{Podcast}Top 5 Twitter Tips to Grow Your Following in 2014 with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline_Jax_avalive_radioDespite Instagram’s rise in popularity and Facebook’s continued dominance, Twitter remains a useful tool for brands, bloggers, musicians and of course personal users seeking information. For the savvy entrepreneur, twitter is an excellent way to network with brands, potential clients and new music fans. You can promote blog posts; keeping up on current trends, world news and pop culture, even discover inspiration for future blog posts.

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August Music Videos Burning Up The Scene by Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

Taylor Swift – Shake it off
This fun new video has more than gone viral for it’s humorous play by country super star Taylor Swift. This girl has everyone talking once again as she climbs pop music charts. Will it rank up with the big girls in the pop world. It will be interesting to see how this new album goes from this country girl.

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Jacqueline Jax branding marketing

{Podcast}Improving Your Image Branding and Marketing Tips with Jacqueline Jax


Back by huge request, Jacqueline Jax is back with a live feed of her most popular shows including Hot Topic Tuesday, Branding and Marketing Tips for Success and Fast Track To Music Marketing.

Be sure to tune in with her live each week day morning at 10am est to start your day out right. Grab a cup of coffee, listen in from your phone or computer and tweet your questions @JacquelineJax . If you miss the live show, catch the episodes on the replay or grab them on iTunes to listen in later.

Listen in Now:

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Today’s Show: Improving Your Image:

The importance of using the right image on your website and across all social media platforms. Including how to select the right image, size, what should be on your banner or header, and where your images need to be.

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idzkan dj wizzy

{Behind The Music}Dance Electronic Singer Songwriter Idzkan’s Passion for Inspiring People


Idzkan is an aspiring singer/songwriter from Johor Bahru Malaysia who is has a passion for His artistic vision is to connect to his audience with a mix of catchy hooks and a diverse experimental sound in the electronic pop dance genre.

His debut album “The Art of Love” will be out later this year with 11 year old executive producer, Dj Wizzy. Working on personal and collaborative albums over the past year, this creative team plans to focus on spreading positivity, self empowerment and fun to all of their fans.

Although Golf is a big part of this artists life, he made a decision to sacrifice the game to focus on an education and his music. Singing has always been his passion but he was missing that songwriting element to complete the dream. After being introduced to the world of producing music by his UK producer mate, he started to gain interest and inspiration.
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MTV 2014 Live Video Music Awards Coverage with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline-Jax-ShowHi Everyone, Jacqueline Jax here with some awesome live coverage of the 2014 Video Music Awards happening right here on A.V.A Live Radio. Just save and refresh this page as we continue to update you on the most outrageous and edgy red carpet fashion, winners and exciting #VMAs #trends.



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Jax Couture Home Shopping Milan Heger Musician Art Series Conversations with Ego

Jacqueline Jax features Seattle Artist Milan Heger’s Musician series Conversations with Ego Collection at special artist direct price.

Order your print on his web site and inquire about any available originals: http://www.hegerarchitecture.com/art-prints

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Jax Report ava live radio

{JAX REPORT} Episode 1 :: Latest Update & What Inspires You?

Thanks for joining me this morning for the Jax Report where we share a cup of coffee and talk about things like new artists, branding and marketing tips, hot topics from our social media pages, and a little inspiration to start your day.

Tweeted this morning Lily Karlin huffingtonpost :Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out Against Botox, Reveals An Even Larger Cultural Problem.
Jennifer Aniston’s comment on how our society is expected to fight aging to the point of extremes. I agree that we should try to take care in our appearance to look our best but I do think that embracing your most natural look is better for your self confidence. I’ve seen both men and woman put so much stuff in their faces that they look unnatural and masked yet still feel insecure. It’s like a trap and becomes an obsession.


I still love Dr Shino Bay Aguilera’s preventative approach to anti-aging.

For Up coming events this week I have :

1) The Jax Couture home shopping show is already in gear with 3 ways to style your Hawaiian print Vacationwear. http://avaliveradio.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/jax-couture-home-shopping-show-talks-vacationwear-style-with-jacqueline-jax/

Next on the show: I’ll be featuring Seattle Artist and close friend Milan Heger’s Musician series “Conversations with Ego” on the Jax couture home shopping show this Sunday. You can catch the show on www.JaxCouture.com and the show will also be syndicated on http://www.Avaliveradio.com . (John Lennon) shop: http://www.hegerarchitecture.com/art-prints

2) Photo shoot today for three new tops launching in my Blondi Beachwear collection. Be sure to catch some behind-the-scenes photos on my Instagram today at Jacqueline Jax. Http://www.instagram.com/JacquelineJax

3) Starting Monday, I’ll be launching a British invasion on A.V.A Live Radio featuring some fantastic artists coming to you from the Liverpool music scene. There’s already a trailer on that series on YouTube if you want to check it out. (View trailer)

4) My latest interview with New artist 20 year old Irish singer songwriter Josh Cormican is already up on our web site sharing his story with you. He has just finished recording and producing a 4 track EP titled “Little Boy” . This artist is currently looking for management so be sure to keep your eye on him if your interested and get in touch by sending us an email at info@avaliveradio.com (preview his video)

5) Today’s question of the day has already been posted on our web site:
Question: In today’s world of hurdles, how do you keep the artist inside alive and inspired? http://avaliveradio.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/artists-corner-in-todays-world-of-hurdles-how-do-you-keep-the-artist-inside-alive-and-inspired/

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. When she’s with you, all is good in the world. But when she disappears it can be frustrating and even scary at times. As a working artist, I have found myself uninspired many times. But when it prevents me from getting important things done, it can be a real issue. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s very important to know myself and discover what motivates me so I can keep my creative juices flowing.

Join in the conversation on .. What inspires you?
I’d love to hear from you.

Let me leave you with some Inspiration of the day from:
Jacqueline Kawarsky facebook “The true definition of a fighter is someone who doesn’t give up when circumstances get tough”.

I totally agree, for those of you who feel that life’s got you beat right now, remember that life lessons are to educate you and hopefully make you a more compassionate human. You only know how strong you are once challenged, so get through it and pay it forward. I promise you that you are only sent what you can handle.

Leave me a question for tomorrow’s show below or tweet me @jacquelineJax #JAXDAILY @AVALIVERADIO

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