EP 3 years ago, then I recorded vocals for his album, currently he is producing my debut album and recently became the bass player in my newly formed band too which is amazing.
I would love to collaborate with so many artists I respect but if I had to pick one, it would be Lacuna Coil because they are the first who inspired me in order to follow the music path and chase my dreams.
6) Indie or mainstream? As in would you like to remain an indie artist or is the goal to eventually break out into the mainstream music biz? why or why not?
H: hmmm this is a really good question but I really don’t know which way I will go in the future. I believe you can have a great career both ways but every situation has its pros and cons. I mean.. I am unsigned and indie for now and it’s great because I have 100% control over my career moves. Everyday I am learning something new about the music business and it’s really helpful for an artist to acquire the business know-how but the bad thing is I do not have the time I need to focus on writing music. On the other hand when you’re signed to a label, you don’t have the absolute freedom to do what you want with your music career but I am not against contracts with labels at all. If a good deal comes my way, I will grab the opportunity for sure. :)
7) If  you do have plans to release your music mainstream, why do you think its so hard for indie artists to break into the mainstream market?
H: Even when you’re signed to a label it’s still hard to break into the mainstream market as things are very competitive and you have to have the right team around you as well, plus you need a bit of luck too. As an Indie artist, most probably you do everything yourself or with the help of few people who most of the times will be friends or die hard fans. It’s very hard for an emerging artist to be creative and to have a business mind too and I think this is why most indie artists won’t do a mainstream breakthrough. Let’s face it. Music becomes a business when you do it professionally and with the help of the right businessmen/women around you, you can have great fame.
8) What is the single biggest compliment or piece of advice you have received from a fellow artist?
H: “Always work for the song. Let it take you where it wants to go.” – Stereo Mike on how to compose music.
9) If ever you decide to hang up the microphone/instruments what is the single most important thing you want people to remember about your artistry? what legacy do you want to leave?
H: I really want to inspire people with my story actually. I’m from a small town in Greece called Elassona where there was no music school around. English is not my native language, yet I write lyrics and sing in English. Greece doesn’t have an R’N’B/Soul music legacy at all so having said all that I would like to be remembered as an artist who defied all odds and did the best she could to achieve her dreams. I want to inspire people to achieve their dreams because I really believe you can achieve anything, if you believe in your own power and work hard enough.
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