{Artists Corner} In today’s world of hurdles, how do you keep the artist inside alive and inspired?

Jacqueline_jax_inspirationQuestion: In today’s world of hurdles, how do you keep the artist inside alive and inspired?

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. When she’s with you, all is good in the world. But when she disappears it can be frustrating and even scary at times. As a working artist, I have found myself uninspired many times. But when it prevents me from getting important things done, it can be a real issue. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s very important to know myself and discover what motivates me so I can keep my creative juices flowing.

What inspires you?
I’ve learned that my inspiration is driven by several things.

Fatigue: Sleep and mental rest is very important to staying inspired. Creative people can seem manic because they often work ferociously while inspired only to drop at the end. But it’s important to know your limits and find balance. If I’m able to achieve a good balance, I find that my inspiration is more consistent and I’m able to be creative every day to accomplish my goals. My favorite fatigue cures are movies, listening to music, chatting with friends, playing games and exercising.

People: Surrounding myself with other artists who are very giving of their energy and have unyielding excitement for creation is a wonderful way to get inspired. I’m lucky to have so many wonderfully inspiring friends. Even if we aren’t into the same art, their energy stimulates me.

Study: Researching for a project is a great way to be inspired. If I feel blocked on a design project, I’ll spend a day around things that may inspire my project. For instance, if it’s a fashion project, I’ll go shopping and try on new styles or go hunting for vintage designs, see a fashion show, look at magazines or go for lunch to a beautiful resort where people are living in the clothing that I design. If it’s music, a concert or performance really gets me into the studio to perform. The energy released from these environments really get my creative juices flowing.

Tools: I’m a real tech and gadget girl. I love computers and tools that I can use to create. When I discover a new gadget that I want to use, I anxiously await it’s arrival and I can’t wait to get started the minute it’s in my hands. Who doesn’t love playing with a new toy? Especially when it makes work more fun.

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I shared my question Friday on Facebook and asked for my fellow artists to inspire us with their stories. Here’s how they keep the creative juices flowing and manage to create while balancing life’s hurdles.

the bleachers indie artist

New Artist Spotlight: Bleachers Debut Album “Strange Desire”

At last – the wait is over for our new Spotlight artist, Bleachers! Listen to Strange Desire, the band’s debut album featuring “I Wanna Get Better.”

Favorite picks:
Wild Heart
I wanna get better
Listen now: (here)


Bleachers is an American indie pop act based in New York City that was formed by Jack Antonoff, of Steel Train and Fun. Their first single, “I Wanna Get Better”, was released February 17, 2014.
While on the road with his band, Fun, Antonoff began working on a new project during his time in different cities. For about a year he kept the project a secret until February 17, 2014 where the first single “I Wanna Get Better” was released along with the launch of Bleachers’ website, social media profiles, and a selection of tourdates.[citation needed] News of Bleachers was first publicly announced in a Facebook post by Brooklyn music studio Mission Sound in May 2013.

About making the album, Antonoff said, “I spent the past year working on the music but not talking about it, and eventually it became this psychotic alter-ego situation, where it was second nature to have this part of me that no one knew about. Except for a small group of people, most of which happened to be members of my immediate family, no one was aware that this music, or this album even existed … even though it existed so deeply to me.” Antonoff also cited that Bleachers was never meant to be a departure from his position in Fun, and that he will remain in the band. (Online Bio)


New York City-based indie rock band Bleachers is the side project of Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff and members of his pre-Fun. band Steel Train. Formed while Antonoff was touring in support of Fun.’s Grammy-nominated 2012 album, Some Nights, Bleachers slick and emotional pop music heavily influenced by the ’80s and the high school-based films of John Hughes while still using modern production techniques. The debut single “I Wanna Get Better” was released in spring 2014 by RCA, with an album, Strange Desires, following that summer. The record was Produced in part by John Hill and Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure) and featured appearances by Yoko Ono and Grimes. ~ Matt Collar, Rovi

Bleachers’ Debut Aims To Bring The Cool Of ’80s Pop-Rock Back To The Mainstream – Huffington post Read More (here)

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Visualizing Your Dreams For Success and Having Faith In Yourself

success secrets from entrepreneur Jacqueline JaxIn speaking with many successful entrepreneurs concerning how they conquered their greatest challenges and fulfilled their dreams, there is one thing that they all have in common. This common characteristic is more of a personality trait than a skill. It is something that can be learned and can be easy practiced every single day. The one thing that they all have is FAITH.

Faith can be a fairly abstract concept for some people to wrap their heads around because it’s so easily lost. There will be days when you wake up with faith and one thing happens two hours later that derails your faith in yourself sending you spiraling into negativity. It’s a concept that’s fragile because the human mind is powerful and susceptible to outside influences.

But with our powerful minds, we can do great things. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “What you can visualize, you can materialize”. I can honestly tell you from experience that I been able to achieve amazing things just by visualizing specifically what I want, having faith in myself and holding steadily to the coarse every hour until it’s achieved. This unwavering supply of positive energy powered by my faith is an unstoppable driving force that can take me anywhere I want to go.

You can have this powerful energy behind you as well just be following these tips that I have gathered from the cream of the crop of achievers.

1) Set Your Goals: Decide what it is that you want to accomplish and write down the steps you think it may take to get there.

2) Learn: create a list of things you need to know in order to achieve your goal and start researching those specific ideas by choosing one thing each day or week depending on your deadline.

3) Connect: connect with people who can help you with their experience and or knowledge. Strive to connect with at least one new person every single day who shares in your vision. This may be someone who has a business in alignment with yours who may benefit from you as well if you partner up.

4) People: surround yourself with only positive people. Remove or block any negative energy coming in from the outside while you work to achieve your goal. You can’t allow even one negative person to be in your life who could derail your progress with thoughts like : fear of failure, distraction, contradictions or negative feedback.

5) Positivity: wake up every single day with faith in yourself and remind yourself every single hour that you can do this! Believe that you CAN and WILL learn what you don’t know. Believe that you deserve to be successful. Believe that it’s your time to accomplish this goal. And most of all believe that no matter what obstacles suddenly appear, they are simply a learning experience in your journey to success.

Best wishes to you on your journey, hope you’ll share it with me below.
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Marketing Tip of the day: Ideas for Making Your Products and Brand More Memorable

Have you ever wondered why some products go viral and some just don’t get any attention? Here are six ideas discussed in Maria Forlios video interview to help you get the insider information.

Social currency:
Making your customers feel special is so important and can help your brand spread with a viral surge. Companies who know their customers, can easily find ways to make them feel special so they will be more likely to share their experience with their social media friends. If your luck, your brand will get to come along for the ride as your customer brags virally about their experience. Try selecting some clients to receive free goodies, special offers for something they did, etc.

Associate your Products:
By associating your products with something that reminds people of you you can start to associate your products with emotional triggers that will make people think of your product. Ask yourself, what can I link my product to that will remind people to buy me. Great ideas would be to associate a show for a certain day, or perhaps a commonly seems animal with your brand.

Rule of 100 on pricing:
This simple rule helps you benefit from offering discounts. Make a discount special by focusing on what value appears to be a better deal. Example: if you offer 25%off of 100, then by framing the discount as $25 off your $100 purchase may appear like a better deal than just by saying 25%off.

Offer Options:
Introducing a new more expensive option to compare your product to gives the buyer a reference point to appreciate your special deal. This concept is used all the time on the Internet to draw the customer to the item that appears to be the best value in comparison to another similar item.

Identifying Options:
Use messages to market your product in a sharper way. One of the best ways to do that is to identify the key things about your brand and products that make them special, helpful or significant.

Shorten your message for more impact:
Having a short version of a message that makes your idea easier to communicate. Over all you need a to create something that is remarkable, cuts through the clutter and sharpens the message to make an impact.

As you can tell there’s a lot to making an impact with your branding and marketing strategy, so focus strong, keep moving forward and don’t forget to subscribe to us today so you can keep learning from the best advisers in the field. Check out some other articles that may help you.

Marketing Tip of the day: 3 Steps To Building Stronger Brand Awareness http://wp.me/p1Fv4O-2ee


AShley Moskos Birthday Party_0074

Celebrity Bash: Host Jacqueline Jax Celebrates Ashley Moskos 16th Birthday Party

AShley Moskos Birthday Party Jacqueline JaxA.V.A Live Radio host Jacqueline Jax helps to celebrate Ashley Mosko’s 16th Birthday Party.

AShley Moskos Birthday Party_0073A beautiful pink paradise gala was held in South Florida last night as friends and family came together to celebrate Ashley Mosko’s 16th Birthday. The party held at Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale, was a night filled champagne and fun activities for guests of all ages. From henna tattoo’s to oxygen bars to a carnival size photo booth, Ashley’s guest enjoyed the bash into the late night hours with tunes from the top 10 hit list and dancers to teach them every move. Radio show host, Jacqueline Jax was on the scene bringing you pictures from inside Florida’s funnest celebrity weekend bash.

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Marketing Tip of the day: 3 Steps To Building Stronger Brand Awareness

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Think about what benefits your Brand
How do we improve passion behind our brand: Avoiding a break in the chain.

The passion of the company founders for their brand is typically transferred to their employees and thus the customer. This energy must be transferred daily through each persons actions and constancy. But with that said, if any person in that company chain isn’t carrying the energy forward, that will cause a break in the chain. I will go through more on this in later discussions, but first here are 3 initial steps to building a stronger brand awareness.

1)   Memorability: making a lasting impression is one of the most important things that drives a brand. Presenting memorable moments, presentations, and product. How do we make our brand more memorable to the employees and the people who shop with us.

  1. Framework for a strong foundation: by laying a strong foundation down, a positive brand will be able to radiate outward in the daily activities of the employees as they sell the products.
  2. Material reminders: pieces of media, business cards, letter head, brochures.
  3. Social Events: gatherings of employees, customers and new people to introduce the brand and allow them to share and experience the company’s energy in a social atmosphere.
  4. Brand memorability: is the product memorable? What can you do to make it more memorable? Advertising?

2)   Perceived value: The value that the customer feels they are getting from doing business with your company is very important. If either the seller or the customer feels that the product is not worth the price or it doesn’t offer value for the purchase, your entire brand will be affected.

  1. Make sure that you research your market constantly to align your products with your competitors.
  2. List everything that makes your product unique and different from products or services that are similar

3)   Familiarity: Making your brand a familiar piece of everyone’s every day life, isn’t always possible but it’s important to strive to make your brand important within your own sub niche. Keep these concepts in mind.

  1. The more you are seen by someone, the more familiar you become to them.
  2. People who have never done business with you, will most likely do business with you once they become familiar with your brand.
  3. A recommendation from your client is the best way to get a new customer familiar with your brand products and services.
  4. Advertising is so important to becoming more familiar within your sub niche. Ads on local buses, news, blogs, social media, physical printed reminders are all great ways of reminding people about you and what you do.

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Marketing Tip of the day: Framework for Creating a Stronger Internal Business Brand

Jacqueline-Jax-ShowDid you join us on facebook.com/AvALiveRadio yet? Maybe it’s time you joined the page so you won’t miss out on our conversations. Monday through Friday we give you daily social media marketing inspiration. Our tips keep you from getting lost and give you that daily direction for building a better facebook page that’s rich with content and more responsive readers.  – JAX

Marketing Tip of the day: Framework for Creating a Stronger Internal Business Brand

Step 1: DEFINE
Define what makes your organization unique, and what values you represent. Define the target audience for your products or services and gain an understanding of what this audience needs from your organization.

Step 2 : VALUE
Define the value you are delivering to your customers; what business problems do you hope to solve with your product or services? Identify any gaps between what is truly valuable to your customers and how you internally define your brand.

Expand your focus group to include a range of customers, business partners and other important colleges. How does their experience with your company differ from your brand definition? Or is it consistent?

Most importantly identify gaps between how you define your brand and your business strategy. Is there a close alignment between what you believe your organizations represents and what will ultimately help achieve revenue. Check your quality. If you champion a particular element of your brand but don’t relay that consistently, then you would notice a gap between your brand and busin

Developing a simple brand framework will help you clearly articulate what your business strategy is striving to achieve. A creative team can work with the company employees to develop this framework and identify all the opportunities that your brand can be communicated through creative design and application.

Notes: Engaging the brand and relaying the experience: Do the employees relay the company brand to the customer through their actions, performance and daily connections?
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Hot Topic Tuesday: Getting More Traffic To Your Web Site http://wp.me/p1Fv4O-1lJ

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